Day of the Week Rankings

Good morning and happy Friday eve! :)

Yesterday Ryan and I were discussing how each day of the week feels. Here’s my rating (5 stars is the best):

  • Monday: **
  • Tuesday: *
  • Wednesday: ***
  • Thursday: ****
  • Friday: *****
  • Saturday: *****
  • Sunday: ****

Days of the Week

Yes, I actually ranked Tuesdays worse than Mondays… I always feel fresh on Mondays and then Tuesday is when the “blah” feeling kicks in. Thankfully it’s all up from there! :)

What is your favorite day of the week?

I am inclined to say Saturday, but honestly I’ve always loved Fridays. Even though I have to go to work, everyone is generally in a good mood and I love the excitement and anticipation of a fun weekend ahead.


Today’s cardio workout was a goodie!

I followed a 25 minute treadmill workout I clipped out of Oxygen Magazine a few months ago.

25 Minute Treadmill Training

I made a couple of modifications, like only bringing the incline down to one, not zero, and warming up/cooling down at a 4.0 pace rather than a 3.5 pace.

After the 25 minute treadmill fun, I walked for another 10 minutes on an incline before finishing up with 15 minutes on the elliptical.


Chocolate attack!

Chocolate Delight

Today my breakfast was a bowl of chocolate goodness:

Thursday's Breakfast

As Dale from Doug would say, “Yum, yum, eat ‘em up!” Yes, I did just reference a classic Nickelodeon show. Doug was the best!



  1. says

    lol– gotta love Doug Funny! My husband gets annoyed with me because I sing a song from The Beets sometimes :-) What kind of vegetarian would I be if I didn’t sing “Killer Tofu” every once in a while?


  2. Maura says

    Wow- I haven’t thought about Doug in so long. What a great show! Patty Mayonaise was definitely my favorite! Although, Skeeter was a hoot. Anyway, my favorite day of the week is definitely Sunday! It is always so relaxing :)


  3. Alison says

    I love how you & Ryan did your weekly ratings! So cute & creative! I used to pick Saturdays as my favorite day of the week, but now I think I prefer the weekdays because I stick to a routine and have more to do. My least favorite day of the week is Monday…iiiick!

    Love your reference to “Doug”! Nickelodeon was great back in the day. My favorite show was Rugrats!!


  4. says

    I think I’m with you on Fridays….Friday’s feel good!

    Speaking of Doug, I went to high school with a kid who looked just like him and everyone alwasy commented on it. It’s funny to see now since Doug appears to be nearly bald and this kid was not. LOL


  5. says

    First of all, I LOVE DOUG. lol The voicemail message on my cell phone is my sister and I singing the theme song.

    My favorite day of the week is def Saturday. I can sleep as long as I want in the morning and I can stay up as late as I want at night. Although I never sleep late in the morning anyway – I’m an early riser. But I could, if I wanted to! And Saturday is the only day I am not thinking about work at all, which is wonderful :)


  6. Kyla says

    Definitely love friday and saturdays. Everyone seems so much more relaxed as they know tomorrow is a day off. Monday (even maybe tuesday) not my fav:(

    Great work out and just peeked at your lunch…looks yummy.
    any plans for the weekend?


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      Wedding dress shopping & a chili cook off! I can’t wait! :o) Fridays & Saturdays are the best, I agree!


  7. Lauren says

    Ha! I think the only wasted day of the week is Wednesday. Seriously…what IS that? It’s like the week can’t figure out if it’s over or starting….



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