Blue Apron Giveaway

A few months ago, when I was in New York City, I spent the night at my friend Merri’s apartment and she opened my eyes to the beauty of Blue Apron!

Blue Apron Ingredients

Blue Apron is a service that sends you all of the fresh ingredients you need to make three delicious meals a week for $9.99 per person per meal (with free shipping). All ingredients are delivered right to your doorstep in a refrigerated box and come with three chef-designed recipes that are easy to follow thanks to beautiful pictures of each step of the recipe. An added bonus? All meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less!

Blue Apron Recipe Cards

Merri signed up for Blue Apron to improve her cooking skills and she raved about how much she and her husband loved every single meal they made. After trying my first Blue Apron meal with Merri, I signed up for one week of Blue Apron meals myself because I loved the idea of skipping out on some grocery shopping and meal planning. Plus, I wanted to get out of my cooking rut and experiment with different cuisines and ingredients I might otherwise never try!

Ryan actually surprised me with a few weeks of Blue Apron meals for Christmas and I decided to opt for the vegetarian meals to try to help me expand my meatless meal ideas. As many of you already know, I loved this gift and raved about the Blue Apron meals I made on this blog more than a few times! (The white chili with rainbow chard and tri-color quinoa recipe was probably my all-time favorite!)

Blue Apron Box

When Blue Apron reached out to me this month to host a giveaway and try another batch of meals, I was 100 percent on board! From the comments I received on past Blue Apron posts, I know the service interests a bunch of you, so I figured a giveaway would be a great opportunity for someone to try the service for free. (Blue Apron currently delivers ingredients for meals for two, four or six people.)

In the vegetarian box I received last week, I received ingredients for the following three recipes:

  • Three Pea Salad with Farro and Goat Cheese

Pea Salad Blue Apron

  • Trofie Pasta with Golden Garlic

Blue Apron Pasta

  • Roasted Poblano and Quinoa Sopes

Blue Apron Sopes

Blue Apron ingredients are fresh and sourced from quality local suppliers and artisans and come packaged with labels so you can easily identify which ingredient you need for each recipe. The preparation, cooking and eating is up to you!

Blue Apron Prep

The three meals I made this week were all absolutely fantastic. I truly have not made one Blue Apron meal I haven’t adored. The only downer is that sometimes the recipes call for the use of a lot of bowls, pots and pans, so the plethora dishes that are leftover after cooking can be a bit of a pain to clean.

But when you sit down to a fresh and flavorful dinner that was basically planned for you, it’s hard to complain!

Blue Apron Italian

I really like the way Blue Apron incorporates cuisines from various cultures (like the Bangaladumpa Upma Koora I made in the past <— so good!) so I feel like I am truly learning about different spices and flavor combinations as I cook. And let me reiterate one more time how delicious these meals taste!

Okay, enough from me! Now it’s your turn to give Blue Apron a try. One PBF reader will win a free week of Blue Apron meals for two!

To enter this giveaway, please pop over to Blue Apron and check out what’s on the menu for this week and leave a comment below telling me which recipe you’d be most excited to create! Please note: This giveaway includes a week of meals for two people. Blue Apron delivers to 80 percent of the United States. In order to win this giveaway, you must live in one of the delivery zones. (A map of the delivery zones may be seen here.) I will randomly select a winner on Friday.

And please don’t worry if you don’t win! The first 250 readers who try Blue Apron will receive two free meals on their first order! To receive this promo, please click here to order.

Good luck!!!


Disclaimer: While this post is sponsored by Blue Apron, affiliate links are not included and I am not receiving any compensation for orders placed with Blue Apron. Thank you for your support!


  1. Marci says

    The steak and potatoes or the chicken patties! I’ve been seeing more and more people post blue apron pictures on my social media feeds and haven’t seen/heard one bad word, would love to try!


  2. Stephanie Russell says

    I would definitely want to try the parmesan-basil chick patties! I love eating different chicken meals, but am always too nervous to experiment cooking them.


  3. Allison M. says

    Although I am the biggest fish-lover, instead of the salmon burgers I would love to try the golden beet borsht. I love that it’s a recipe from a different country that I would have never thought of myself!


  4. Katherine says

    Hanger Steak with roasted potato! I never really make anything besides chicken and ground turkey so it would be a treat.


  5. Paula says

    Call me crazy, but the golden beet borscht is my jam! My former roommate was Ukranian and made the best borscht in the world.


  6. katie says

    wow- the roasted vegetable salad over israeli coucous looks delicious. i’m with you- i need to work more on meatless options, and i never use couscous– would be a nice change of pace to try this out!


  7. Jessica says

    I was looking through the Italian recipes and so many look amazing. The stuffed shells, the pizzas, the one with mushroom Bolognese. Yum!


  8. Cortney says

    I would love to try the parm crusted chicken patties. I usually make parm crusted cutlets and I have a feeling BA uses ground chicken for the patties. I would be very curios to try it this way!!


  9. Ellen Colberg says

    Hangar steak and roasted potatoes! I was just looking at the Blue Apron website and allllllmost pulled the trigger on my first box of meals the other day. I’d love to try out this service. I’m thinking it would be a great time saver if my hubs and kids like the recipes
    Also, I hope you are loving Charlotte. It is our hometown and we have been loving it for the last 10 years.


  10. Tiffany says

    Hi Julie! The salmon burgers look AMAZING. I always say I want to incorporate more fish into my diet, but I feel like it can be tricky. This would be great since I’d just be following the recipe!


  11. Stephanie C says

    They all look amazing – but I would especially love to try the Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata!


  12. Anne @ says

    Oh Yum! I am not normally a soup girl, but the Golden Beet Borscht looks incredible!


  13. Julie says

    I cannot decide between the Salmon Burgers and the Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata. I’d be more than happy to make/eat either one of those dishes!!


  14. Courtney M says

    I’m always too scared to cook steak with out help…. it’s just so intimidating! But, with the help of their handy directions, I would be SUPER excited to try the Hanger Steak and Potatoes!


  15. Chelsi says

    The King Trumpet Mushroom Steam Buns sound amazing and look even more amazing…I don’t consider myself much of a cook, so If I could put that on a plate I would be proud!


  16. Alyssa says

    The caramelized onion and heirloom tomato crostata looks delicious! I’d really go for anything with feta cheese 🙂


  17. Rachel Libertin says

    My fiance and I have been going out of our comfort zones by making a different pizza every week; the caramelized onion and heirloom tomato crostata sounds devine!


  18. Katie Armstrong says

    I’ve actually never had couscous so I’d love to learn how to make it. The roasted vegetable salad over Israeli couscous sounds delicious!


  19. Beth Cocchiarella says

    They all look fabulous but I am training for a marathon and trying the Hansons method so I am very focused on protein and carb balance in my meals. The Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties would be my pick! I love this post because I have been curious about Blue Apron and now I am super eager to give them a try!


  20. Christina M says

    Oh wow! All of those meals sound amazing for this week… I guess my first choice would be Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata – however that Salmon Burger & the Basil Chicken Patties – yum!! 🙂


  21. S. K. says

    I’d love to try the roasted vegetable salad over israeli couscous–i’m also intimidated by vegetarian meals because I’m so used to having meat or seafood with my meals!


  22. Kami says

    It was really hard to pick just one but the Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata with Feta Cheese & Arugula sounds wins out.


  23. Katy says

    I would love to try the Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties! I’ve been subscribed to the Blue Apron news letter for months, so I get to see their recipes every week. I’ve been wanting to try it but I haven’t been able to convince the bf that it’s a good idea to have food shipped to you! He’s worried about the quality. After seeing this, I’m even more convinced it’s a good idea!


  24. Michael says

    It would be the Roasted Vegetable Salad over Israeli Couscous for us. My wife is a vegetarian and we rarely ever cook meals for 2. We usually just do our own thing for dinner and I’d like to start cooking things together.


  25. Maggie says

    Parmesean basil chicken patties sound and look so good! This seems like a great way to learn to cook better with different ingredients!


  26. Ali says

    Wow that pasta looks delicious! This week the Caramelized onion and heirloom tomato crostata looks great and is something I’ve never made before!


  27. Kirstyn says

    Oh they have some nice choices for the week-but I’d have to say the salmon burgers and corn on the cob look the best. I love salmon, but have never had it as a ‘burger’!


  28. Casey Boston says

    The hanger steaks with potatoes looks delicious! As a newly wed, (who is trying to get into cooking) this looks perfect!


  29. Rachel B says

    The salmon burger and corn on the cob look delicious I would love to try that! Blue Apron sounds like such a neat idea I sometimes hate having to plan meals all week this would give a much needed break!


  30. ElissaElissa says

    The roasted vegetable salad looks super yummy! Being vegetarian, it’s fun to try and get creative with veggies to spice up the dinner rotation a little 🙂


  31. Kim says

    The picture of hangar steak and potatoes has me drooling! It’s 8:30 in the morning, and I’m already dreaming of dinner.


  32. Emily says

    I’m trying to expand my tastes with vegetarian meals too – would love to take a stab at the roasted vegetable salad with couscous. That sounds like such an upscale dinner to cook all on my own!


  33. says

    Wow…it’s a toss up between to hat crostata and the veggies and couscous. I love your idea about using this service to expand your meatless meal ideas – I love experimenting with new and different veggies, but I don’t always know what to do with them!


  34. Anna B says

    Oh my gosh, every recipe sounded amazing! I think I would have to go for the caramelized onion crostata because it’s something totally outside of my comfort zone when it comes to cooking but I love every ingredient in it!


  35. says

    It all sounds amazing, but the caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata w/ Feta Cheese & Arugula had me drooling this morning and wanting to have that with a glass of red wine! 😉


  36. Brandy says

    I would love to try Blue Apron! Making the Salmon Burgers would be outside my normal cooking comfort zone, so I would be excited to try that dish!


  37. Liz says

    My mouth started watering when I saw the caramelized onion and heirloom tomato crostata picture – so that would be my pick!! It looks like a great summertime meal… Let’s hope my cooking skills could manage to make it turn out looking like the picture!


  38. says

    oh my gosh, the Hanger Steaks & Roasted Potatoes would be perfect! Or the Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties, they both look so delicious and fresh!

    My boyfriend was just talking about getting me a cooking class because I need to learn how to combine different spices more adequately and I think that Blue Apron would really help.


  39. Jessica says

    the Salmon burgers look AMAZING! having just moved into a new city and seven, yes SEVEN weddings this summer back in our home town we’re very busy in our household! So grocery shopping comes at a premium! I’ve been eyeing up blue apron for a few months now, and at $20 it will probably be cheaper than going to the store!


  40. Jessica B says

    I have two kids under two (my daughter turns two in a month – where does the time go?!?) so this would be a great service to cut down on some grocery shopping while also getting some new meal ideas!! The Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties sounds sound wonderful!


  41. Tonya Gray says

    I would LOVE to try out Blue Apron! The Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties look amazing! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  42. Tara says

    The tomatoe and onion crostata looks amazing!! We just moved and are redoing our kitchen so it’s a huge mess!! Having meals already planned and the ingredients mailed to us would help make this reno easier!


  43. Taryn says

    so many of them sound wonderful, but the caramelized onion and heirloom tomato crostata sounds really interesting! I love onions so it’s right up my alley!


  44. Stephanie Cain says

    I would love to make the carmelized onion and tomato crostata! I am a teacher and coach so I would love to try Blue Apron for some healthy, quick meals.


  45. Kelsey J. says

    My gosh, all of the menu items look delish! I think the roasted vegetable salad over couscous sounds like the perfect summer meal!


  46. Kate D. says

    All of the dishes look delicious, but I was immediately drawn to the Parmesan- Basil Chicken Patties. The Salmon Burgers also look amazing, I have been struggling the past few weeks to come up with new Salmon recipes.


  47. Laurel Carlson says

    I would choose the Roasted Vegetable Salad over Israeli Couscous, but they all sound delicious. My husband and I have been thinking about trying Blue Apron, but have been a little hesitant. This service is an awesome idea!


  48. Megan says

    The Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata sounds amazing! I just had breakfast and I’m still drooling over this!


  49. Grace Holloway says

    I would love to try the roasted vegetable salad over israeli couscous. That sounds so delicious and like it could be something new to try. Also the carmelized onion and heirloom looks delicious too! I have heard good things about Blue Apron and have wanted to try it myself!


  50. Sarah Derby says

    What a neat idea! I would love to try the Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties with Braised Romano Beans & Barley 🙂


  51. angie k says

    The carmelized onion and heirloom crostata looks yummy, and not something I would usually have the guts to try and make on my own.


  52. Sarah T says

    Would love to try the Roasted Vegetable Salad over Israeli Couscous. It looks great & I need more veggies in my diet!


  53. Amanda says

    Would LOVE to try the tomato crostata and the hanger steak. My boyfriend loves steak of all and any kind and I thought it would be fun for the two of us to learn how to cook this meal together 🙂


  54. Kim says

    I would love to try the Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata. It was hard to decide with everything looking delicious.


  55. Melissa says

    Salmon. Burger/ corn on the cob for sure……Fla transplant to the Pac NW…… We know our Salmon…….graduated a knight last June…..Go Knights…….Pick me, pick me!!!


  56. Georgina Dench says

    The tomato crostata definitely! I’m a vegetarian and always looking for new dishes to spice up my meal times!


  57. Hannah says

    I would love to try the salmon burger. I’ve been on a basil kick lately, so the basil butter on it is calling to me!


  58. says

    I would like to try the Salmon burger. I need to become more creative with making burgers and using different kinds of meat! Seafood burgers have always intrigued me – I LOVE SEAFOOD – but I’ve never made one!


  59. Jessica N says

    I’ve recently read a couple great reviews of Blue Apron on a couple of blogs I regularly read (like yours) & I am so interested in giving it a try!! The salmon burgers with corn on the cob would be my pick bc I never make fish even though I love it!


  60. Andria says

    I’m too indecisive, I would love to make the Salmon Burgers & Corn on the Cob and Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata. Yummers!


  61. says

    I have always been interested in Blue Apron, and the Salmon Burgers & Corn on the Cob with Basil Butter sounds amazing! My husband and I have been experimenting with including more fish in our weekly meals, and the corn on the cob sounds like the perfect summer treat!


  62. says

    The chicken, baby artichoke and spinach casserole looks delish! What an excellent idea for busy peeps who want to eat well. How are the portion sizes?


  63. Mary Conway says

    Salmon burgers and corn on the cob would be my first choice! I recently relocated to a farm town on the east coast and am looking to learn more about cooking with farm stand vegetables, fresh fish and more.


  64. Anna S. says

    My mouth started watering when I saw the beautiful caramelized onion heirloom tomato crostata with feta cheese arugula! I feel like Blue Apron would introduce my husband and I to some new and fresh recipes favorites!


  65. Kate S says

    The caramelized onion and tomato crostata looks amazing! Just graduated college and am new to cooking, so would love to try these out with my roommate!


  66. Chrissy says

    Oh my goodness – the roasted vegetable salad over Israeli couscous sounds delish!

    That pasta dish looks amazing!!!


  67. Alison P. says

    I have always wanted to try Salmon burgers and this would be a great way to go so! Also, can’t go wrong with corn on the cob!


  68. Ashlee says

    The salmon burgers sounds amazing! I love this idea of Blue Apron I never ever know what to cook! My fiancé would love it too so he wont have to eat the same meals every week!


  69. Eve says

    The Crostada looks wonderful! I’m expecting twins, so grocery shopping is getting trickier are more tiresome, so this sounds like a great idea!


  70. Alexis W. says

    I am super excited to try Blue Apron! I love to cook for my boyfriend and I at home and save money, while gaining health benefits from smaller portions and fresher ingredients! I am so pumped that Blue Apron seems to fit the bill 🙂 While look at the menu for this week, I would be excited to make and taste the Salmon Burgers and corn on the cob for my boyfriend and I. I may even let my dog lick the leftovers since he loves Salmon – LOL, but really.


  71. Jen says

    I’ve never made salmon burgers, but I think the family would prefer the parm-basil chicken patties. Both look soooo good!


  72. Katie Ardito says

    I would love to try the Vegetable Sslad over Israeli Cous Cous as I know this is a recipe that both my husband and I would enjoy together. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway, Julie!


  73. Vicky says

    The Roasted Vegetable Salad over Israeli Couscous left my mouth watering! What a unique combination of ingredients that I would have not thought to put together myself.



  74. Lexie says

    The carmelized onion and heirloom tomato crostata soiunds amazing!! Blue Apron looks like the perfect thing to help get out of a food rut.

    I am going to have to find that pasta in your pasta dish!


  75. Becca says

    I would want to try the parmesan-basil chicken patties. I almost never cook meat, so this would be good for me to learn!


  76. Katie says

    Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata! I have been on a feta cheese kick lately and I love the idea of using this for a meatless option.


  77. Christy Brown says

    Wow they all look delicious! Definitely would love to try the Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties with Braised Romano Beans & Barley. Healthy and delicious, and the thought of making my own chicken patties rather than buying the processed patties from the freezer section sounds life changing!


  78. Adrienne says

    That crostata looks delicious – I’m going to get the ingredients at the store tonight to make it 🙂 Thanks for the idea!! Can’t wait to try Blue Apron too.


  79. says

    I’d love to recreate the Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata! Looks so fresh and I’m trying to incorporate more meatless dishes into my diet!


  80. Jessica says

    Salmon burgers! I’ve always been too hesitant to make my own salmon burgers. My mouth is watering from looking at the meals for next week!


  81. Lindsey Kaye says

    Yum! I would love to try all of these – but the salmon burgers and corn on the cob really stand out to me. I’m always trying to incorporate more fish into my diet and this seems like a perfect summer meal.


  82. Brianna Lee says

    The Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties with Braised Romano Beans & Barley, looks absolutely delicious. It’s definitely something I would not make on my own and would love to try.


  83. Emily M says

    I’ve been wanting to try Blue Apron since you first started posting, but couldn’t bring myself to paying for it. Finally saw a deal on Rue lala, but after I bought it, it expired within a couple months and I was so bummed!

    Those chicken patties look right up my alley!


  84. Beth says

    The hanger steaks would be what I would choose – and hope that it came with tips on how to perfectly cook them because steak is something I haven’t quite conquered yet!


  85. Norma says

    All the food looks so amazing!! I really think I would love the salmon burgers and nothing says “Summer” like corn on the cob!!


  86. Lauren says

    The hanger steak and potatoes look delicious! I’ve been wanted to try Blue Apron for a while now and that I’m expecting our second child and am usually too tired to cook a full meal, this will be a great time to check it out.


  87. Marena says

    Definitely the Caramelized Onion & Heirloom Tomato Crostata!!! My husband has been wanting to expand his grilling skills and I’ve been dabbling with different pizza flavors and crusts recently… and I just mentioned to him the other day that he could grill pizza (not that we would grill this, but the flavor combo sounds yummy)


  88. Liz says

    trying to incorporate more salmon in my diet right now for the vitamin D and good fats, so i’d have to go with the salmon burgers with corn on the cob!! looks delicious!


  89. tricia says

    The salmon burgers look amazing! My fiance and I have been wanting to cook more and eat less take out and blue apron seems like the perfect solution to jump start a more healthy eating habit!


  90. Paige says

    I would love to make the Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties with Braised Romano Beans & Barley because the combination of flavors just sounds mouthwatering. This sounds like such a unique service and I’d love to be able to give it a try for free as grocery shopping and meal prep can really take up a lot of time! Plus the ingredients and pictures everything looks SO FRESH! can’t beat that and that’s truely what can make the difference in the meals 🙂 mmm!!


  91. Kesley Krosky says

    I have been trying to find a really good salmon burger without success so I would love to give this one a try!


  92. Mariah says

    The caramelized onion & heirloom tomato crostata looks amazing! This service sounds so cool! Thanks for the opportunity to try it! 🙂


  93. Rose says

    I would want to try the hanger steak. I usually make my fiance cook most meats since I don’t have too much confidence in my meat cooking but I’ve been trying to experiment a little lately.


  94. says

    I’ve been toying with trying Blue Apron for some time now, so maybe I should just go for it!
    I’d choose either the Beet Borscht (grew up with borscht) or the Roasted Vegetable Salad over Couscous.

    I’m hungry at the moment, so looking at these recipes definitely isn’t helping! 🙂


  95. stevie says

    The caramelized onion & heirloom tomato crostata sounds delicious. I love trying new vegetarian recipes and with our current move in the works, less grocery shopping is always a good thing!


  96. Betsy says

    The parmesan basil chicken patties look healthy and fresh, like a grown up version of everyone’s childhood favorite – chicken nuggets! Yum!


  97. says

    The hanger steaks and roasted potatoes look great – my husband and I got married last month and I’ve been trying new recipes out on him – this sounds like an awesome way to continue doing that!


  98. Nicole Scipione says

    Sometimes I get intimidated to make these kinds of meals at home – these look terrific and fresh! The Hanger steak would be on my wish-list for sure! Thanks!!


  99. Meaghan says

    SALMON BURGER, for sure. We just bought a house and are trying to grocery shop and eat at home more. Always looking for ways to save money and keep dinner interesting 🙂


  100. Hannah says

    The Salmon Burgers looks amazing, and it’s not something I have ever made before, so a recipe and the ingredients all set for me would be great!


  101. Hayley C says

    I would love to try the salmon burgers! They look absolutely amazing and probably a lot better than the one’s I have been buying from Trader Joe’s 🙂


  102. Elizabeth says

    yum! I have always wanted to try Blue Apron. The Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties with Braised Romano Beans & Barley sound amazing!


  103. Whitney Diers says

    I would love to try several of them! But mostly the Roasted vegetable salad over Israeli couscous. I have never tried couscous before, and I think this would be the perfect opportunity!


  104. Veronica says

    My first choice would definitely be the Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties with Braised Romano Beans & Barley, but I know that it I would love to try the Salmon Burgers & Corn on the Cob with Basil Butter as well. I really think I will be looking into this, as it seems remarkable! Thanks Blue Apron!!!


  105. Mo says

    I’d love to try the hanger steak. It’s so hard for me to make myself purchase and prepare steak, but I LOVE it and this would be a great segway into cooking red meat!