Strength + Plyometric Leg Workout

Plyometric Leg Workout

Pairing strength exercises with bursts of plyometric exercises is one of my favorite ways to challenge myself during a workout. There’s something about going back and forth from a difficult strength exercise to a high-intensity plyometric exercise that makes a workout feel more hardcore… Plus, this combination almost always leaves me feeling sore (in a… 

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Things I’m Loving Friday #133

Chase Beach

Good morning from Jacksonville! Right when Ryan got off work yesterday, we piled into the car and made the 6+ hour drive to my parents’ place in Jacksonville, Florida. We’ll be here through Sunday morning and came in town for my mom and dad’s big Kentucky Derby party on Saturday. I will be spending the… 

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Birthday Randomness


Today is my birthday! I’m officially 31 years old and while my plans for today aren’t anything crazy – celebrating with my family over zeppoles tonight – they’re just what I’m in the mood for on a random Wednesday evening. Just in case you are in the dark about zeppoles, they are magical and you… 

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Things I’m Loving Friday #130

Killer Cardio Workout

My mom and sister are here!!! HOORAY! I am so, so happy my two favorite women in the world are here for the weekend. Ryan headed out of town last night and won’t be back until Sunday (he’s off to Las Vegas with some of his best friends) and when Ryan first talked to me… 

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Total Body Pyramid Workout


Well, we managed to make it a little more than eight months without Chase facing his first fever. My poor little guy has been under the weather since late Tuesday morning and I made an appointment with our pediatrician for yesterday afternoon after speaking with a triage nurse who encouraged me to bring him in… 

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