Wedding Rehearsal

Hello from the cruise! 😀

Okay, fine, I’m not really blogging from the cruise… I prepared this post previously but wanted to post a somethin’ somethin’ to keep my blog fresh while I am off honeymooning.

Since I am still awaiting the pictures from our photographer to cover our wedding ceremony, details from the day and our wedding reception, I figured I could use pictures I’ve collected from family and friends to document events leading up to the wedding, including the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Let’s begin with the beginning… the rehearsal! 😀  P1010980

Our wedding rehearsal took place in the tea garden at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in the afternoon the day before our wedding. Ryan and I met with our pastor privately before we were joined by our bridal party.

Meeting privately with out pastor allowed us to go through parts of the ceremony we wanted to be a surprise for our families.

When our pastor began reading our vows aloud to us at the rehearsal, I started crying! I actually felt more emotional and weepy during the rehearsal than the actual wedding.

Of course I cried on our wedding day, but I think that by the time we were going through our actual ceremony, I felt so ready to be married that I was simply excited and overjoyed, whereas at the rehearsal I felt overly emotional and a bit overwhelmed by everything that was about to occur.

I think I may have also been excessively emotional because of all of the drama leading up to the rehearsal… like puking all day the day before and waking up with a crusty pink eye.

Thank goodness urgent care clinics and antibiotic eye drops…IMG_7119 (Yes, my mom still has to help me put in eye drops. For all of you Friends fans out there, I’m like Rachel Green. I hate eye drops.)

The rehearsal itself went fairly smoothly and was a great time to have the bridal party and our families in the same place for the first time before the big day. IMG_7124IMG_7125

Ryan and I had six bridesmaids and six groomsmen in our wedding party (a couple of them are not pictured above) and felt like it was a great number. We both feel so close to the members of our bridal party and had a blast spending the weekend with our closest friends.

Practicing walking down the aisle with my dad was also an emotional experience. IMG_7140As we practiced our walk, we talked about how weddings evoke so much emotion.

I wonder what our mothers were talking about… 😀 IMG_7136Once we were all done walking through the ceremony, we discussed where to go after the wedding for pictures before heading to the rehearsal dinner.

More on that to come! 😀

(Special thanks to my Aunt Laurie for all of the rehearsal pictures!)


  1. Kerry Ann says

    I am so happy that you are having a great time. Enjoy every moment. The dinner that your Mom put together took so much thought, you will remember that forever.


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