The Hand Game

One of Sadie’s favorite games in the world is one that we call “The Hand Game.”

The objective is to use one hand to successfully close Sadie’s mouth while she frantically chomps at the air and huffs and puffs.

citrus salad with goat cheese dressing 025

citrus salad with goat cheese dressing 032

It’s nearly impossible to beat her at The Hand Game. She’s very agile and her reflexes are on point.

One way we try to secure an advantage is to grab at her paws, which she immediately tucks under her chest, forgoing her leverage.

citrus salad with goat cheese dressing 029

And then we die laughing because she bounds forward on her chest, keeping her paws to herself so we can’t grab at them.

Sadie is the smart one though and has a legit trick in her arsenal that is a game-ender.

The Dead Hand.

When she’s mouthing our hands, sometimes one of her teeth will press into a spot in our hand that immediately makes our hand get that horrific fuzzy feeling. We call this the “Dead Hand” and Sadie is awarded instant victory upon dead handing.

We’ve been playing The Hand Game for years and Sadie wins the game 95 percent of the time.

challenge me

So that’s how we spent our night last night. Losing at The Hand Game. Smile 


I have two new workouts to share with you this morning! I did them back-to-back and they left me incredibly sweaty.

First up was a 30-minute incline walking workout with a short burst of five minutes of running thrown in the mix to get my heart rate up a little more:

incline walking workout
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Once the incline got above 11, I was pumpin’ my arms like crazy to get through it! Incline walking is no joke.

After my time on the treadmill, I hopped off and did a new circuit workout inspired by the 1,000 rep workout I found on Pinterest a few weeks ago.

My circuit focused primarily on leg and abdominal exercises and looked like this:

legs and abs circuit
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I wasn’t really paying attention to the clock and took a few longer-than-usual rest breaks, but I think this circuit took me right around 20 minutes to complete.


This morning’s breakfast was a nice change of pace, though it included oatmeal and yogurt, two ingredients that seem to find their way into my morning meal an awful lot.


I ate a bowl of Chobani 2 percent mango Greek yogurt (love this flavor!) topped with freshly sliced strawberries and a bunch of my homemade granola that I made last night.



The bowl looks kind of small in the picture (it is very wide), but there was a crap-ton of food in there! Granola overload… in the best possible way.

Now it’s time to type up a freelance article and a corresponding recipe that I worked on yesterday and send it out! There’s a reason no lunch or dinner popped up on the blog yesterday… because I snacked my way through the day, eating my freelance flops as I perfected the recipe and made a mess in the kitchen. Mmm!


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