Pasta Time

When lunchtime rolled around this afternoon, I had only one thing on my mind.

Mueller's Angel Hair Whole Wheat Pasta


Yesterday I followed this recipe and made pork chops in the crock pot to continue on with my Crock Pot Challenge. The leftover pork added the perfect punch of protein to my afternoon bowl of Mueller’s whole grain angel hair pasta that I bought on sale (buy one, get one free!) at Publix last week. 

Pasta with pork and marinara

I added sautéed mushrooms to my marinara sauce before pouring it on top of the pasta and sprinkling the dish with parmesan cheese. Craving = Satisfied!

Though I’m not one to discriminate against any kind of pasta, I think angel hair is my favorite. I love the way marinara sauce and parmesan cheese cling to the thin noodles. Delish!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is your favorite kind of pasta?
  • Any fantastic pasta recipes out there?

In general I prefer very simple pasta dishes (red sauce all the way!), but when I’m in the mood for pasta and tacos, I love to make my taco pasta skillet. I’ve also been meaning to try to make a bolognese sauce in the crock pot. It’s my favorite kind of pasta sauce and I’ve seen some mouth watering recipes out there that I need to try!


  1. Laura says

    I like curly pasta because I love how the sauce gets in the crevices and coats every noodle! My favorite is a sausage bolognese sauce I make (kind of “adapted” from a Real Simple recipe). YUM!


  2. Sharan says

    I’m probably the most boring pasta person ever. I like red sauce with macaroni shells and parmesan cheese. Occasionally I’ll add prawns and mushrooms if I have the energy. Macaroni is the best though- it’s like a little transport vessel for sauce. (I’ve officially put way too much thought into this…)


  3. says

    That looks fantastic! And I must thank you for inspiring me to pull out our crockpot this past month too. That thing was getting a little too dusty as of late, and I forgot just how easy & accommodating it was. I think I need to add that taco pasta skillet into our rotation….my husband would LOVE that!


  4. says

    Oh, that pasta looks awesome! I’m usually not a huge pasta eater, but occasionally I crave it. Like once a month.
    I think my favorite pasta is rotini? Is that what it’s called. The curly kind haha.


  5. says

    I also love angel hair…and bowtie and ravioli and shells and the list goes on and on. I feel the same way about sauces, but I am loving vodka sauce lately. Did you ever eat at Portillo’s with a Barnelli’s pasta, when you lived in Chicago? They have a great vodka sauce with really fat penne that is delish.


  6. says

    Does Mac and Cheese count as a pasta dish? :mrgreen: Call me crazy, but I’m actually not that huge on pasta dishes. Even when I was little, the only way I’d eat “pasta” was plain spaghetti noodles with butter and parmesan cheese. No sauce, no veggies, no meat… just plain old cheese and noodles.


    • Jessica says

      Spaghetti noodles with butter and Parmesan was the only thing my dad knew how to make but it’s my favorite as well! It’s a comfort food for me now.


  7. Jodea @ says

    I like thick lengths of pasta like pappardelle and tagliatelle. Generally a tomato-based sauce with spinach. Yum!


  8. says

    Love angel hair myself. And love it even more when it’s topped with tilapia that has been sauteed in a little garlic, onion, white wine, capers, and fire roasted tomatoes! Yum 🙂


  9. Jessica says

    I love my mom’s clam sauce with spaghetti noodles. But I also just love spaghetti noodles with butter and smothered in Parmesan cheese. Simple all the way!


  10. Skipper says

    Regarding my earlier quote about you phoning it in – For example, boiling pasta and putting a jar of sauce on it is really just not worth posting about. It does not inspire me to feed myself or may family more healthfully, does not provide any ideas (unless someone didn’t realize they could add something to their sauce), and does not provide meaningful discussion – except for the person above who mentioned making their own pasta. I’m not trying to be nasty here, but you should honestly consider whether your post is something you would find interesting on another blog or in a magazine. If you were reading Cooking Light and you saw a small article about boiling noodles and pouring a jar of sauce on it along with some leftovers, wouldn’t you be a little thrown?


    • Amy says

      Julie is not writing for Cooking Light, so I don’t think anyone here should expect her recipes to be on par with professionals’. While the one talked about today is simple, I think it demonstrates a great example of what to do with leftovers. I sometimes get stuck in a cooking rut and really appreciate simple, quick ideas. 🙂


  11. says

    I love Ragu sauce. And I miss it terribly. I wish Australia would start importing it. It has such a great flavour. For my pasta – I hate curly noodles. I swear they taste different and terrible 😉


  12. says

    This is completely off-topic, but I subscribe to your posts by email. When today’s email came through just now, all I noticed was “Peanut Butter Pasta Time” and it reminded me of that ridiculous “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song, maybe from Family Guy? Regardless, it made me giggle! 🙂

    I love big, chunky pasta that can hold sauce well. And I’m definitely a tomato sauce kind of girl. There’s nothing quite as easy and satisfying as pasta and tomato sauce. Yum!


  13. Tiffany K says

    I’m totally having pasta tonight, too!! I’m a thick noodle girl, though….fettucine and linguine are my all-time faves!! But, you couldn’t show me a stuffed pasta that I wouldn’t happily devour!!


  14. Amy says

    Do you like pesto? I’ve really gotten into it and love homemade pesto, chicken, and Parmesan cheese (or Parmigiano-Reggiano if it’s a special occasion) tossed with wheat capellini. Yum!


  15. says

    Angel hair pasta is so tasty! It is definitely one of my favorite types of pasta, along with penne pasta. Thanks for the link for the taco pasta skillet. That sounds awfully tasty! 🙂

    I just recently made a vegetarian Mexican Chili Mac Bake the other day and it was SO good. I am posting the recipe on my blog SOON! 🙂


  16. says

    I love my mom’s “bow-tie pasta” but it is NOT low calorie by any means.

    1 box bow-tie (farafalle) pasta
    1 can cream of mushroom soup
    1 can cream of celery soup
    spanish olives, sliced (as desired)
    parmesan cheese (to taste)
    shredded 4 cheese blend (1/2 package)
    chicken (optional)

    cook pasta and chicken (if using) according to directions. Drain and return to pot. Add in remaining ingredients, stir, and serve.

    It’s super easy and super fantastic.


  17. Jessie says

    I prefer Angel Hair too!

    2nd favorite is bow tie. Saute some broccoli (or spinach) and tomatoes with garlic/olive oil. Add on top of pasta and mix! Sprinkle cheese on top. Delicious and fast. I eat it a lot for a quick dinner or lunch. Also add chicken for a heavier meal.


  18. Cate says

    Thick noodles, like fettuccine, are the best in my opinion, and homemade is even better. My favorite store bought sauce is Bertolli red sauce with Burgundy wine. Yummy flavor!


  19. Marisa L says

    GNOCCHI! I consider it a pasta, though it is made of potatoes….but I love it with marinara sauce, or if I want to get super unhealthy, a four cheese sauce. Perfection in a bowl.


  20. Deanne says

    I love penne noodles and alfredo sauce has to be my favorite. My husbands favorite food is pasta so I have been trying to make it more often for him. I have been making Spicy Sausage Penne (any noodle works) often because the sauce is yummy and I love farmer sausage cut up into bite size pieces and last night we had lasagna roll ups.


  21. says

    I use Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta usually…it’s a healthier pasta without the denseness of whole wheat pasta (aka minimal “chew”). Plus, they make Fettuccine noodles and I think it’s hard to find healthier fettuccine pasta.

    Obviously, I make fettuccine alfredo, but also plan ol’ spaghetti with meat sauce and cheese ravioli (well, the ravioli is courtesy of a la freezer en la walmart!


  22. says

    My favorite pasta is definitely gnocchi. I make this amazingly tasty and easy pasta sauce that involves taking the rind of a brie cheese and chopping it up. Combine that with chopped tomatoes, basil, a bit of olive oil and salt and let it sit on your counter all day! Toss is with spaghetti or angel hair and enjoy. So easy, so good!


  23. says

    I agree that angel hair noodles are great for keeping all the flavors and sauces together! 😀 And then something like manicotti is awesome because everything is already stuffed inside, and I love me some goooood homemade gnocchi.


  24. says

    I love different shaped noodles! Barilla has a really good noodle called Cellentani. It’s a really curly noodle and it’s good at holding sauce. I think it’s a fun shape so I always buy that when it’s on sale at the supermarket. 🙂


  25. Katie says

    Have you tried the shirataki noodles? I cant decide if I like them or not. I got them at Wegmans. I think they are actually made from Tofu. 20 cals per 4oz serving and 3 carbs. They didn’t taste weird but kind smelled fishy. Once topped with sauce they weren’t bad!


  26. sarah says

    Have you heard of Dream Fields Pasta? My a huge pasta lover – HUGE! If I could eat anything, it would be pasta….which isn’t always the healthiest. I’ve tried whole wheat, but, it’s just not the same. Then I stumbled on Dream Fields pasta – love it! Taste just like pasta but way heathier for you. Only 5 grams of digestible carbs and a low glycemic…..which makes it a good fit for diabetics too. It’s definitely my go to pasta now!


  27. Sofie says

    Hey love the blog !!! I’m Italian so pasta tends to make quite a REGULAR occurrence in my meals :p one of my faves is the classic ‘aglio , pepperoncino , e olio ‘ basically olive oil garlic and chilli pepper – particularly good with whole meal pasta and served with lashings of Parmesan !! – you should defo try it if you haven’t before 😉


  28. says

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