The Last Long Run

The last long run of my half marathon training plan is DONE!

12 mile run 006

Well, technically I have one more long run on the books next week (8 miles?), but today’s long run was the longest of all the long runs, so I’m just going to pretend it’s the very last one!

It’s crazy to me that I ran 12 miles this morning. I know this is weird, but whenever I see or hear about other people running long distances, I am in awe. I don’t really consider myself a runner and it almost feels like every time I bust out a long run, it is some kind of a fluke. Odd.

Anyway, today’s run was pretty awesome as far as long runs go. It was nice and chilly when Ryan and I set out around 8 a.m. I even wore a lightweight hoodie!

Ryan wasn’t sure whether or not he’d be running the full 12 miles with me this morning because his ankle was feeling funny all week after last Saturday’s 11 mile run. I told him to stop at the first sign of pain because it’s not worth it for him to run 12 miles on a training run, only to injure himself so that he cannot actually complete the half marathon in two weeks!

After running about six miles, Ryan headed home. His ankle started to feel funky and so we said our goodbyes and Sadie and I went on to run the full 12 miles on our plan.

I ate Gu Chomps at miles 4.5, 7 and 9. I cramped up a bit after eating the Chomps at mile 7, but I breathed my way through and the cramping didn’t last long.


All I wanted when I got home from running was something salty!

What better way to satisfy a salty craving than a bowl of chicken noodle soup?

12 mile run 002

I only wish it was a bowl of my mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup! (<— A serious winner if you’re looking for an easy and delicious homemade soup recipe.)

I know soup is kind of an odd breakfast choice, but I ate it alongside an egg sandwich which is a little more normal.

12 mile run 007

Salty craving satisfied!

Time to blow dry my hair and pack for a weekend with the fam in St. Pete.

Hope you’re having a great Saturday!


  1. Dawn says

    First, GREAT JOB on your long run. Such a huge accomplishment to do any distance like that. You are inspiring me to get on my running shoes and get myself built back up to a half marathon.

    Second, this is just my personal opinion, from my experience if Ryan isn’t doing so already I recommend he ice his ankle 2-3 times a day or he can put it in ice water for 15- 20 minute (no longer than 20) 2-3 times a day. Ice can work wonders.


  2. says

    Congrats on finishing that run, Julie! What an amazing accomplishment!

    I feel the same way about running! I always gawk at runners when I drive by them in my car…and when I finish a long distancer, I’m like “Crap! Look what I just did!”


  3. meg says

    Congrats on a great run! I was just wondering what you do about water when you run long distances. I feel like I am stuck on the treadmill because I drink so much when I run. This morning I ran about 14 miles and drank a 20 oz jug of water plus a bottle of coconut water. I really want to run outside but I can’t carry all that! Just wondering what you do and if you have any tips. Thanks!


  4. Nicole says

    I can’t believe I’ll be in Savannah just days before you!! Right when I get back to Palm Beach you will probably be on the way there! haha!


  5. Jen says

    I love that you ate soup for breakfast! I’ve had pizza for breakfast and Mac & Cheese on occasion 🙂

    Is that canned soup? I find chicken noodle canned soup only has a few pieces of chicken – so annoying!


  6. says

    I can relate to the surreal feeling of long runs; I just ran my first half marathon in September and it was a really interesting process. It was amazing to me that my once scary 10mile run went from being an “epic” distance (to me) to “just” a taper run.


  7. Ellie says

    I love soup for breakfast, especially chicken noodle soup! I would probably eat it every day for breakfast if it were convenient. Eating soup for breakfast is more common in Asian countries, for example Japan!


  8. Merri says

    Hi little lady!! Congrats on the end of your LR’s, it’s a damn good feeling!! And 9:14 pace, you’re killin it out there!!!

    To help cope with cramping:
    1) eat a banana and drink a cup of coconut water everyday until race day. This will build up your potassium bank and keep you hydrated so you dont cramp. In the event you do cramp during a race, u did the right thing, taking long, hard breaths is the best way to relieve a cramp.
    2) Take your GU before you need it. It’s hard to build yourself up once you’ve completely depleted yourself. I suggest taking at mile 6 and mile 12….more then that and you may be causing the cramps or give yourself a stomach ache.

    Also, a new FAVORITE pre-LR breakfast that one of my coaches eats EVERY morning (he’s an ex-olympian and has been running for 40+ years…yeah, he’s legit!).
    1) 3/4 cup of dry oatmeal
    2) 2 tbs pf flax seed
    3) 1/2 cup of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries (I buy the fresh pre-mixed container but it doesn’t have strawberries).
    4) Whole banana, sliced
    5) Vanilla Almond Milk
    * Add all ingredients to a bowl, add the vanilla almond milk as you would a bowl of cereal and eat the mixture cold.

    It’s delicious and a winner!! Kept me full and did not lead to any digestion problems during the run!



  9. Cheryl says

    Do you stop for water breaks for Sadie? I’m starting to increase the mileage I run with my dog and I’m not really sure at what point I should be stopping with him.


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