Ultimate Happy Music Playlist

The weather in Charlotte right now is INCREDIBLE. It’s in the mid-70s and it’s absolutely blowing my mind. Though locals are telling me it’s “not normal” summertime weather, I’m choosing to ignore them and will go on pretending Ryan and I moved to the most magical place on earth with sunny summer days that are warm enough for sundresses but cool enough for a light sweater.

Since it’s not ridiculously hot outside today, I waited a little while and didn’t take Sadie out for a run until 9:30 a.m. which truly would be unthinkable in Florida right now unless I wanted to collapse after five minutes in a pool of my own sweat. I give SO much credit to those of you who live in hot places and run miles and miles in the summer. You deserve extra credit or something. Heat wipes me out!

And speaking of running with Sadie, here’s a photo that Ryan snapped last week when we got home after a five miler.

Big Dog on Lap

As my Instagram buddies out there know, it made me laugh because it so perfectly captures Sadie’s neediness and total disregard for my desire to enjoy some solo stretching after a run. But then again, I learned a long time ago that if I am on the floor, I’m fair game. What is it about a human on the floor that makes dogs react like it’s Christmas morning!?

Anyway, today’s four-mile run ended up being the best run I’ve had in months. I’m not sure what made it so great, but I truly enjoyed every minute and I am not someone who ever enjoys every minute of a run… ever. While I do find joy in running, today’s run was the kind of awesome run that comes along once in a blue moon. I think the weather, leaving my Garmin at home, running at an easy pace, a joyful running partner (Sadie) and a rockin’ playlist had a lot to do with it.

I spent some time putting together a summertime playlist last night and about halfway through, I realized all of the songs were ridiculously happy and upbeat. It’s the kind of playlist that will probably annoy the heck out of you if you’re feeling cranky but make you want to sing in your car if you’re in a good mood. And no, Pharrell’s “Happy” is not on it because I am a member of the 5 percent of the population who cannot stand that song. But I do love the handful of songs you’ll see below!

Hopefully some of the following songs will make you smile and make it onto your next workout playlist when you need a little pick-me-up. There’s a mix of ‘90s music, classic rock, hits from today and totally cheesy girly music.

Happy Music Playlist

Feel free to give a shout out to one of your go-to “happy songs” in the comments section! You guys always give me great ideas for my next playlists!

Ultimate Happy Music Playlist

And yes, I almost didn’t put the Miley Cyrus song on there for fear of ostracization, but it’s so darn catchy I couldn’t resist. I feel your judgment and I accept it.

Question of the Afternoon

  • What song can you always count on to boost your mood when you’re feeling down?


  1. Lisa says

    We could TOTALLY rock out together in the car or on a run — almost all of these are on my playlists! Don’t be ashamed of the Miley song – it really is a “feel good” song! Lately I’m really into “Problem” by Ariana Grande. Can’t help but dance and want to MOVE when it comes on! And also….”Night Fever” by the BeeGees HAHA! Can’t help it – it’s a great song!


  2. says

    Seeing this pic I feel like you live in my neighborhood! I have been a reader for a few years and also recently moved to charlotte. I am also right down the greenway from Birkdale! Would love to meet up for a run or coffee if you are interested. My husband and I have also been house hunting and we think we finally found the one! Email if you are interested in meeting up!


  3. says

    Humans on the floor = a dogs playground. Ours does the same thing. His favorite is giving us ‘hugs’ where he presses his head against our faces – if we move, he moves just as fast to keep his furry face on ours. It’s obnoxious and adorable at the same time. Ohh dogs 🙂


  4. julie says

    Just about anything by pitbull gets me going and right now I LOVE ” All about that bass”. Great beat and great message.


  5. says

    I like your taste in music! I’ve had several of these songs on various playlists. “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem” is a good one, too.

    It’s funny…I have a summer running playlist that I plan to share and I had “Party in the USA” on it, then decided to remove it b/c I was a bit embarrassed 😉 Perhaps I’ll add it back now!

    Enjoy the cooler weather while you can…it’s swampy here in Florida.



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