10 Mile Run –> Hot Fudge Sundae

Good news! 

My heel injury coupled with three weeks off from the long runs on my half marathon training plan didn’t get me down. 

I tackled a 10 mile run this morning and it felt amazing! 

10 Mile Run Stats

 I did a large six-mile loop and realized I forgot my Stretch Island Fruit Co. fruit strip, which I planned on eating halfway through the run to give my body some sugar and carbs. 


I made a quick pit-stop at our apartment to eat a fruit strip, down some water and leash Sadie up so she could join me on the final four miles of my run. 

I was feeling quite fatigued before I ate the fruit strip and was amazed how much better a simple snack and some brief stretching made me feel. The last four miles of my run felt better than the first six. 

During my run I had two main thoughts in my head to keep me going: 

  • I am so grateful for the ability to run.
  • It’s okay to feel uncomfortable.

When I got home, I immediately drank a lot of water, ate another fruit strip and several large handfuls of pretzels. 

I then stretched for about 10 minutes until Ryan arrived home from the gym. We took Sadie on a slow one-mile walk, which I figured would be good for my muscles. About halfway through the walk, I felt a pretty intense cramp on my right side. 

When we got home, I curled up on the couch and started to feel a little nauseous. I closed my eyes for about an hour and watched an episode of Bethenny Getting Married? that I DVRed. Ryan headed out to run an errand and I stayed on the couch, sipping water and munching on a few more pretzels. 

Then, Ryan arrived back home and reminded me, yet again, why I am marrying him. 

Check out what he brought me: 

Hot Fudge Sundae

A McDonald’s hot fudge sundae! 

The Patient and the Cure

My eyes lit up when he walked in the door carrying that bad boy. 

It tasted like heaven and I literally used my fingers to eat every last bite. 

Oddly enough, the ice cream sundae made me feel a million times better! 

I’m not sure why I felt so icky, but I’m glad the feeling passed and I’m back to feelin’ normal. 

We have plans to go to a pool party today, so I gotta get movin’! 

Hope you weekend is off to a great start! :D


  1. says

    Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s natural to feel discomfort… it’s good to feel discomfort (although there is a line between discomfort and pain).

    You’re a lucky girl! I could take one of those sundaes, fo’ sho.


  2. says

    I’ve gotten nauseated after runs if I drink water too fast…especially if it’s been really hot out. Of course ice cream would make anyone feel better…my mom’s known that all along!


  3. says

    Great job on the 10 miles.

    I would say what you were feeling was lack of sodium/electrolytes. Pretzels are good but cannot replenish nearly enough of what you must have sweat in the heat.

    The sundae is the best recovery food too because of the protein! Ideally you should have some sort of protein w/in 30 minutes after running.

    Sorry, spouting out advice that you probably did not want. :-)


  4. says

    Congrats on conquering the distance. I am sure that you dominated it. I actually went on a long walk with my friend this morning and we couldnt ever imagine running when it was that hot and we were talking about how much of an inspiration runners are who run in the heat are.
    I also think that you are an amazing influence for girls/women in recovery from an eating disorder as you have shown me that I can eat ice cream and other unhealthy foods and still be fit and healthy!! :)


  5. Erin says

    After doing a longer run like you did today, are you more hungry throughout the day? Do you eat more on these days? Just curious…I always seen soooo hungry (esp later in the day and the next day) after doing longer cardio like this!!


  6. Eva says

    sometimes i feel like that after a long/hard work-out or run and i think it’s electrolites! next time, try some gatorade or emergen-C right after your run!


  7. Amanda says

    Great work on the run!! I often felt nauseous after my long runs, too. As many other people have said, it really helped to drink gatorade afterwards (mixed 1/2 water 1/2 gatorade) and to eat a little something, even though I wasn’t necessarily hungry.


  8. says

    congrats on the 10miler! i can only dream of running that type of distance!

    glad you’re feeling better. so you’ve just proven that a mcdonald’s hot fudge sundae cures everything!!!


  9. says

    hey girlie! first off congrats on your 10 mile run! you will tear up that half marathon.

    when i was training for my half marathons I noticed I felt really sick after long runs if I didn’t fuel within the hour of the long run so maybe thats why you felt sick? anyways, im glad your feeling better!! Ryan sounds like a keeper if he brings you ice cream :)


  10. justjac says

    that’s so sweet, sometimes its the little things, no?!
    Congrats on tackling your ten miler! Next time, try to remember to drink a TON of water the day before, i feel like that really helps me from getting dehydrated and cramping, especially during the hot summer!


  11. says

    That’s what I’m talking about! Sundaes are the best, especially if you’re not feeling too good. Awesome job on the 10 miles. I’m working on my half marathon plan for an Oct. race and before I know it, I’ll be hitting the 10 mile mark. I look forward to seeing how your race goes.


  12. balancejoyanddelicias says

    it’s good to know that simple fruit can cheer you up so much. I need to try that for my next long run!
    oh… congrats on the 10 miles!


  13. says

    Good run!!!

    The crazy thing is, often after my runs that are 10 miles or longer, sugar is one of the main things that make me physically most on top of my game following the run.
    …Not that I complain or anything. ;)


  14. Erica says

    After long runs (like the one I just did this morning), I definitely crave salt! And like a dummy I only realized recently that not having it in some form post-run is why I feel so crappy at times. I’m sure ice cream sundaes don’t hurt either… :)



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