Sports Bra Giveaway

I have a serious obsession with sports bras. I own more than 20 and yet I always find myself browsing the athletic clothing sections of stores looking for sports bras in cute colors or new designs.

I recently tried a new sports bra sent to me to review by Breeze Comfort.

Breeze Comfort Sports Bra

Sports Bra Back

According to the Breeze Comfort website, their sports bras “keep you cooler and drier so you can work out harder.” 

I wore the sports bra on a 6.25 mile run with Sadie and definitely felt like it kept the sweat off my body. I liked how the bra had a light lining since many other sports bras can be thin, requiring me to wear two to feel like I’m not on display. The bra was also cut in a way that was more feminine than many other sports bras out there. Yay for no uni-boobs! 😀

Enough of my review, now you have a chance to try one out for yourself!

One person will win a Breeze Comfort sports bra of their choice.

To enter the giveaway, simply comment on this post telling me what you look for in a good sports bra.

You may also receive additional entries by:

(Be sure to comment on this post to let me know if you followed Breeze Comfort on Facebook or Twitter so I may count your extra entries!)

If you don’t win the giveaway, don’t worry! The pink/black mountain view sports bra that I received is on sale on the Breeze Comfort website through April 30 for $29.99.

I will select a winner randomly tomorrow morning. Good luck!!!


  1. Ashley says

    I look for a sports bra that is tight enough to hold the “goods” in, but loose enough to not cut off my circulation!! Oh, and I love anything pink :)


  2. Erin says

    I like a sports bra that is tight enough so I won’t ‘shake’ on a run, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. And I like anything that is Dri-Fit.


  3. says

    I don’t need a lot of support so when I shop for sports bras, I look for fun colors and patterns.

    Like you, I have 20+ sports bras in my collection. :)


  4. Corey says

    I do not need a support but I need a sports bra that my sports is very comfortable, keeps me somewhat dry (because I sweat a lot), lasts a long time and keeps the lil ones happy and comfortable so they wont flash anyone :)


  5. says

    Well being new to the “workout world”, I am unsure of what type of sports bra I need. I have been looking around and have yet to find one that I like. I imagine I would not want want the uni – boob, lol, and something to keep them in place would be great, and this bra seems to do the trick :). Oh and it would have to be a fahisionable fun color, just because your sweating like heck doesnt mean you cant look like a million bucks while doing it! 😉



  6. Merri says

    I LOVE that Sports Bra – it’s super cute and feminine, which is what I look for in a sports bra (and support of course!). I love the back of it too and the mesh lining, all very important attributes.



  7. Rina says

    That sports bra is adorable! I look for comfort.. I cant stand tight bands or something that leaves marks.. and of course support. =)


  8. alyssa says

    That one looks great on you! The most important thing to me is the support and I really love it when a sports bra make the ‘girls’ look good since I tend to wear sports bras to class or on errands too.


  9. Blair says

    I love sports bras in bright colors! I always like to sport a peppy outfit when working out. While I’m not the type to put on makeup and do my hair for a trip to the gym, I think wearing something that looks put together vs an old ripped tshirt actually pushes me to go harder!


  10. says

    The fit/snuggness around the circumference of the ‘boob’ area. Too tight and I feel like I’m a sausage. Good hold, no chaffing and wicking abilities!


  11. Lauren says

    I love sports bras that are tight fitting and light weight. If they are too heavy they make you sweat more. It also needs to be made out of a nice material to allow your skin to breathe.


  12. sarah m says

    Fun giveaway! (Especially since sports bras are on my errands list this week…) I look for tightness, but one that doesnt chafe.


  13. Catherine says

    I love sports bras but have a hard time finding a good one. I tend to get sweaty when I workout so I like a sports bra that wicks away moisture. I also need one that has great support… because I like to keep things in place :)


  14. says

    Even though I have iddy biddy boobies, mine actually bounce if I don’t wear the right bra. They’re SO expensive to find a good one that fits right. Out of the 7 that I own, I think only one really works well, and I didn’t know that until I couldn’t get any more of that brand (it was at a place called Winners – sort of like TJ Maxx in the US). So what I really look for is something that secures those boobies in place!


  15. says

    What I learned on their FB? For my last and final entry? I noticed that YOU are on their main page with your PBFingers website. How awesome is that? That’s like front page news right there. Oh, and they have a mini-catalog of what they offer on their site, on the FB fan page. Neato.


  16. Nicole says

    I am looking for the type of sportsbra that is ribbed like a wifebeater all around. One of my girls is 40 dd and took it. I cant find them anywhere… :(:(:( Plz help. Nikki :)



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