The Neverending Move Ends!

We’re officially all moved in!!!


Now the unpacking and decorating can commence!

Honestly, I don’t even care that our house looks like two big storage units threw up in it. I’m so happy to have all of our stuff in one place. It feels like we’ve been moving for-ev-er and I’m so glad we’re done.

A couple of furniture pieces didn’t make the move and we’re giving some furniture to my sister, so we have quite a bit of furniture shopping ahead of us. Today we’re heading to IKEA to outfit my home office with the furniture I fell in love with last Friday. I LOVE IKEA, so I’m looking forward to today’s adventures.


Our workout for the day was a mini milestone.

Ryan and I tackled the first long run of our half marathon training plan for the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon! (I suckered Ryan into running the race with me. He’s just going to be doing the long runs of my training plan though.)

We ran 6 miles together with Sadie.


I love family fun runs! (<—Another old post from the PBF archives… from the first month I started blogging!)

I am planning to detail my half marathon training plan on the blog next week but I want to give it a little more thought before posting it on the blog. (I previously posted by Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon training plan on the blog before in case you’re interested.)

Our long run today was actually a great one. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my running mojo lately, but the weather this morning was surprisingly cool which I think helped us bang out 6 miles without feeling like we were going to shrivel up and die.


After showering, it was breakfast time!


I made us banana blueberry vanilla smoothies by combining the following (for one smoothie):

  • 1 c. milk
  • 1.5 large frozen bananas
  • 1 c. blueberry yogurt
  • 1.5 scoops vanilla protein powder



Off to go blow dry my hair before heading to IKEA. This will be my first time blow drying it since I got my first salon haircut last Saturday (I let it air dry and pulled it back all week), so I’m hoping it looks okay!


  1. says

    Aw I love how you call them family fun runs! When my sister and I first went away to college, we would come home and my dad, her, and I would always go out for runs together. It was a great way to catch up while doing something active.


  2. Katie @ The Purposeful Woman says

    You always look super cute :o) Way to ROCK 6 miles :o) I’m looking forward to fall when a midday run will be refreshing, not roasting!!! Love your blog Julie 🙂


  3. says

    My husband and I go to Ikea recreationally. Who cares if we don’t need anything? Who cares if we’re broke this week? Let’s go to Ikea anyway, eat supercheap ice cream and pretend we live in teeny-tiny apartments.


  4. Alison says

    Julie, do smoothies fill you up?? Whenever I make protein smoothies, they fill me up for an hour max before I get hungry again (I guess it’s the concept of drinking your calories instead of eating them)! I usually just drink whey smoothies after my work outs to fuel my muscles.


      • Alison says

        Yeah, I usually make my protein smoothies with vanilla whey protein powder, frozen strawberries and/or a frozen banana, water, ice cubs, spinach, and a splash of 1% milk. I’ve tried adding flaxseed but it makes my shakes gritty! And I don’t like adding other fats to my shakes.


  5. says

    Congrats for having all your stuff back and hope Ikea was fun. Sometimes that place is a time warp. Before you know it it’s 3 hours later and you’re still not finished buying stuff 🙂


  6. Tara says

    I am fairly new to reading your blog….it’s one of the best I’ve run across. I love it! I’m a runner too…I’ve done a marathon….but love the 10 mile or half marathon distance best. Love your enthusiasm for life!!


  7. says

    I just found your blog yesterday and am loving reading through it! I am also an avid peanut butter lover and love running (although my mileage stays around 3 miles).

    I was just curious, how do you workout in the morning before eating? I feel like I’d be starving, or just lethargic? I’m addicted to morning coffee (still in college haha).

    Also, love that I can see The Lost Symbol in your picture. One of my favorite books! Gotta love Robert Langdon!


    • says

      so glad you found me and i LOVE dan brown’s books. i wish he’d write another one! 🙂

      as for your question, i don’t eat if i wake up to workout before 6 a.m. b/c i can’t eat w/in an hr of waking up or else i get REALLY crampy.


  8. says

    Moving is such a hassle, but usually worth it! Also in response to the comment above-I exercise in the morning before eating too…I feel like a lot of people think its strange but I cramp up otherwise! Is that your reasoning too?



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