Circuit Workouts

I love circuit workouts because they are fast-paced and make time fly by! Circuit workouts often combine cardio and strength moves, providing a fantastic total-body workout.

They’re the perfect boredom-buster!

circuit workouts

Circuit Workouts

Collection of Boot Camp Workouts: This blog post features 10 of my favorite boot camp workouts all in one place. Get ready to sweat!  

At Home Circuit Workouts: A collection of five of my favorite circuit workouts that don’t require any equipment. Do them in your living room, a hotel room when you’re on vacation… anywhere!

Quick ‘n’ Sweaty Boot Camp Workout: A quick 18-minute boot camp workout that you can do at home with a set of dumbbells. Repeat it again if you’re looking for a longer workout.

Quick 'n' Sweaty Boot Camp Workout

24 Minute Boot Camp Workout: 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off! This workout is fast and sweaty!

6X6 Workout: Six exercises, six reps, six times through!

5 Rounds + 3 Rounds Boot Camp: This workout changes things up halfway through to keep boredom at bay.

Step-Inspired Boot Camp Workout: Break out your step to complete this workout!

Functional Workout: A functional workout that will work your whole body!

Functional Workout

Hot Holidays Workout: A combination of strength and plyometric exercises will definitely heat things up!

20 Minute Hotel Room Boot Camp Workout: On the road? You can still sneak in a great workout in only 20 minutes with this no-equipment needed workout!

Boot Camp Workout: Burpees, dips, supermans, jumping lunges and more! It’s a tough one!

Sweat It Out Boot Camp Workout: Work up a serious sweat with this workout!

Jumping Jacks Circuit Workout: A 30-minute circuit workout that incorporates lots of jumping jacks to get your heart pumpin’!

Beach Workout: My favorite workout to do on vacation! This workout includes lower-body strength moves in between half-mile running intervals.

Jump Rope ‘n’ Abs Circuit Workout: A 30-minute workout that incorporates lots of core strength moves to make you sweat and work your abs.

Get Your Heart Rate Up Circuit Workout: Three rounds of completely different exercises, perfect for days when you’re feeling antsy!

Quick Jump Rope Circuit Workout: Get in and get out in 20 minutes with this fast-paced circuit workout.

Burnin’ Legs and Abs Circuit Workout: Feel the burn in your legs and abs with this 20-minute circuit.

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No Nonsense Circuit Workout: A 20-minute workout that builds intensity with each exercise.

Super Fast 15-Minute Circuit: 15 minutes of sweat-inducing exercises.

Jump Rope Circuit Workout: One of the most popular workouts on PBF!

Cardio Circuit Workout: A cardio-heavy workout, this circuit is sure to make you sweat!

Strength-Heavy Circuit Workout: Looking for a great strength workout plus some cardio? This is the workout for you!

100 Workout: Work your way through this workout that starts with 100 jumping jacks!

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Feel the Burn Circuit Workout: A circuit workout that makes your muscles burn and your heart rate skyrocket.

Total Body Circuit Workout: 10 different exercises completed back to back for a total-body workout.

Cardio Heavy Circuit Workout: Packed with 15 different intense cardio moves, this circuit workout will leave you red-faced and sweaty!

No Equipment Needed Cardio Circuit: You don’t need any fancy equipment to complete this circuit workout. Perfect for traveling or working out in your living room or a hotel room while traveling.

10 to 6 Workout: The reps in this circuit decrease as the circuit progresses, but that doesn’t mean it gets any easier!

1000 Rep Workout: This workout will take you out of your comfort zone while changing things up and making time fly by.

One Minute Per Body Part Total Body Workout: Target your whole body with this fast-paced circuit.

Super Sweaty Ab Circuit Workout: Target your core with this circuit.

Burpee Sandwich Workout: A quick and dirty 20-minute workout with lots o’ burpees.