Bridesmaid Dresses = DONE


I am breathing a sigh of relief.

After work today, my mom and I headed to a nearby bridal boutique to officially finalize the plans on the bridesmaid dresses for our upcoming wedding.

My six bridesmaids will be wearing a one-shoulder Jim Hjelm dress in cashmere/champagne color.

The dress…

The Dress!

Jim Hjelm Bridesmaid Dress

The color…

Cashmere Color

 (The color looks a bit lighter in this photo… It’s definitely a richer color in person.)

The beading and flowers on the dress in the picture of the black dress will not be featured on our bridesmaid dresses because I could not get the dress in the right color with those appliqués attached. I may try to find a whimsical flower or something pretty and romantic to attach in place of the absentee flowers, but I love the dress without it as well.

Now the girls just need to submit their measurements and order their dresses and we’re good to go!


After the bridesmaid dress success, my mom and I headed home for dinner.

We went straight into the kitchen where I got to work on the sides. Ryan headed out back to make us burgers on the  grill, using lean ground beef that he seasoned with garlic salt.

While preparing dinner, I couldn’t help but snack on some Stacy’s extra cheese soy crisps.

Stacy's Soy Crisps

As a side, I prepared roasted broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini.


Ryan’s burgers turned out great and we enjoyed them on honey wheat Pepperidge Farms deli flats.


My Plate

A simply delicious meal enjoyed with two simply fantastic people!

My mom brought a bag full of bridal magazines with her for us to flip through, so I’m off to curl up on the couch and fold over some pages! :D


  1. Shri says

    I’d choose the black dress. The champagne color looks too much like a white color to me. If it’s light now, it may look white in wedding photos.

    My maid-of-honor is wearing a black dress. So is my mother and grandmother. Our wedding may look like a funeral.


  2. says

    i want to meet a guy and have a kind of love like u guys. must be so neat to have someone who has your back, u know?
    love the dress and the color.
    u r so pretty…u kinda remind me of Ally on The Bachelorette (only prettier).


  3. says

    That dress is beautiful! Your bridesmaids are so lucky that you picked out such a great dress for them to wear. It’s definitely something I would wear beyond the wedding! :)


  4. Jae says

    Those dresses look absolutely gorgeous. You have such a sense of style :)
    Im so jealous of your bridesmaids its not funny ^^


  5. says

    The dress is SO cute! I love the one shoulder look and I know people always say this…but I really looks like a dress your bridesmaids will be able to wear again. :)


  6. says

    I LOVE those dresses! Furthermore, I love your shoes :) So adorable!!

    Stacy’s chips are my faaav by the way. When I came home from work today, I pulled out some of their naked pita chips and garlic hummus…. mmmmm!


  7. says

    I love that dress! Nice Job Julie! It can easily be warn for a nice dinner or party as well.

    You are so stinkin cute and little I just want to punch you!!!


  8. Jamie says

    The dress is gorgeous! I had Jim Hjelm bridesmaids dresses as well. The only thing is that the color photographs as white, so it might look that way in your wedding photos. Its really not a big deal but something you might want to consider!


    • Kate says

      I agree with it looking “bridal” in pictures. Definitely consider perking it up with their flowers. Not that anyone would mistake THEM for the bride. You will be too gorgeous!


      • peanutbutterfingers says

        yeah i’m definitely aware of that – their flowers are going to be BRIGHT! yellows, golds, ivory, etc.


  9. says

    YAY! You picked some very pretty dresses…I really like it a lot! And seriously when I was engaged the best part was buying bridal magazines…they are SO fun to look through. Heck…I still buy them from time to time to look at the stuff! I think it secretly freaks Keith out a little…he always says…um…you know you aren’t getting married again, right? haha…so cute!


  10. says

    dress is adorable and your bridesmaids can totally wear ‘em again…and look at you…you don’t mind them wearing an ALMOST white color and stealing your thunder on YOUR day :) classy!


  11. says

    I remember I used to eat soy crisps all the time when I was little! I love them; they have such a unique flavor. Congrats on finalizing the bridesmaid dresses! They’re beautiful.


  12. aperture77 says

    would you believe it Im just home from the bridal shop I am deciding on 2 dresses and both are the 2 in the above pictures what a co incidence! Im liking the primrose colour!!



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