TRX Class

On Monday, my gym released is summer group exercise schedule and there are quite a few classes on the new agenda that caught my eye.

When I saw that a TRX class was added on Wednesday mornings, I was pumped!

trx class


I’ve tried using TRX straps a few times in the past, but since I’ve never taken a class, this morning I arrived excited to learn new exercises and challenge my body in a different way.

I was also a little nervous about how the class would go because my legs are still incredibly sore from Monday’s leg workout. I blame the single leg deadlifts! Killer.

To begin, the instructor had us pair up with a partner and walked us through the various exercises and circuits.

We did three rounds of three different circuits and while one partner did something on the TRX, the other tackled a workout that didn’t involve the straps.

Our workout looked like this:

  • Circuit one: 20 squat jumps with TRX, 20 lunges with one-arm kettlebell row (10 each leg/arm)
  • Circuit two: 25 reverse flyes with TRX, 25 kettlebell swings
  • Circuit three: 50 sec. running in place while pumping arms and leaning into the TRX, 20 pushups

The whole workout took about 30 minutes and was so much fun! I hope to take the class again next week!


Breakfast today was good (egg + cheese + jelly bagelwich), but the highlight was the coffee!

egg bagel sandwich 011egg bagel sandwich 017

I have some Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas coffee leftover from the holidays and had special plans for it this morning.

barnie's santa's white christmas

Check out that foam!

coffee with foam

I finally put the areolatte milk frother I got for my birthday to the test and it passed with flying colors. 


I felt awfully fancy drinking a coffee with lots of foam from home.

Aside from the stellar foam results, the aerolatte was so easy to use! I simply microwaved almond milk and then placed the aerolatte at the bottom of the mug of milk and turned it on, frothing the milk for about 15 seconds before pouring it on top of my hot coffee. Awesome!

On that note, I think I’ll go make another cup right now before settling in for the work day ahead.


  1. says

    How cool that they acually offer a TRX class at your gym! I’ve seen the TRX stuff before, but I’ve always been too intimidated to try it myself! And I agree – milk frothers are so awesome! Who needs Starbucks?? (Ok, that’s a lie…I definitely need starbucks)


  2. Sian says

    Hehe my mum has that exact aerolatte frother! She got it years ago – not sure where from, but it brings back memories of me singing “aerolatte!” while using it to make milk shakes :o)



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