Workout Gear Requirements

Lunch to day came together quickly thanks to leftovers from last night’s dinner.

sloppy joe's

I filled my plate with leftover sloppy joes and cauliflower and spinach that I sautéed in a bit of olive oil and sprinkled with garlic salt.

healthy sloppy joes

On the side I ate two protein balls!

protein balls

I made the protein balls with coconut flour, almond butter, shredded coconut, vanilla protein powder, almonds and milk before dipping them in melted chocolate. Yum!

Workout Gear Requirements

A little over a week ago, I partnered with Old Navy to check out the company’s fitness apparel line, Active by Old Navy. They asked me to highlight some of my favorite workout clothes and I thought it might be fun to spin the topic a little bit and list some of the requirements I have for my workout apparel/accessories while also highlighting a few of my favorite items.

Of course I’m all about functional and comfortable apparel, but there are some additional “musts” I have regarding certain apparel items that I’ve listed below. (The last three “musts” aren’t really requirements, but they are definitely preferred attributes featured by my favorite workout apparel.)

  • Running shorts that don’t ride up or cause chafing

Nike DriFit shorts

I cannot stand when shorts ride up in between my legs when I run and thankfully Nike Tempo shorts seem to stay in place. They just come along for the run without making their presence known in an annoying way.

  • Headbands that stay in place

BIC Bands

BIC Bands to the rescue! I’ve stockpiled a bunch of these headbands and wear one almost every single day. They stay put through long runs and circuit workouts (even burpees!) and I really love the company’s dedication to charitable causes.

  • Running capris that stay up

After spending 11 miles running in capris-turned-into-shorts that wouldn’t stay up, this is a MUST for me.

  • Sports bras with light lining

Old Navy Active Sports Bra

While I appreciate light lining in a sports bra for the boost it gives my otherwise rather small chest, I also really like lined sports bras because when the headlights are on, I’d rather the world not know. I look for something flattering, cute and comfortable and love Marika’s Balance Collection sports bras (I buy them at TJMaxx or Marshalls) and Old Navy’s padded sports bra that I got with my gift card last week for only $8. Just FYI – I didn’t try the Old Navy sports bra on in the store and had to exchange the size I initially bought for a bigger one last weekend. You might want to try it on or order a bigger size than you normally would if you’re hoping to take advantage of 40% off Active apparel sale that’s going on through today.

  • Extra long workout tanks

long workout tanks

My torso is ridiculously long, so a long tank top that doesn’t bare my midriff makes me a happy camper!

  • Lightweight pullovers and jackets with feminine or unique details

Old Navy pullover

Moving Comfort

Reebok jacket CrossFit

As a Florida girl, heavyweight jackets are relegated to the back of my workout clothing drawer even in the middle of the winter, but I’m all about lightweight jackets and fun pullovers right now. When they have feminine details like the scarf-like neckline of the Old Navy Active Stretch Pullover or light ruching like the Moving Comfort Flex Hoodie, I’m an even bigger fan. I also love the billowy neck on the Reebok CrossFit 1/4 zip pullover I bought at their headquarters back in November.

Question of the Afternoon

  • What are your workout gear requirements?


This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s Active wear in stores or at #GetYourActiveON


    • Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers says

      The protein balls were a total experiment that somehow worked! I want to make them again already!


  1. Leah says

    I CANNOT run in shorts. I have tried and tried but it just doesn’t happen for me. I think it has to do with the fact that although I am thin I have more junk in the trunk than your average girl. As for the old navy gear. I LOVE it. I actually went on a mini shopping spree after I saw your post that all active gear was on sale and bought a bunch of tanks (at 5’10” I have a super long torso too and it’s soooo annoying to keep having to pull your shirt down the whole time) and sports bras. I love them all! I like that the tanks aren’t tight fitting. My go to bottom for any type of work out is capris. Hides the booty and they don’t make my calves sweat 🙂


  2. Madeline says

    I need thicker socks with a little extra padding, like Thorlos. I also like pockets in capris/shorts and thumbholes in pullovers.


  3. Andrea says

    My #1 Must is apparel that doesn’t “pill” – e.g. the fabric is high quality and doesn’t end up looking ratty after a couple wears/washes.


  4. Stef says

    I definitely need full-length pants that come in petite lengths. I’m 5’2” and I’ve been wearing the same black workout “yoga” pants from Old Navy since I bought them in 2004. Every other pair I’ve tried on drags about 6” on the ground behind me. Luckily, the ones I have haven’t worn out or stretched out despite 8 years of wash and wear!


  5. says

    When the headlights are on, ha! Cracked me up. I was totally inspired by all the cute workout gear and went to Old Navy this weekend! Picked up three long sleeve pullovers and a pair of compression capris. Love it all! My main workout gear requirement is for the waistband of pants to stay put. I can’t stand it when it drops lower than it should and creates love handles that otherwise wouldn’t exist..not to mention it’s super uncomfortable!


  6. Darrecia says

    I just want to wear spandex shorts/ capris that won’t fall down!!! P. S. Loved the comment about when the “headlights” are on haha


  7. says

    I definitely agree with the feminine details to my workout wardrobe. I have two running pullovers that have ruching and LOVE them. I make really ugly faces when I run, have a small chest, and I look like a boy in winter hats, so the feminine details help a lot. Also thumbholes. Because who doesn’t enjoy thumbholes.


  8. says

    I totally second the long tank top! Also, it has to be just a bit tight, enough so the fabric doesn’t chafe (sp?) under my arms – very specific, I know, but it’s especially important for me during runs.

    And I made a version of protein balls before, but I love the idea of dipping in chocolate!


  9. says

    They need to last and look flattering. I have fallen in love with the run for your life crop from lululemon. I have them in several colors. As for workout tops.. I really haven’t had too much luck. I wear jcrew outlet tanks and champion sports bras.


  10. says

    Thank you for linking to sports bras with a bit of lining/padding. I have the same problem (doesn’t everyone?). I currently wear Champion sports bras, but with just a tad more lining, they’d be perfect. Looking forward to trying the Old Navy ones.

    Now, if only all the bathing suits I liked offered padding as well 🙂


  11. says

    My number one requirement for workout gear is that the bottoms stay in place. I don’t know if its my body shape or what but I have a hard time finding capris or tights that I don’t have to rank on every other step. I do like old navy running capris. They go up ridiculously high on my waist/stomach, just how I like it!


  12. says

    I definitely agree with you on the “Capris that stay up” thing. I bought a pair a few months ago that were super cute, but now I absolutely CANNOT wear them for anything other than lounging around the house because they wont stay up! And there is nothing worse than being in the middle of a yoga class or a run and having to hike your pants up so that Susie Q behind you doesnt get a show!


  13. Amber says

    A good sports bra is a MUST for me! I’m a DD but I’m not very big around (I naturally gain weight in my lower half) so it’s hard to find something that fits well and supports me.


  14. says

    I need shirts that stay in place! It’s so irritating when you’re wearing a shirt that rides up when you’re running, or exposes your tummy when you’re doing pilates or other floor exercises. I also hate headbands that don’t stay in place – I’ve littered before because they’ve pissed me off haha. Just got tired of putting it back on a long run and ended up just throwing it. Sports socks is a big one for me – I’ve had too many blisters to not get socks that support your arch AND breathe for you! Plus, that cauliflower looks delish. 🙂


  15. Anne says

    I am definitely having some THO (headlight) issues with my bras. I use the Moving Comfort Fiona bras for support, and they don’t have thick enough lining apparently. My trainer and I used to talk about how working out turns people on or something strange about why it always seems to happen to people. 🙁


  16. says

    My workout must haves:
    • Totally agree on the avoidance of the headlights being on. So many items out there fail on this front! Common clothing companies, keep a girl in mind.
    • Sleeveless is key for me or else I look like I’m running a marathon, when really I’ve probably been on the treadmill 5 minutes (gross much?)
    • Running shoes that are comfy! – HUGE importance and I love my runners. <3


  17. says

    Comfortably running socks! I forgot to change socks the other day after class and ran in normal citric socks. Huge mistake. Blisters! I like workout capris for running, I haven’t found any shorts that don’t ride up and drive me crazy.


  18. says

    That gear looks so cute. Personally, I also prefer the lined sports bras and the brighter colors and/or unique prints stand out enough to provoke a purchase. BUT will say – not all the liners can prevent the headlights. It’s a rare occasion (i.e. room of only or mostly women) when I don’t wear something on top of them, but especially in working out during warm weather times, a supportive one you can wear on its own as a top is great. It also helps to keep pressure on those abs! I actually am more curious about “18hr”/other soft-support regular bras, because I find myself preferring sports bras too much for other looks.


  19. Jessica says

    The protein balls sound so good! Do you have the measurement and instructions written in another blog post?
    Many of your requirements are things I look for in active wear. I definitely have favorite brands to wear. I love the Old Navy’s shorts and capris. I love a type of Nike’s tops that are long but not form fitting, so that I don’t have to keep adjusting it if it rides up. I also love that they are breathable and wicks away sweat. Lastly, Asics are my running shoe of choice.


  20. says

    I also definitely appreciate shorts that don’t ride up. Also, I love it when workout clothes have a place for my phone so I can listen to music while I workout without having to hold it in my hand. Not a huge deal, but nice to have 🙂


  21. says

    Nike shorts are a HUGE must in my running shorts. I pretty much live in them when I’m away at school. I also love the Old Navy sports bras. I’ve had a few of mine for a while and they never seem to get really stretched out and lose their shape like others do. My last requirement is bright running shoes! My last pair we highlighter pink…absolutely perfect.


  22. says

    I have a lot of workout clothes from Old Navy. I love their shorts and their tank tops. A must for me (and it is a must) is my shorts have to have built in underware. I will not buy shorts no matter how cute they are if they don’t have the built in undies.


  23. Nikki says

    those protein balls look great! I need some new options for protein snacks, I get bored with the same old smoothies…

    My workout gear requirements are: pants that contain the jiggle (I’m in the process of losing weight, and I like everything to be contained while I’m running! my Old Navy compression tights saw me from 189lbs on down to 158, I’m heading out to replace them soon as they’re too big now!) and pants that do not cause a muffin top. My shirts can be just about anything, and my sports bras are all a size down from my normal so that they are firmly in place, although thats becoming less of an issue with the weight loss, my way too jiggly almost D’s are down to much more manageable B’s 🙂


  24. Elisabeth says

    One of my workout gear must haves is socks with a nice padding on the bottom, yet thin everywhere else (I usually like Balega). I also have to have super comfy shoes, usually New Balance.


  25. says

    I have to have shorts that are long enough! I have a lot of junk in my trunk and like to make sure it’s all covered:-)

    I also have to have capris or tights that stay up. Sometimes I make the waist tighter with a hair tie. I’d rather have a muffin top then saggy pants!


  26. Alecia says

    I need a sports bra that is supportive enough that I don’t put an eye out when I run. Also, pants or capris that have a pocket so that I can bring my cell phone and a key when I leave the house. I would love to have a drawstring waist on the pants, too, so that as I lose weight, I don’t lose my pants. I also love thumb holes on long sleeved shirts.


  27. JLo says

    Agree with you on the bra. I just got back from the gym and the headlights were on… I must say, rather embarassing! I can’t run in jackets or sweat shirts so I rely on long sleeve shirts (with thumb holes!) from Nike or Target. Some of the Target branded tanks do come pretty long. I am 5′ 10″ so longer the better! The other must is a zipper in my shorts or capris for gels and ID. Thanks for the information on Old Navy. I didn’t realize they had workout gear. I will make a run tonight after my shower!


  28. says

    I’m same about the sports bra thing. I also get all my sports bras at tjmaxx and marshalls. I think my must have workout gear would be: flexible padded sports bra, pants that stay on me, good workout shorts (preferably compression shorts, not spandex), and a good hat if I’m running, and my GARMIN 10 GPS, which is so light, simple and cheap! I love that thing.

    Oh and I got that old navy pullover because you and Tina did, and I love it with all my heart as well! Its the best for 45-50 degree running weather. Ran in it twice already and worked out in it too.


  29. Glen says

    Hey! I’m a high school cross country runner and avid reader of your blog and I just want to say I love all your posts. I also wanted to say that my track coach and her daughter made a business in the last year called Glitter Girls Headbands where they make headbands that do not fall off and are specifically made for runners to wear. They have a great color and pattern selection and the best part…….they only cost 5$$$$$$$$$$$$! I know my coach would really appreciate it if you checked out her website or her facebook page (Glitter Girlz Headbands). If you look on the website in the picture section there is a picture of my younger twin sisters wearing the headbands after getting 5th at the indoor state 4×800 meter race too!


  30. says

    My requirements are so similar to yours except I also like a place to put my key when running. I can tie it into my shoelace but I feel more comfortable with a zipper pocket or inside pocket. I also like to pick a lightweight jacket that doesn’t hit my face on the collar.


  31. Cristin says

    I love all your recommendations. I have to ask – where do you get your longer tank tops from? What brand or what store should I look at?



  32. says

    I have a really long torso…and yet every shirt I seem to find is ridiculously long. Most of my height is torso, but apparently manufacturers think I need to be even taller? Crazy.


  33. says

    Definitely Nike Tempo shorts. I got a burn from spin class one time when I wore other shorts. I don’t even have them anymore, I was so mad I threw them away! OUCH.

    Also, I love lonnnnng workout tanks. They are SO much more flattering and I hate when my belly is showing while I’m lifting or doing circuits. It’s so uncomfortable for me for some reason.

    And thumb holes in hoodies! Love them.


  34. says

    Something that I didn’t see mentioned…. workout t-shirts with LONG sleeves. Cap sleeves can be so sooo unflattering. Plus I have broader shoulders for a girl. So I love t-shirt sleeves that fall halfway to my elbows!!


  35. says

    “when the headlights are on, I’d rather the world not know” haha I LOVE this! And totally agree. There is nothing more embarrassing. I also like my workout clothes to be lightweight/have mesh panels to keep me cool. And no grey allowed! I get way too sweaty.


  36. Katie says

    I saw those sports bras at Old Navy too and was excited to try them on since they were lightly padded/lined but holy crap they were tighter than most sports bras! The price was right but I couldn’t find a size that fit in all the right places.



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