Things I’m Loving Friday #145

Chase is officially ONE YEAR OLD today!

Chase Newborn (2)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the little man who brings me more joy than I ever thought possible! I’ll spare you the whole “I can’t believe Chase is one year old” rhetoric that I seem to be saying on repeat right now, but I am feeling a melting pot of emotions this morning as I think about the past year of my life. Let’s just say I’m a mix of teary, joyful and excited. Happy Birthday, Chase! We love you more than you could ever possibly know.

Sleeping Baby

We have Chase’s first birthday party on Saturday and I feel fortunate to have family coming in town today to celebrate his special day with us. (My mom actually arrived earlier this week and Chase knew her immediately which absolutely warmed my heart! It has been three weeks since her last visit – a short time considering my parents live in Florida – but it was wonderful to see Chase know and feel comfortable around his grandma right away!) Celebrating Chase’s first birthday is, without a doubt, what I am loving most this week, but I want to keep things consistent around here and share my usual Things I’m Loving Friday blog post with you guys where we all chat about what we’re loving most each week. Feel free to join in the fun in the comments section of this post!

Things I’m Loving Friday

  • Arranging First Birthday Party Flowers

First Birthday Party Flowers

We’re keeping party decorations for Chase’s first birthday party tomorrow fairly simple and sticking to a mix of yellow, mint green and white décor. Since the party theme is “You Are My Sunshine,” I wanted bright, summery flowers that would make everyone smile for his special day and opted for several bouquets of sunflowers from Whole Foods paired with bunches of baby’s breath. My mom and I picked them up yesterday and I arranged them when I got home using a bunch of random vases and glass jars we already had on hand. Having so many flowers around our house right now is definitely making me feel extra happy!

  • Balayage

Balayage on Natural Blonde

(Pic from my stylist’s Instagram)

I owe you guys a big thank you for introducing me to balayage. When I first expressed interest in lightening my naturally blonde hair up a bit, I told you all how I was SO nervous to color it because I was terrified that I would never be able to get my natural color back if I didn’t like it. I’ve heard how hard it can be to get back to your natural color as a blonde if you dye your hair, so I was always very apprehensive.

When you guys chimed in to tell me about balayage, my interested was immediately piqued since it sounded incredibly natural-looking and very low maintenance. The last thing I wanted as a new mom was to dye my hair and have to show up at a salon every few weeks to get it colored again. Balayage sounded perfect since it basically leaves your roots untouched and color is painted on the hair in a way that looks brighter and natural. I headed into the salon on Wednesday for a brighter color and am really happy with the results. I feel like my old self again… back before my hair seemed to get darker and darker with every day that passed.

  • Soft Shell Crabs

How To Make Soft Shell Crabs

I grew up loving soft shell crabs (we’re a big seafood family, as I’m sure you already know!), and when I saw the incredibly difficult to find crabs in the seafood case at Whole Foods earlier this month, I immediately chatted with the guy behind the counter about their availability. He assured me they would likely have them through July, so I made a mental note to grab them when my mom arrived in town as a special treat. We fried them up for dinner last night and they were SO good!

Church Bells Carrie Underwood

Ever since I started listening to Carrie Underwood’s latest album months ago, this song has been my absolute favorite on the CD. It’s so darn catchy and now that it’s on the radio I find myself worrying that it will be overplayed and my affinity for this song will fade if I hear it over and over again. Let’s hope not because right now I still find myself singing and rockin’ out every time it comes on. Carrie, you did it again!

Nike Flower Print Sneakers

I tried hard to resist purchasing these sneakers from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last week but I couldn’t help myself! They were just too darn cute to resist! I’m glad I scooped them up when I did because a bunch of sizes are already sold out and I am loving them already. They’re incredibly comfy and the black, white and gray rose print is feminine and fun. Love them!

If your size is sold out there are still a ton of other cute shoes and sneakers on sale through the anniversary sale, so you can still scoop up something cute and trendy!

Also, for any mamas or expectant mamas out there, two different prints of my all time favorite Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag backpack are $80 off through the anniversary sale! (The navy and white ‘Navigator’ print is adorable.)

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Question of the Day

  • What is one thing that is making you smile this week?

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