Who’s Who

Peanut Butter Fingers follows my life through food and fitness and often features the people (and dog!) that I love very much. Here’s a quick who’s who guide to my blog!
Meet the loves of my life:


Ryan is my husband! We got engaged October 3, 2009 and were married October 30, 2010.

engagement photo julie ryan fagan

wedding ceremony julie ryan
We’ve been together since the second semester of my freshman year in college and he’s pretty darn fantastic.

julie and ryan thanksgiving

Ryan shares my love for fitness and works out a lot, plays soccer in a men’s league, works in finance and can eat an entire pint of cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream in one sitting. He’s also my taste-tester and is very good at trying all my healthy concoctions, usually with a big ol’ smile on his face.

ryan and julie


Sadie is our dog and is a six-year-old vizsla. She’s absolutely crazy.

julie and sadie

She’s the most energetic, happy-go-lucky dog in the world and kicks my butt on any run we go on together. She’s around 38 pounds (about 10 pounds smaller than the average vizsla) and is a bundle of love. I never understood the whole "I love my (insert dog breed name here)" bumper-sticker thing until I got Sadie. Now I’m just as obsessed with my dog as the other dog-crazies in the world.


To read more about Sadie, please click here for a Q&A post featuring reader’s questions about our nut job of a dog.


Mom, Dad and Sister
My family is my life. My mom, dad and sister live about two hours away from me in Jacksonville, Florida. Fortunately we all seem to get together about once a month, so I see them fairly often, which is just the way I like it!
bream family
My mom is the nicest, most caring person you will ever meet. She loves going to Jazzercise several times a week and we are constantly sharing yummy recipes with each other. She is a nurse and is always there with loving words and supportive advice.
jazzercise tropic heat 050-002
She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2008 and has handled treatments, doctor’s appointments, setbacks and obstacles with grace and optimism. She completed her breast cancer treatment in November 2009 (Hooray!) and continues to be the best mother in the world.
mom daughters
My dad is a fun and, as my family fondly says, an "intense" guy.
ryan daddy julie rays game
He is an extremely hard worker and keeps our family laughing. He has always been very athletic, and loves spinning, weight lifting, scuba diving and spear fishing. You can count on him to ask, "Is this healthy?" during any meal at dinner, and then find him downing a huge bowl of ice cream on the couch 30 minutes later. I think this is where I inherited my intense love of ice cream. My dad is the best!
dad daughter
My sister, Leslie, is four years younger than me. She graduated from the University of Florida, currently works in sales and is my best bud.
julie and leslie
She is also very active and enjoys barre classes and Jazzercise. We talk often and she is my sunshine – always happy, perky and a burst of energy. Although she’s a healthy eater most of the time, Leslie can eat Oreo’s like there’s no tomorrow and makes the best microwavable s’mores in the world.
She married Ross, one of Ryan’s best friends from college, in March 2014.