Wedding Food & Cake Tasting

What a night!

Our wedding food and cake tasting last night was more than I ever could have imagined.

From start to finish, we were continually impressed.

When we arrived, we met with Jennifer, the events manager at the Vinoy, to head to a private room to begin the tasting.

food tasting 006

food tasting 022

The private room had two tables set up: One for us to enjoy our meal and another to show us how the tables for our wedding will look when fully set.

food tasting 009

Our tables will have floral centerpieces and other decor to add a romantic feel and bring in our wedding colors and will not have the gold charger plates.(We will also have chiavari chairs! ;) )

After ooing and ahhing over the intricacies of the tableware, we sat down at our table to begin our meal.

Hors d’oeuvres

We began by trying five different hors d’oeuvres.

food tasting 010

Up first was a beef and artichoke bruschetta with olive aioli and a citrus shrimp with horseradish aioli.

food tasting 011

Both were tasty, but the beef stole the show!

Next we tried a ricotta fritter, duck wonton and a lobster spring roll that Jennifer added to our tasting menu as a surprise.

food tasting 012

The lobster spring roll got rave reviews from all of us but the other two were only meh.

In the end we actually chose both the beef and the lobster and two other hors d’oeuvres that we didn’t try but seemed appealing.


Next up were the appetizers.

First we tried black pepper shrimp, served with exotic fruit and avocado salad.

food tasting 014 

We all loved the presentation of this one, but I was the only one who thought it was delicious. Ryan gave it the lowest score of the bunch, with a 6.5.

Our second option was a pan seared lump crab cake with sweet corn puree smoked bacon-tomato relish.

food tasting 013

I am so picky with crab cakes because my mom makes amazing crab cakes that are basically egg and crab only. I love really crabby crab cakes and these were delicious. They were packed full of crab meat and all of us agreed we found a winner!


The salad decision was a pretty easy one for me.

First up was a spring salad with bleu cheese, spiced pecans and pears.

food tasting 015

The second salad was a Boston Bibb salad with raspberries, brie fondant crostini and a port vinaigrette.

food tasting 016

Ryan and I both really do not like bleu cheese, but love brie, so the second salad was clearly the winner. It had a light and fresh taste that we all enjoyed.


To sample our main course, we were each provided with a sampler plate that included mini portions of three different entrees.

food tasting 017

The combinations we sampled included sea bass + filet, lobster + filet and herb roasted chicken + scallops.

We all agreed that the sea bass stole the show. It tasted moist, fresh and buttery. So, so good! We also loved the spinach Gruyere soufflé that came along with the lobster and filet combo, so we are going to add that into our main meal as well.

If the sea bass and filet can fit into our budget (based on how many “yes” RSVPs we we receive), that will be the winner!


Woohoo! Dessert!

I was so excited for the cake tasting portion of this meal, but was shocked at how hard it was to choose our cake!

First, we sampled a variety of different cake flavors.

food tasting 018

Then we tried a tray of fillings and a tray of mousse (which I forgot to photograph).

food tasting 019 

In the end we decided on a red velvet cake with a white chocolate mousse filling and buttercream icing.

I could literally bathe in the buttercream icing. It reminded me so much of my mom’s homemade buttercream icing and I couldn’t get enough!

The Final Menu

If all things go according to plan, our wedding menu will look like this:

Hors d’oeuvres

Butler passed:

  • Beef and artichoke bruschetta with olive aioli
  • Lobster spring roll
  • Tuna, toasted peanut tartar, soy ginger gelee
  • Spinach and feta cheese purse


  • Fruit display: Colorful array of seasonal fruits and betties with key lime yogurt
  • Antipasto display: Marinated mushrooms, assorted olives, feta cheese, mozzarella, basil, grape tomatoes, roasted peppers and hard salamis


  • Pan seared lump crab cake, sweet corn puree, smoked bacon-tomato relish


  • Boston Bibb with raspberries, brie fondant crostini and port vinaigrette


  • Grilled filet and seared sea bass, spinach Gruyere soufflé, Pesto green beans and carrots


  • Red velvet cake with white chocolate mousse filling and buttercream icing


I am so excited about our menu! I think it will be absolutely delicious! :D


Today will be a day full of wedding errands! We have plans to hit up a bunch of different craft stores to assemble our escort card boards and check some other crafty projects off our wedding to to list.

Also on the agenda is visiting some local bakeries to taste some cookies that will play a part in our wedding favors.

See ya in a bit! :D


  1. TheKetchupDiaries says

    This has GOT to be the best thing about wedding planning, no? Everything sounds and looks amazing. I can’t wait until the big day arrives :smile:


  2. says

    What an awesome night! The food looks AMAZING, I can only imagine what it tastes like ;) I’m also not a fan of bleu cheese – and my Dad LOVES it, he thinks I’m nuts. Oh, and crab cakes are so hard to perfect, but once you got it, you got it…and what a lucky girl to have a Mom that can make the perfect crab cake :D

    I hope you enjoy your wedding-filled day, everything looks so gorgeous and exciting, Julie!


  3. says

    Whoa. Everything sounds amazing! Your guests will definitely enjoy all of the food. You just have to make sure you get a chance to enjoy it yourself! It’s so easy to feel obligated to talk to everyone, but try to take some time yo sit down and savor the moment…and awesome food. ;)


  4. kate says

    oh my gosh Julie! that menu sounds AMAZING. Can I please come?? haha. kidding! But wow, your guests will be blown away!! The resort looks beautiful as well. I can’t wait to see pictures from the big day!


  5. says

    Let’s be honest here…I mayyy be kind of jealous of you ;) But even more so, I’m so SO happy for you and Ryan!! I can tell that the two of you have such a wonderful and exciting life ahead, and it seems like your wedding is going to be the perfect celebration of that.


  6. says

    Your food selections look AMAZING! Wow. I am so jealous of the chairs too -I wanted them for my wedding but only one company rents them out here and it would have been too outrageous, sighs. I also wanted a plated versus buffet but I knew my guests were appreciate buffet style more. In the end it all worked out though!


  7. says

    I want to get married again just so I can have a menu tasting like this! Actually my husband and I often joke that we should get married again because we had such a blast at our wedding!! Definitely the best day of my life!! :D


  8. says

    My parents are planning my wedding, since I’m having it in Brazil (where I’m from), and that’s the one thing I was sad to miss out on: the food and cake tasting! I still had a say in the menu, but didn’t get to try anything!


  9. Katie says

    All of that food looks so great! Congrats on getting another step closer to the wedding, that’s so exciting!!! And cookies are a great little goody bag, everyone loves cookies!


  10. Bee says

    This is probably the wedding planning event I’m most excited for! I can’t wait to do a taste test and select the foods that will be served at my wedding…not to mention the CAKE! My fiance and I are leaning toward red velvet cake with a white buttercream frosting too!


  11. says

    I got married recently and cake tasting was probably my favorite part of planning. My hubby and I chose a multi-tier cake, 1/2 with strawberry cake, the other 1/2 with vanilla, and the whole thing frosted in buttercream. It turned out so delicious! I’m still drooling over how good it tasted

    I hope your red velvet turns out amazing!


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