By now you all know that I am in love with BodyPump. My fellow BodyPump fans out there know that BodyPump is a class that falls under the Les Mills umbrella of group fitness classes.

Up until this afternoon, the only Les Mills class I’ve taken is BodyPump because that’s the only class I had access to when we lived in Orlando. (Sadly there are no Les Mills classes in Ocala.) Today, when I arrived at the gym, I glanced at the group exercise schedule and saw BodyCombat on the agenda! My curiosity got the best of me and I headed into the class with high expectations.

body combat

According to Les Mills, BodyCombat is an empowering cardio workout inspired by mixed martial arts that draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. Like BodyPump, the class began with energizing music. We spent the duration of the class kicking and punching our way through the workout. I was a sweaty mess by the end!

The class reminded me a lot of kickboxing classes I’ve taken before, but with more energy and excitement. The instructor was definitely feelin’ it and her enthusiasm was contagious. The class wasn’t too hard to follow, even as a first-timer, because the instructor did a good job of previewing the combinations. The 45-minute class flew by and I had a blast. BodyCombat reminded me, yet again, just how much fun fitness really can be when you find the right exercise program. Shop around until you find something you love!


On my way home from the gym, I swung by The Fresh Market. We don’t have a Fresh Market in Ocala and I am in love with their flavored coffees and bulk bins, so I took a little detour and picked up some ingredients for a crock pot dinner at the fancy grocery store.

I also made sure to take advantage of their coffee samples.

Fresh Market Raspberry Chocolate Coffee


And I couldn’t leave without buying a small bag of the white chocolate fudge trail mix to snack on during the car ride home.

white fudge trail mix

This stuff is the jam.

Once I made it back to my parents’ condo, I fixed myself a plate of leftovers.

Chicken and Rice

Rotisserie chicken + Rice + Fresh blackberries.

Someone wanted in…


Chicken makes her heart swoon.

Before signing off, I wanted to share a gorgeous picture with you guys that Ryan sent to me from his business trip this week.


I think it’s safe to say he’s not in Florida anymore! Ryan is returning tomorrow from Warwick, England and I can’t wait to see him!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


    • Cheryl says

      Hi Brittany. Both Les Mills Pump and Combat have programs that can be purchased to do at home! I got mine through Beachbody. It came with the barbell, two sets of weights, 7 CDs, and guides, etc. It’s the same as the class but now can be conveniently done at home! They both have gotten nothing but rave reviews.


  1. Darrecia says

    Even though I’m in my 20s, I have joint issues especially with my hip so I’m pretty limited in what I can do (no running, no step classes, etc). However, I’ve found that kickboxing courses and spin are great cardio classes for me. BodyCombat sounds amazing, but sadly neither my regular gym nor my college’s gym offers Les Mils classes. Boo!


  2. says

    That sounds like such a fun class! Working out in a group environment like that can be so much more fun than going it alone. And that picture from Ryan’s trip is stunning! Cold snow is pretty to look at for sure, but right now I wouldn’t mind the Florida heat personally haha


  3. says

    I hear such great things about body combat! I wish we had it here. Lame. I hear so many amazing things about Les Mills. I love that photo Ryan sent you! Beautiful.


  4. Brittany says

    Really wish my fitness center had Les Mills classes. They all sound great and I feel like I’m missing out! There are gyms in my city that have the classes but my gym membership is free and I don’t want to belong to two. Right!?


  5. says

    Sounds like a great class! I took 2 semesters of kickboxing in high school as an elective and lets just say my love has yet to fade. Sadly there are no kickboxing classes local to me. 🙁


  6. says

    That photo of England is gorgeous and so different from the weather we’re experiencing right now 🙂

    Body Combat sounds fun! I love kick boxing so it definitely piqued my interest.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Lisa E. says

    I LOVE Body Combat!! I actually gave up Body Pump ( waayyy to annoying and crowded at my gym to deal with gathering and putting away all the equipment!). The only time slot for Body Combat I’m able to make it to each week is Sunday morning right before my favorite Zumba class. So, back to back Body Combat and Zumba it is! 🙂

    Wow – England?! Very beautiful picture 🙂 (Don’t I remember reading he hates flying??) Wishing for an uneventful and safe flight home for him. 🙂


  8. says

    Im so envious of everyone who takes classes at the gym! I really need to join a gym so I can get in on these great classes! Also, I love The Fresh Market, we just got one in NH and although price the have great things! I stop by at least one a week!


  9. Emily R. says

    I love that you stay with your parents when Ryan is out of town, I do the same thing when my boyfriend has to travel for work. What can I say… I’m a people person (and maybe a little afraid to stay at home alone) 🙂


  10. Anne Marie says

    I absolutly love body combat I’m glad to hear you liked it too!! I like the class because it is a fun way to get some cardio in or if your having a bad day it’s a great way to get your frustration out! I also find if you got to the 1 hour long classes the ab tracks are intense! (more so then bp)


  11. says

    You should try RPM. It’s the Lesmilles cycling class and I absolutely love it! I got hooked over the summer and now that we don’t have it at school I can’t hardly go to another spin class..they just don’t compare!


  12. Kelsey says

    I split my gym classes time between Combat, Pump and CXWorx – combat has definitely become my favorite because it always challenges my body and makes me swear like crazy no matter how many times a week I go! Try a pair of weighted gloves (I use everlast!) next time you go for an even more intense arm workout! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂


  13. Jessica says

    Just got back from visiting my in-laws in Surrey. They said they got a lot of snow last weekend! I wish I could have seen that while we were there.


  14. says

    There is no body pump near me and I am dying to try it!!! I now want the trail mix, I love yogurt covered pretzels!! That picture Ryan sent you is beautiful, I am so jealous of people who get to travel for business!


    • Cheryl says

      The Les Mills Pump and Combat programs can be purchased through Beachbody to do at home. Check it out. They are getting great reviews. I’m starting Pump in February and love working out at home.


  15. ali says

    I’m planning on going to a BodyCombat class for tomorrow’s workout so I’m glad to hear it’s fun. I really need fun workouts to keep me motivated, which is why I love Zumba, so I’m hoping BodyCombat will be a good option for the days when my favorite Zumba instructor doesn’t teach!


  16. ClareW says

    Long time lurker….. I was blown away when I looked at your post and saw the view from my local park!! We take our babies there for ‘buggy fit’ every Monday morning. Hope he enjoyed his visit- he sure picked a cold week for it.


  17. says

    I miss all the Les Mills classes! When I lived in Sweden, the majority of group classes at my gym were LesMills, so I got the chance to try most of them. BodyAttack was my absolute favorite! Closely followed by BodyPump and BodyBalance


  18. says

    Lucky Ryan! (For England, not the snow. I’m so over snow. Was super relieved when after below 15 degree weather we’ve been having, it’s 41 right now!). What kind of work does he do to be fortunate enough to get to go to England?


  19. says

    I LOVE BodyCombat!! It was by far my favorite workout at my old gym in NC – unfortunately my new gym here in Vero Beach does not have it, although I am lucky they at least have BodyPump, my second favorite 🙂


  20. says

    That’s SO cool that he got to go to England!!

    YAY Les Mills! Best classes ever. I love being an LM instructor. I’ve tried RPM, Attack, Combat, and Flow, –all were great(!!) and teach PUMP, CXWORX, and GRIT. Best fitness classes around are Les Mills’ 🙂 So happy for you girl that you got to try it


  21. Amy says

    Les Mills classes are the best! I love starting out my Saturday mornings with BodyFlow and doing BodyPump several days after work during the week.


  22. says

    I am extremely jealous of Ryan right now. England!!!! That’s awesome, especially for a business trip. Pretty rockin’. Every time I go to Fresh Market, i am drawn to their delicious granola and yogurt covered pretzels and almonds. I love their coffee samples, especially in the winter!


  23. Krista says

    I was at body combat this morning at the Brooks Y and I thought, that girl looks familiar. I bet it was you 😉 Anyhow, it was a great workout this morning in my combat class with Joye 🙂 Have a great weekend.


  24. Stephanie says

    New to your blog and loving it! Found you from an Old Navy post on facebook. I am currently training for my second half marathon and find your information, tips, and recipes most helpful! Our fitness center that I go to is wonderful. They offer most of Les Mills classes. We also have another class I haven’t tried yet. HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training). It looks like Tabata on steroids!


  25. says

    Never heard of Body Combat, but it sounds like something my DIL would love. Me, I’ll stick to step aerobics and Chi-Gong.

    Love that pic of Sadie, adorable!

    I’d love to go to England, hope Ryan took more pictures for you to share!


  26. Ush says

    I would love to take a BodyPump or BodyCombst class, maybe someday!! I love Warwick England, there is an awesome castle there, you should have tagged along 🙂


  27. Fiona MacDonald says

    I know you already commented on BodyAttack but you’d love it! Sports inspired and a mix of high intensity and agility training…burns crazy calories. That, Combat and Pump are my tried and true, week after week!


  28. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Body Combat (especially when the instructor gets into it!). So happy when people find it 🙂 I need to get back into going to class…thanks for the reminder!


  29. Michelle says

    Glad you got to try another Les Mills class! You REALLY need to try Attack (actually Pump and Attack back-to-back is my favorite combo). I like it a lot more than Combat. For some reason I don’t find Combat as challenging as other kickboxing type classes I’ve taken but maybe it’s just me not working as hard as I should.

    I love that snowy pic of England. My brother moved to Oxford two weeks ago and I can’t wait to visit!


  30. Anita says

    Ha! BodyCombat is without a doubt my favorite LesMills class and I’ve been doing it for almost two years now… I’m so happy you liked it too!!! 🙂


  31. Pickyrunner says

    Fresh market is my favorite! If it wasn’t so expensive, all of my food would come from there. Especially fr the bulk bins. Sesame sticks=love


  32. MK says

    I love all the LesMiles classes! I’m out in Texas now and Gold’s Gym offers them all and I try to do one everyday. (I am from Florida, and went to school in Gainesville!) My favorite are BodyPump, BodyCombat, and CXworks. I’ve done BodyAttack a few times but it really starts to hurt my knees and joints if I do it more than once every 10ish days. And it reminds me a lot of Insanity, which I HATED. Anyway, glad you are getting to do the wonderful classes again!


  33. says

    What an amazing piccie! Um your trail mix looks delish! (Ps. Love how you say ‘the jam’ haha).

    I use to do combat once a week (I’m a Les Mills addict) but I’ve actually stopped doing it because I couldn’t connect with my instructor and I found the new release too easy and not enough for me. I’ll try it again next round with the newer releases. Also, I stand by my word- try Body Step. It’ll blow your mind. Or come visit me in Aus and I’ll teach it to you 😉


  34. says

    The body combat class sounds like a lot of fun. I’m a big fan of classes that utilize martial arts, I find them intense but mentally relaxing at the same time! That picture reminds me of the snow in NY right now, except I’d definitely rather be in England!


  35. Tori says

    I can honestly say that the West Midlands snow may look pretty but its been a major disruption to my week. If Ryan ever comes this way again I would gladly recommend some places to eat/things to see. Hopefully he got to see the Castle. And as for Body Combat. What can I say?! Ever class pushes me. Its the only workout I’ve ever done where I come out completely drenched in sweat. I love it 🙂


  36. says


    I am a total Les Mills junkie! I am certified in Bodypump, but love taking Combat, RPM, and CXWorks. The one class I have yet to try and know that I will love is Bodyattack!! I have watched several videos of it online, and without even taking it I would love to get certified in that class too!! 🙂


  37. Marie says

    You should try Krav Maga! It’s Israeli self-defense training (the name literally means “contact combat”). It teaches you how to defend yourself if you’re attacked, and anyone can do it. I started in August, and I am so hooked! It’s an awesome workout. I also love it because it forces me out of my comfort zone (I’m typically gentle, quiet, not the least bit aggressive), so it has forced me to grow. And the best thing is, even if I stopped doing it and gained ten pounds, all of the sweat and energy wouldn’t be wasted, because I would still have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to defend myself. I am in love, even though it does come with a few bruises sometimes. But those go away 😉


  38. says

    Body Combat is THE BEST! I used to do body pump, then tried combat and never looked back (although ideally they work well together!) I was surprised at how much it worked my arms-I was always so sore the morning after! And the legs track! I want to try body jammm or whatever the dancing one is.


  39. Kathryn says

    Body Combat is great, but Body Attack is my favorite cardio class.
    If you get a chance and you’re in the mood for some yoga, I highly suggest Body Flow. It’s a mix of yoga, tai chi and pilates. The tai chi at the beginning is a little weird, but everything else is great. I’m always surprised by how much of a work out I feel like I’m getting (moreso than regular yoga). And it’s a great way to stretch out all your muscles and kinks from running and weights.


  40. Deanne says

    My gym has very few classes and no Les Mills ones, but I really want to get the Combat DVDs. I really enjoyed the P90X KenpoX so figure Combat will be similar.


  41. says

    I love Bodystep and body pump but after reading all the comments about body attack, you all inspired me to try. Turns out its offered tomorrow at 6am which is the only time I can go to the gym. Yes!!


  42. Tracy says

    I am lucky enough to live a half a mile awhile from a Golds gym that offers all of the Les Mills classes. I started taking Body Pump in December and I love it!! I love the feeling of my body getting stronger and leaner. I have worked my way up to using a large and small plate on the squat track!!! For once I’m looking forward to showing off my toned arms this summer. I will to give Body Combat a try!!


  43. Crystal says

    I started following your blog in 2011 right as I was beginning my fitness journey and was a new Florida resident. I love love your posts and look forward to getting my email with new blogs up eveveryday! So glad to see BodyCombat get some love on your website! I’m certified and teach 4 les mills programs… BodyPump, BodyCombat, CXWORXS, and BodyFlow! Definitely make sure you try all the formats–there’s something for everyone & most people find at least a few they can’t get enough of ;)-keep up the good work PBF!



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