Treadmill Emergency Stop

Have you ever been haulin’ hiney on the treadmill and accidentally hit the emergency stop button?

Mid-sprint this morning, my hand caught the string attached to the emergency stop button on the treadmill and I went from running at a 9.0 to standing still on the treadmill, my head full of frustrating thoughts as I aggressively pressed the buttons to try to get the treadmill to come back to life.

The emergency stop button completely resets the treadmill, so I had to wait for a bit before I could punch in my speed and run again. I was in the zone and digging deep in the middle of my workout when this happened and the emergency stop button served as my own personal energy zapper.

Thank goodness for awesome music, because once the treadmill started going again, a gloooorious song came on my iPod. The Jock Jams Mega Mix! If that song doesn’t pump you up, I don’t know what will. (It was even the song we chose to have our bridal party introduced to kick off the reception at our wedding!)

Though my workout was briefly interrupted, it was still a pretty darn good one.

I completed a 35-minute treadmill workout that looked like this:

35 minute treadmill workout

Since Ryan was still busy finishing up his legs workout when I was done on the treadmill, I ended my workout with a 10-minute cool down on the elliptical.


I was craving sweet and salty thing morning, so an egg sandwich with cheese and jelly sounded perfect.

egg sandwich 004

egg sandwich 006

Served with a hot mug of Newman’s Own vanilla caramel coffee on the side!

egg sandwich 007

Ryan gave me that mug for Christmas one year and I love the adorable sleeve and big, red button.

I commented on how cute it was during a random trip to Starbucks with him and was pumped to see it in my Christmas stocking! Sipping coffee from that mug makes me feel nice and cozy… in the 80-degree Florida chill.

Have a GREAT Tuesday everyone!


  1. Kristin says

    It doesn’t sound like anyone else thought this, but before I read anything more than the title of your post, I thought you were going to write about your emergency stop for “#2” during your treadmill run! Not that you shouldn’t write about that if you wanted to, but I was surprised to think it was going to be the star of the post. hahaha =)


  2. Katie says

    Did you ever hit the emergency stop and not stop running fast enough and nearly run through the front of the treamill to cause quite a scene? Oh, you haven’t? Me either…..


  3. says

    I’ve definitely done that a couple of times and it totally throws off the workout! Sometimes the string attached to the emergency stop is placed weird and you have to adjust it before starting so you don’t accidentally pull it.


  4. says

    Ugh that has definitely happened to me before with the emergency button! So frustrating! But I’m impressed you were able to get back at it after turning it on again– then again, Jock Jams is great pump up music.


  5. says

    UGH! I HATE it when that happens! I have done that a few times on the treadmill, now I am extra careful to try and keep my hands away from that little red terror!

    By the way, I LOVE your coffee sleeve! Its so cute! I use to work at Starbucks…I miss buying those happy little trifles with my discount.



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