A Winner is Crowned

The epic battle came to a close today.

In the cake vs. pie face-off, PIE took the cake. ;)

March Madness

The competition, which took place on Jezebel.com, ended when cheesecake beat red velvet cake by receiving 59% of the votes. (Apparently cheesecake is a pie because of its crust.)

I finished third in my work bracket standings. I had ice cream cake going all the way, but sadly it lost to red velvet in the quarter-finals.

So, do you agree? Would you pick cheesecake over red velvet cake?

Ummm, no, I wouldn’t. Red velvet cake ALL THE WAYYYY!


  1. says

    i am all about red velvet. but i do love cheesecake. OH. you know what would be absolutely fabulous? graham cracker crust.. layer of cheesecake.. layer of red velvet cake.. cream cheese frosting. yum.


  2. *Andrea* says

    i would totally pick cheesecake :) i loveeee the chocolate chip peanutbutter cookie dough cheesecake from cheesecake factory. so decadent and delicious!!


  3. Alison says

    I have never really been a fan of cheesecake…it is way too rich for me! Cake is definitely MUCH better! Especially ice cream cake! ;)


  4. says

    I’m usually a pie person over cake, but not if cheesecake is considered a pie. Too rich for me. I’d have picked Red Velvet cake. Or, like you, I’d go for the ice cream cake!


  5. MelissaNibbles says

    As I commented on Jezebel, I consider this a win for Team Cake because both are cakes.

    I had red velvet going all the way though…so yay me for almost winning!


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