Jimmy John’s Lunch Date

Ocala just got a Jimmy John’s! 

Ever since I saw the “grand opening” banner on the side of the sandwich restaurant a few weeks ago, I’ve wanted to grab lunch at Jimmy John’s.

jimmy john's beach club

Jimmy John’s was one of my go-to lunch spots when I lived and worked in Orlando because it was located within a two minute walk of my office. Earlier this morning, Ryan and I made plans to enjoy our lunch break together at the casual restaurant.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to order, but when I heard Ryan order the Beach Club, I glanced at the menu to check it out and my decision was made for me. Turkey and avocado? Sign me up! I ordered my sandwich on the whole wheat sandwich bread instead of their basic white sub bread and it was fresh and delicious.

IMG_1412 IMG_1414

I forgot to tell them to hold the mayonnaise, but my sandwich was still tasty.  A lunchtime success!


Backing up a bit before work and lunch…

When the alarm went off this morning, Ryan and I headed to the gym and talked about how well we both slept last night. Hallelujah! A day on the boat will do that to ya!

My workout for today focused on strength training my biceps and triceps but added bursts of cardio in the form of jump roping into the mix to keep my heart rate up. It was a good one!

Now it’s back to work. Looking forward to an evening walk before dinner!

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  1. says

    Jimmy John’s is actually pretty good, for a sandwich place! I always get the Beach Club too! Except I get the Unwich to avoid gluten.
    I love the amount of veggies they pile on there! Always a fresh lunch :)


  2. Mary Beth says

    Oh my gosh – Jimmy Johns is at my office on a daily basis! We’re all comfortable in our addictions … I’m a Turkey Tom without the Tom kind of girl ;) and their whole wheat bread is REALLY good! I’ll have to try the Beach Club … it’ll put me in the summer mood :)


  3. Sarah says

    I love Jimmy Johns! When I was in college, I worked on campus and Jimmy Johns was consistently ordered for lunch by pretty much every one that worked there.


  4. says

    I had Jimmy Johns while in Oklahoma the other weekend and was quite disappointed. They didn’t have many options for a veggie only sandwich and since their “avocado spread” had dairy in it, my choices were even more limited. I ended up pulling the veggies off and eating it like a salad and throwing a packet of almond butter I had packed on the bread instead. lol…


      • says

        It is heartbreaking isn’t it?! I love their 7 grain bread… and I sometimes still get it bc I can’t help it. It is just cruel for a sandwich to have that many calories! But my go to order has turned in to the Turkey Tom, no mayo, add avacado, on their regular french bread. Which is basically the Beach Club. But it is just as tasty which much fewer calories.


    • Laura says

      Yep! I was just going to say, I used to work there and it’s not whole wheat unfortunately. It’s just regular wheat and has more calories. It IS delicious though :)

      I usually ask them to “scoop out” the bread on the club sandwich and that helps with calories. Lots of veggies and EZ mayo, and I’m a happy girl!


  5. says

    I never liked Jimmy John’s because I didn’t like the plain white sub bread, but I didn’t know that you could do it on sandwich bread (that looks really good!) I may have to reconsider and try it out again!


  6. Michele says

    I was in Orlando last week visiting Disney with my kiddos and we passed the sign where you turn to head towards Ocala. I exclaimed to my husband, “Julie and Ryan live in Ocala!”
    Jimmy Johns is awesome if you are stuck at work because they deliver in like 5 minutes. Plus you can order on-line! I like the #6- Veggie!


  7. Jess says

    The Beach Club on that wheat bread is my FAVORITE! I once asked if I could buy loaves of the bread and the told me they aren’t allowed to sell it. Such a bummer!


    • says

      You actually can buy day old loaves of bread for a dollar as long as you order something else. We used to do that all the time at the pool I lifeguarded at through high school and college. It’s still just as good the next day!


  8. karleen curran says

    mmmm Jimmy Johns…..I live in CA so we for sure hit that place up when we’re in Vegas…I think that’s the closest they are to us on the west coast! sooooooo good!


  9. says

    Love Jimmy Johns!!! I never had them growing up but at school we have one right down the street… they really do delivery super fast!! And will even come up to the 6th floor and deliver the food to our room we are in. Love ordering the whole pickles too haha I’m a pickle freak.


  10. says

    Hey Julie, is Jimmy John’s the place where you get the lettuce wraps? I think that’s where you got them, but I forget. I saw one here in Cali, and I’ve been meaning to try it out, becuase I remember you used to go there a lot with Ryan! All these new fun things… when will the vacation-mode end? (I hope never).


  11. says

    Jimmy Johns is good, although I wish they wouldn’t automatically add the mayo because I forget too. I also work a couple blocks from their headquarters….they even brought my office a bunch of sandwiches last week! It’s funny because I seriously can’t drive 5 blocks here without seeing a JJ delivery car. Glad you got one!


  12. Kaitlan says

    Jimmy Johns is my go-to fast food place at college, especially after a long night out! I love it because I don’t feel too guilty the next morning for eating it. You should try the vegetarian one it’s my fav!


  13. says

    Yum! I always used to get the beach club in college- jimmy johns was my go to dinner when the dining hall was closed!!
    I passed through (or at least saw signs for!) Ocala from the highway when driving back from outside of Tampa this weekend. I had a beautiful weekend in Florida and hope you enjoyed it too!!


  14. says

    I LOVE Jimmy Johns!!!! So good and you can actually get a fairly healthy meal! I always get the Turkey Tom, hold the mayo, add avocado and hot peppers. Did you know you can add hot peppers for free!!! If you like spicy I highly recommend them!


  15. says

    For a sandwich place, Jimmy Johns isn’t terrible! I used to eat it a lot when I was in grad school, so what I usually would do was the tuna on a lettuce wrap, a veggie sandwich on the wheat (which is so delicious), or a veggie on a lettuce wrap if I wanted to make it really skinny! They’re also really really fast, so it was always such a great thing to grab between classes :)


  16. Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie says

    I had never had Jimmie Johns before I moved to omaha. I prefer firehouse subs but they’re both good!


  17. Carly says

    I love the Beach Club, it’s definitely a favorite!! I hadn’t eaten at Jimmy Johns until a couple weeks ago and that sandwich won me over!


  18. paige says

    that is THE ONLY sub i order from JJ! Beach club, whole wheat, light mayo (they plop that stuff on, gross!), & added hot peppers!!… mmm i think i may neeeeeed to get that this week now ! :)


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