How You Can Help Boston

In the wake of tragedy, I think we all want to do something to help those who are hurting. My heart breaks for those who lost a loved one yesterday and for those who sustained injuries from the explosions that occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Knowing that three lives were lost and that one family lost their sweet 8-year-old boy, Martin, leaves me speechless and horrified. Knowing that many of the injuries sustained by 152 people yesterday will last a lifetime is heart breaking.

Many people are coming together to show their support for those affected by the explosions. Some are wearing race shirts or blue and yellow. Others are donating blood and honoring the heroic people who stepped up and acted with courage and compassion in the face of tragedy.

For those of you looking for ways to help those affected by the events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon yesterday, here are two resources:

If you have additional information about how to best help those affected by the explosions, please let me know in the comments section of this post and I will update the post accordingly.

Edited to add the following resources:


  1. Brittany says

    Wonderful idea! Thank you for getting the message out about how to help those affected! Way to use your audience in a positive way šŸ™‚


  2. Greta says

    Thank you for this post! Boston is very eerie right now, and with everyone in a state of shock not knowing what to do next, this information is also helpful to locals! Thank you!


  3. says

    The first site you posted drew me to this: “One of the bombs was reportedly detonated near a VIP area for families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.” This is the first time I’ve read that, and I think, whether coincidence or planned, it’s incredibly sad.

    Thank you for these links! I think it’s important that all of us who are capable of helping should in whatever capacity we can.


  4. Laurel says

    I’m eligible to give blood on the 28th and I’ll be at the door to do so. I can barely read the articles without crying. šŸ™


  5. Andrea says

    I know this was a horrible tragedy and I am in no way trying to belittle that, but this kind of thing happens every day in the Middle East and we never see such an outcry.


    • David says

      Plenty of people are outraged about that – especially the people who live there. Being more concerned about what’s happening in your own country does not mean you’re not concerned with what’s happening in other countries.


  6. says

    I’ve had to pull myself away from the news and from Twitter because I’m just overwhelmed by everything still. I ran this morning without GPS or music, and I hope to run in an organized event sometime in the near future. If you hear of any Florida area organized events, please send them my way!


  7. says

    Thank you for your post. My thoughts are with the dead and the injured and their families. So many lives have been and will be blighted by this senseless act.
    You say that this happens every day in the middle east and no one comments on it – isn’t that just the point? Our societies (and I live in the UK) are overwhelmingly peaceful. That’s what makes this so appalling and senseless.


  8. says

    I knew you’d find something good on how to provide some help, girl~thank you for sharing them because I felt so paralyzed in terms of what, if even there were a possibility, I could help with. I think it would be a great way to come together in our churches and support these people through some donations…or something!


  9. says

    Blood, Sweat & Cheers sent out an email regarding how to help and this was the final paragraph:

    “In the meantime, we encourage anyone looking to help to donate to Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Their staff is caring for some of the wounded, and you can specify that the donation is for the victims.”

    Here is a link to that website:


  10. Jess says

    it’s nice to see a post like this. I’s a nurse in Boston and worked 15 hours throughout the night at a major Boston hospital. It was horrific. The outreach and continuos support from around the globe and states is amazing….so thank you.


  11. Amy Adams says

    Rue La La, based out of Boston, is selling black t-shirts that say TOUGH, PROUD, BRAVE, FREE, BOSTON in big white, block letters down the front of the shirt. They are selling for $20.00 and will be on sale only until tomorrow (4/17/13). The Rue La La website states the following: “We will donate all net proceeds from the sale of this Honoring Boston tee to the Emergency Medicine Fund at Massachusetts General Hospital, which supports the patients and families affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.”


  12. says

    Thank you for sharing these! I will be sharing with my readers as well! It’s important our nation come together in times like these and we not let the violence/hatred/terrorism tear us down!


  13. Courtney says

    Thanks for this post! I live in Boston and Govenor Patrick has said there will be a need for blood in the coming weeks. The hospitals are “okay” on blood for now, but if you are hoping to help out and donate, keep an eye out on the Red Cross website for more information on donating blood šŸ™‚


  14. says

    A different angle. I have NOT worked with them, but I’ve heard tons of buzz and definitely WISH I could. Back on My Feet ( running as a way to help homeless people experience success and change how they define themselves. They also have educational and career placement trainings. I think it is a great way to give to the country as a whole, to some of the neediest among us, and also to give back to the community of runners and runner-supporters who were targeted in this event


  15. Nikki says

    My cousin’s classmate from HS lost both his limbs. It’s one of the pictures circulating. He’s being wheeled out and you can see no legs. Just awful.



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