Verizon Edge + Samsung Galaxy S4 Giveaway!!!

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential, LLC on behalf of Verizon Wireless. (And it features a seriously rockin’ giveaway!!!)

Lunch at Stella’s Modern Pantry

Today is flyin’ by!

After I published my morning blog post, I headed out the door for a quick workout before I had to train a client and attend a lunch meeting for the Taste of Ocala. I wish I had time to shower in between, but hopefully the patrons at Stella’s Modern Pantry can forgive me for showing up looking a little worse for wear.

I’ve popped into Stella’s a time or two before, but just to browse around their eclectic kitchenware and gourmet food products. This was my first time dining at the casual restaurant and I was really impressed with the food.

Salad from Stella's Modern Pantry

I ordered the salad of the day that came with pine nuts, fresh Parmesan, roasted peppers, marinated onions, olives and sundried tomatoes. It was fantastic!

I also had a cup of mint tea because it was quite chilly inside.

Mint Tea

Our meeting lasted a little less than two hours and then I took some time to browse around before driving home. Stella’s always has such fun stuff and I figured I might be able to find something for Christmas for the hard-to-buy-for people in my life.

My friend Jennie and I thought these Rewind candles smelled fantastic.

ReWINEd Candles

I love that they are made with recycled wine bottles. Too cool, huh!? (They also come with a hefty price tag.)

I ended up leaving empty handed but I have a few gift ideas in the back of my mind that I may go back for at some point this weekend.

Once I said goodbye to everyone, I headed home to type up this afternoon blog post which includes one heck of an amazing giveaway.

Are you guys ready for this!?

Samsung Galaxy S4

Yes, that is a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4!!!

I am pretty sure this is one of the most valuable – if not the most valuable – giveaways ever offered on PBF. I am so, so, so thrilled to be able to feature this on the blog today!

Verizon Edge

This amazing giveaway is possible thanks to a campaign with FitFluential and Verizon Wireless. I am honored to be able to offer this giveaway – especially right in the middle of the holiday season!

After I applied to be a part of this campaign, I received a bunch of information about Verizon, who has been my service provider ever since I had a cell phone. One of the most recent developments within the company is the new Verizon Edge program.

Verizon Edge allows you to get a new Verizon phone this year, and every year after that with no upgrade fees and no long-term service contract.

Here are the highlights of Verizon Edge:

  1. First, pick a phone! The full retail price of the phone you select is split into 24 monthly payments, and added to your usual monthly bill.
  2. Use your phone for six months and, with at least 50 percent of your phone’s price paid off, you are now eligible to upgrade.  you’re eligible for upgrades
  3. Now you can “edge up” and trade in your existing phone for a new one. 

One question I asked was whether or not you had to stick to a certain brand and the answer is no! You can choose an Apple iPhone and use it for six months and then “edge up” to the Samsung Galaxy S4 the next time if you want to try something new.

iPhone 5s

Another development within Verizon that I’m sure many of you already know all about is the launch of the Apple iPhone 5s and 5c. I recently upgraded to the 5s and have been incredibly impressed with the quality of the camera.

iphone 5s

Of course Sadie is my number one photography subject.

photo (4)

That picture, as well as all of the pictures from my lunch featured in the beginning of this blog post were taken with my iPhone 5s and were not edited in any way.

I love the camera and can absolutely tell a difference in the quality of my photos from the original iPhone 5. The new phone has a slightly larger sensor (1/3 vs 1/3.2 inch) and seems to produce better images in very bright lighting. I’ve also noticed that it seems to snap photos faster which is key for photographing moving subjects like Sadie (or me on a wedding dance floor).

new iphone

So now let’s move on to the part of this post I am sure you’re all most excited about… The giveaway!!!

Samsung Galaxy S4

One PBF reader will have the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, equipped with a 13–megapixel, premium point–and–shoot camera and 5–inch full HD display!

Samsung S4

There are two ways to enter this giveaway:

1. Comment below telling me why you want to win the Samsung Galaxy S4

2. Tweet some variation of the following: Hoping to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 from @PBFingers and @verizonwireless!!! #vzwff    <— Don’t forget to leave a separate comment below, letting me know that you tweeted so I can be sure to count your tweet!

A winner will be randomly selected on Friday.

Twitter Chat Tonight

Verizon and FitFluential will be giving away another Samsung Galaxy S4 tonight! Be sure to check out the Twitter chat this evening at 9 p.m. EST, using the hashtag #VZWFF. Every single hashtagged tweet that goes live during the chat has a chance to win the Samsung Galaxy S4!

P.S. For those of you in the market for a new tablet, Verizon also has a promo on their 4G LTE tablets right now. You can get $100 off any 4G LTE tablet with a two-year activation. 


  1. Ruberta says

    My husband is of the mindset ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” His phone is from the digital stone age. He bought his current phone only because they required the switch from analog.Although he states he is quite content with his phone because “it” he regularly borrows mine to go online or take pictures. I would love to give him absolutely no reason not to upgrade his phone and provide him with the joy I know he tries to conceal when he fiddles around with :-)


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