Recipe Roundup: Salads

Lots of Summertime Salad Recipes

Somehow, amid the craziness of moving and lots of traveling earlier this year, Recipe Roundups fell to the wayside. I think it’s time to bring them back! Recipe Roundups began on PBF as a way to highlight past recipes that may have been lost in the shuffle in my four (plus!) years of blogging. Since… 

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5Church and Bar Cocoa

Date Night

Ryan and I may be the fastest eaters known to man. If date night only includes dinner out somewhere, this means date night could be over in 45 minutes. Not okay! We love sitting and talking for a while but when we clear our plate in 2.5 seconds, it’s easy to feel bad lingering at… 

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Charlotte Date Night: Copper + Amelie’s French Bakery

Uptown Charlotte

On Saturday night, Ryan and I headed out for a date night in Charlotte! I would say we drove to downtown Charlotte for our date night, but no one calls the city “downtown.” The city is referred to as “Uptown” which seemed kind of strange to me and Ryan at first, but we’re slowly learning… 

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Those Summer Nights

Mermaid Hair Flip

…cue Sandy and Danny! (<— Watching that video just made me way too happy.) Last night was one of those quintessential summer nights. A simple dinner, an evening swim in the lake (that included my best attempt at the mermaid hair flip) and his and her milkshakes! Dinner Dinner was inspired by my friend Cara…. 

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