Killer Upper Body Superset Workout

Upper Body Superset Workout

If you are looking for an upper body workout that will really challenge you and work your muscles to fatigue, today’s superset workout is the one for you! Supersets alternate back and forth between two exercises with no rest in between the exercises. There are many different kinds of supersets and whether you choose to… 

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Cardio + Core Burn Bootcamp Workout

Burn Bootcamp

Now that I’ve made my return to fitness after Chase’s birth, I am feeling more and more excited about working out. If you’re in a fitness rut, sometimes time away from the gym is all you need to reenergize your enthusiasm for exercise. My six week break made me realize just how much I really… 

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Things I’m Loving Friday #100

happy baby

Yesterday I featured Chase’s newborn photos on the blog and I have to laugh because after sharing so many pictures of our little guy looking like a peaceful sleeping angel, I must admit that this week has been a bit rough. I think Ryan and I got lucky with Chase during his first three weeks…. 

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PBF Top 15 of 2015: May

top 15 of 2015

It’s JUNE! How are we already halfway through 2015!? Time is flyin’ this year, that’s for sure. Since June is upon us, it’s time for your monthly Top 15 of 2015 post! At the end of 2014, I continued with a mini series I began a few years ago and featured the top posts of… 

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