Things I’m Loving Friday XII

I haven’t posted a Things I’m Loving Friday post since November, but we’re back in action today! It seems like nearly everything that is making me smile lately can be tied back to the holidays, which is predictable… and fabulous. It’s the most wonderful time of year, right!?

Let’s get to it!

Things I’m Loving Friday

  • Sparkly Nail Polish

Orly Sparkly Nail Polish

Ever since the holiday season kicked off, I’ve been really into sparkly nail polish. I think it looks so darn festive! I bought the above bottle of Orly Rock It on sale at TJMaxx a while ago and can’t wait to paint my nails that sparkly red color for Christmas.

White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn

I’ve made this as an evening snack/dessert for me and Ryan two times this week. The base of the recipe is a 100-calorie bag of popcorn and it comes together in no time at all and tastes like the holidays!

If you’re a fitness instructor looking to add some holiday spunk to one of your workout playlists, check out Basshunter’s Jingle Bells. It’s fast-paced and energizing. Whenever I’ve played it during my classes this month people always seem to laugh and get a kick out of it!

  • Oatmeal in the Evening

Quaker OAts

Oatmeal isn’t just for breakfast! When I have to work late at the gym, I will often arrive home craving an evening snack with a little more substance. Lately my go-to snack has been a small bowl of oatmeal topped with a spoonful of peanut butter. This week, temperatures have been quite chilly late in the evening, so I find myself craving hot snacks and oatmeal does the trick!

  • Afternoon Tea

Spiced Apple Cider Tea

Since it’s been sweatshirt weather in Florida this week (no, not jacket weather yet), a hot mug of tea in the afternoon has become part of my routine. I don’t think the Harry & David spiced apple cider tea I bought last year is available anymore (huge bummer), but some of my other favorites include Winter Dream Tea, Pomegranate Green Tea and Egyptian Licorice Mint tea. (The Egyptian Licorice Mint tea reminds me a lot of Aveda tea. YUM!)

glue runner pen

Last week my friends Merri, Ashley and I were working on a scrap book project to give to our friend Leah for her 30th birthday and Merri bought these amazing glue runner pens. They leave a strip of glue that is a lot less messy than regular glue, glue guns or even glue sticks. I thought they were amazing and picked up a pack this week to use for some craft projects I have on the horizon.

  • Advent Calendar Chocolate

Advent Calendar Chocolate

I am convinced I will never be too old for an advent calendar. Opening up a little window at the end of each day and savoring the delicious milk chocolate inside still makes me smile.

  • Mannheim Steamroller

Mannheim Steamroller

The most beautiful holiday music! I love listening to their CDs while I wrap presents, bake, decorate or do pretty much anything during the month of December.

  • Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to…

Harry & David Pears Giveaway: Nikki: “I would give them to my grandparents! They are always thinking of others and it would be a great treat for them.”

Samsung Galaxy S4 Giveaway: Morgan: “I also tweeted for a chance to win!”

Both winners have already been emailed. Congratulations Nikki and Morgan!

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    Now it’s your turn…

  • Question of the Day

    • What is one thing you’re loving lately?


    1. says

      I never thought to put peppermint with popcorn! looks amazing, need to try it! I’m loving my gym membership (an early holiday gift!)…it’s icy and treacherous outside so while I usually choose an outdoor workout, the gym has been a life saver the past few weeks!


    2. says

      Ahhh I miss my Advent calendar. I should probably start that tradition back up again. And YES to sparkly nail polish–it’s a must this time of year. Lately I’ve been loving peppermint flavored everythingggg, but especially coffee. So good!


    3. Susie Miller says

      I just got married last weekend and I love that it gave me a chance to see and reconnect with old friends! I’m also loving our wedding photos that people keep posting on Facebook from that day :)


    4. says

      I’m with you on those sparkly nails! You should see my nails all decked out for Christmas. Also, loving Christmas music. I like lots of the old stuff with a little Mariah Carey and Michael Buble mixed in. Have a great Friday!


    5. samantha says

      Nothing says Christmas music quite like Mannheim Steamroller. We have it on every Christmas morning as we’re opening gifts and eating breakfast. It really puts you in the Christmas spirit, I think anyways. Although most people look forward to Friday, I’m working 1-midnight tonight and can’t wait for my day off on Monday. Monday will be present wrapping day as I watch the movie The Christmas Shoes as well as Love Actually.


    6. Jaima says

      I have oatmeal with peanut butter a night too! But, what I’m loving now is smashed avocado on toast with a sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt!


    7. Aurora@Fitness is Sweet says

      When we had Fvent calendars, the chocolate was always for first thing in the morning! Nothing like a 7am shot of sugar! Haha.


    8. beth arndt says

      I’m listening Mannheim right now as I’m reading your blog…got the Live Cd on, but I have all of them, and the videos. Great stuff!
      got to try that glue runner!


    9. Valerie says

      Have you ever been to a Mannheim Steamroller concert? I’ve always loved their music and jumped at the chance to see a concert this year. They choreograph a light and video show to go along with the songs, and the musicians are having so much fun playing, the energy is contagious! You must, MUST stay on the lookout for a show near you next year, you’ll love it!


    10. says

      Steel cut oats!!! Made a mushroom risotto with them…definitely worth a try! Still loving the nike training app but I’m close to wishing they’d add more workouts! Be sure to let us know if come across another app like it!


    11. Karen says

      I got white sparkly nails done at the salon today! Love it! The glue runners are such a great idea, especially for my kids who make such a mess with those sticky glue sticks. I hadn’t seen them before, thanks!


    12. says

      Homemade popcorn is ABSOLUTELY my most favorite snack! Love the idea of spreading a little white chocolate and peppermint love all over it. I’ve been loving my new Hunter rain boots – is there anything they can’t be worn with?


    13. says

      The last few days has been really nice here… Highs around 20 degrees Fahrenheit! We are back down in a cold spell though of the negative 20′s now… not including windchill. Gotta love Nirth Dakota!!



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