The 50 Rep Workout

Though Ryan and I go to the gym together most weekday mornings, we rarely do the same workout. Today, however, we ended up doing the exact same workout! (Well, Ryan used heavier weights than I did, so it wasn’t exactly the same, but I think that counts!)

I’m dubbing this workout The 50 Rep Workout because we went through a series of exercises and completed 50 reps of each one before we moved onto the next. If we needed to rest for more than 10 seconds, we hopped on a piece of cardio equipment to complete some low-intensity cardio while we caught our breath.

The 50 Rep Workout

Some video demos of a few of the exercises:

We both took advantage of the low-intensity cardio “rest” a number of times and I finished feeling like I got a great workout. Plus, I wasn’t bored for even one minute, so I consider that a victory!


Breakfast this morning was one of my breakfast staples: An egg white and oatmeal protein pancake.

egg white oatmeal protein pancake

I added sliced almonds to the mix again, which seems to happen nearly every time I make that pancake. I love the added crunch and it’s an easy way to incorporate some healthy fats into my morning  meal.

An apple was also enjoyed on the side.

No coffee for this girl because my Keurig is dying a slow death. But there is hope on the horizon!

Keurig Return

Pretty sweet, right!?

And you better believe I took a screen shot of the tweet they sent to me to make sure my local Bed, Bath and Beyond will honor it, too!

Off to teach and work. Have a fabulous Thursday!

P.S. Thank you to blog reader Wendy D. for letting me know that there’s a Groupon available today with Gaiam where you can spend $25 to get $50 worth of credit to their website (or spend $40 for $80). Thought you might want to know since I know some of you have been eyeing my favorite gym bag on their website! Also, one of my coworkers has their halter workout tank in black and wears it to teach Pilates and I’ve always thought it was adorable.

P.P.S. Some new design updates: I’m working to get the email subscription link working and the mobile version of the blog much more reader-friendly. And make it so you guys can click to comment at the bottom of a blog post, not just the top. Hoping to iron out the kinks soon!!!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you prefer to workout alone, with a workout buddy or with a group?

For the most part, I like doing my own thing at the gym, but nothing beats a butt-kicking group exercise class in my book. I love being surrounded by people who are giving it their all in the gym and if a group exercise teacher can get me out of my comfort zone and blast energizing music as the same time, I will be one heck of a happy camper.


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