Top Workouts of 2016

Good morning! How are you guys doing this week? Today’s blog post continues my 2016 wrap up and focuses on the Top Workouts of 2016!

Top 10 Workouts (cardio, strength, at home workouts, tabata, HIIT, treadmill workouts and more)

Since I stopped periodically sharing top posts on the blog at the end of every month, I hope this brief three-part series brings some of my favorite posts and your most-viewed posts (as determined by page views) to the forefront for anyone who may have missed their original debut.

In contrast to the Top Healthy Recipes of 2016 that I shared earlier this week and the upcoming catch-all post featuring my most popular non-food/fitness posts, most of the top workouts were actually published in 2016 which was fun to see!

Thank you so much to those of you who have attempted my workouts, shared them and tagged me after you worked up a sweat on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I always love connecting with you in that way and appreciate it very much!

Top Workouts of 2016

This blog post was my first foray into sharing workout posts with picture demos and I’m so grateful to those of you who have tried it and shared it! This workout is still one of my all-time favorites and I often turn to it during Chase’s naptime or when I’m traveling and in need of a sweat without access to a gym.

Bodyweight Workout

I shared this blog post back in 2013 and it includes a collection of 10 of my favorite boot camp workouts that will have you sweatin’ in no time at all!

Boot Camp Workouts

I’m not sure why but I kind of love jumping rope. Maybe it’s nostalgic and reminds me of playing during recess as a kid but as an adult I can say with confidence that it’s one heck of a cardio workout! This workout pairs jumping rope with upper body strength exercises for a combination cardio/strength workout that will leave your arms burning!

Jump Rope Workout

Keep this workout in your back pocket when you are traveling or want to squeeze in a workout at home and don’t have any equipment on hand.

No Gym Workout

This Cardio HIIT Workout is a workout you can do anywhere and is a serious cardio killer!

Cardio HIIT Workout

I’ve done this workout many, many times when I want to work up a quick sweat while Chase is napping and it’s a great 25-minute treadmill workout that incorporates intervals to help the time fly by.

25 Minute Treadmill HIIT Workout

Tabata workouts are a favorite of mine and this one is a cardio killer but it also works the whole body. Your muscles will burn as your heart is pumpin’. It’s a one-two-punch of a workout!

Cardio Tabata Workout

This workout is one of my all-time favorite upper body workouts. The dropset format keeps things interesting but also challenges me to push a little harder!

Upper Body Dropset Workout

I shared this workout before Thanksgiving as a workout option you can do in your driveway (or anywhere)!

Driveway At Home Workout

Get ready for your legs to feel like they are on fire with this lower body scorcher that left me with Jello legs after a Burn Boot Camp workout!

Lunges for Days Leg Workout

Question of the Day

  • Are there any specific workouts you’re hoping to see more of on the blog in 2017? More at home workouts? More treadmill or strength workouts? Please let me know!


  1. says

    Your no equipment and body weight workouts were my favorites while traveling over the holidays! Awesome pictures as well. I’ve always been a fan of your workout updates, but they’re extra beautiful now!


  2. says

    I tried your driveway 10-100 workout over Thanksgiving and it literally kicked my BUTT! I did the workout with my brother who swears by everything Crossfit. I remember him telling me “yeah this will be easy…” and he was pooped & done before I was! It’s a killer workout.


  3. says

    I’ve tried and loved a few of these workouts, I remember that Upper body workout being TOUGH! I love reading your Boot Camp Workouts, I wish I had a place to go like that around here so it’s nice to see your posts then try them at home. And I love mostly the strength training workouts 😉


  4. says

    I did one of your tabata workouts on Tuesday! I really like the HIIT style workouts with minimum equipment and would love to see more of those… meanwhile I’ll be pinning all of these 🙂


  5. Pamela says

    I love the workout demo and pictures you have been doing recently!
    I would love to see some shorter workouts… sometimes it’s hard to fit in anything longer than 10-15 minutes. It’s nice to have a little something to fit in during the day!


  6. says

    I love these kinds of posts because I can bookmark it and have a ton of options for workouts without having to try to find workouts through google. I think HIIT workouts are my favorite because they tend to go by so quick because of the intervals.


  7. Kelly Barrientos says

    Do you have a HR monitor you prefer when you workout? I’m searching for a new one and there are so many out there.


  8. says

    It’s funny because I was looking through pinterest a few days ago for home workouts and found your cardio Hitt at home workout! I loved it because it was actually very challenging for me (a college gymnast)! Can’t wait to try more of them, thanks!


  9. Katie S. says

    I love your total body workouts – especially when they’re body weight for those times I can’t make it to a gym! My absolute favorite that I do weekly is still the Quiet Nap Time Workout (2015 I think?)… I add in a run up and down my driveway in between each exercise and it gets me every time! Thanks for all the inspiration :).


  10. Lesli says

    I love your bodyweight cardio workouts – the Cardio HIIT workout has been one of my go-to’s since you posted it! It’s great to have a good cardio option that doesn’t require the outdoors (when the weather is terrible) or a machine (when you can’t make it to the gym). I also enjoyed the 10-1 workout you posted with the decreasing reps each round. Thanks for all the great inspiration!


  11. Sam says

    I would love more workouts with dumbells/kettlebells/medicine balls for when I am in the gym! Or maybe a combo of a treadmill workout with weights! Thanks!


  12. says

    Thanks for making this post. As this post will remind me the top workolut of 2016, so i can workout and improve my health.
    Let me bookmark this post first so i can find the content easily. Can’t wait will try these workout in next morning.


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