Birthday Randomness


Today is my birthday! I’m officially 31 years old and while my plans for today aren’t anything crazy – celebrating with my family over zeppoles tonight – they’re just what I’m in the mood for on a random Wednesday evening. Just in case you are in the dark about zeppoles, they are magical and you… 

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Things I’m Loving Friday #130

Killer Cardio Workout

My mom and sister are here!!! HOORAY! I am so, so happy my two favorite women in the world are here for the weekend. Ryan headed out of town last night and won’t be back until Sunday (he’s off to Las Vegas with some of his best friends) and when Ryan first talked to me… 

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Total Body Pyramid Workout


Well, we managed to make it a little more than eight months without Chase facing his first fever. My poor little guy has been under the weather since late Tuesday morning and I made an appointment with our pediatrician for yesterday afternoon after speaking with a triage nurse who encouraged me to bring him in… 

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Killer Upper Body Superset Workout

Upper Body Superset Workout

If you are looking for an upper body workout that will really challenge you and work your muscles to fatigue, today’s superset workout is the one for you! Supersets alternate back and forth between two exercises with no rest in between the exercises. There are many different kinds of supersets and whether you choose to… 

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Cardio + Core Burn Bootcamp Workout

Burn Bootcamp

Now that I’ve made my return to fitness after Chase’s birth, I am feeling more and more excited about working out. If you’re in a fitness rut, sometimes time away from the gym is all you need to reenergize your enthusiasm for exercise. My six week break made me realize just how much I really… 

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