Double Date at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

Dilworth Neighborhood Grill

Sometimes a mid-week double date with friends is just what you need to carry you through to the weekend. Last night Ryan and I met up with Melissa and Jarian at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille for dinner and had a great time! (Quick tip for my fellow preggos: Express Drawstring Pants = Ridiculously comfortable non-maternity maternity… 

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Milk Bread Kindred

I figured 99 percent of our weekend would be spent on the couch since Ryan is in the beginning stages of recovery from his ACL surgery, but after a physical therapy appointment on Friday afternoon gave us a little more confidence in his mobility, we ended up leaving the house a few times which was… 

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Birthday Date: Potted Potter + The Fig Tree

Spirit Square Charlotte

My birthday isn’t until next Monday (the big 3-0, baby!), but Ryan and I celebrated early this weekend! Why? Well, the answer isn’t exactly a fun one. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Ryan hurt his knee pretty badly during a soccer game. He made an appointment with a doctor and after an… 

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