Things I’m Loving Friday #163

Good morning, my friends! How are you doing today? All is well over here! I picked my father-in-law up from the airport early yesterday morning and it’s been so fun watching him run around with his grandson ever since he arrived. (Tip for my Charlotte friends: You can park at the airport for the first 30 minutes for free! This is a life-saver when you’re traveling to the airport with a wiggly toddler.)

I am really looking forward to this weekend because I’m heading out of town for a girls’ weekend with two of my closest friends while Ryan, Chase and his dad enjoy a guys’ weekend here in North Carolina. This is only the third time I’ve left Chase overnight since he was born but now that I’m no longer nursing (and Chase is drinking milk rather than refusing my breastmilk from a bottle) the logistics seem a lot easier. I’m also hoping to use my travel time to get some work done and type up the first Chase-related update in over four months. Stay tuned for that post (hopefully) on Monday!

In the meantime, I hope you guys are ready for my weekly Things I’m Loving Friday blog post! Below is a short roundup of the things that are making me smile this week and I hope you’ll join in the fun and tell me about one thing you are loving right now in the comments section of this post.

Have a great weekend!

Things I’m Loving Friday

  • Christmas Jammies & Chase’s Infatuation with Our Christmas Tree

Chase Christmas Tree

My mom arrived in town for Thanksgiving with two of the cutest pairs of Christmas pajamas for Chase. In the past, I told Ryan about a ridiculous ranking I had in my head of the “cutest babies” and it was previously 1. Baby wrapped in a towel after a bath 2. Naked baby 3. Baby in a diaper. Well, I think a baby/toddler in Christmas pajamas has officially dethroned “baby in a diaper” and claimed my number three spot. There’s something so warm and fuzzy about Chase in his cozy winter jammies.

Baby Gap Christmas Pajamas

In keeping with the Chase + Christmas theme of this stream of consciousness, I am also absolutely loving his infatuation with our Christmas tree. He calls all of traditional circular ornaments “balls” and loves pointing out our animal ornaments and making animal noises. (Snorting at the pig ornaments is his favorite – and yes, we have multiple because Sadie’s favorite toys are her pig toys and she has an overwhelming presence on our Christmas three.) As if I didn’t love being Chase’s mom enough already, he’s bringing a new element of magic into my favorite time of year and it’s just so fun!

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine Cleaning Soaps

Mrs. Meyer's Pine

I used to be obsessed with everything cinnamon around Christmastime and while I still love cinnamon everything, I think I can officially say that pine/balsam is my favorite holiday scent for everything from candles to soaps. (Anthropologie balsam candles are everything.) Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine dish soap and hand soap claimed a spot on our kitchen counter earlier this week and washing dishes with this soap is slightly more enjoyable than usual.

  • Magazine Clippings from Grammy

Baby's Favorite Magazine Clippings

Before my mom went back to Florida earlier this week, she left the sweetest surprise for Chase. During her stay we had such a fun time flipping through magazines and laughing as Chase would go back to the advertisements featuring dogs and cars again and again to pant at the dogs (“woof” is temporarily on hold) and say “vroom” at the cars and trucks. After my mom left, I found an assortment of magazine clippings on our kitchen counter with a note to Chase from Grammy and realized she tore out all of his favorite ads. It was the sweetest surprise and reminded me, yet again, that the little things are the big things in life. I love you, Mama!

  • Fresh Hair

Blonde Balayage

I haven’t had a hair cut or color since July and Tuesday’s appointment with Kristyn was much needed! The beauty of balayage is that I can let it grow out without my roots looking horrendous since it’s definitely a more natural-looking way to lighten your hair but there was no denying that my hair was stringy and in desperate need of a trim. I feel like a new woman!

Wusthof Knives Knife Sharpener

When my parents came to visit for Thanksgiving, my dad brought his knife sharpener along to sharpen all of our knives for the first time ever since we received our wonderful knife block from Ryan’s grandma as a wedding gift six years ago. We were clearly overdue!

I didn’t realize just how dull all of our knives were until my dad sharpened them for us but oh my gosh they are like brand new! Slicing and dicing just got a whole lot easier around here! My dad used his Chef’s Choice sharpener, which he bought off Amazon after doing a lot of research and it clearly paid off. That thing is amazing!

  • Clean Juice Smoothie Obsession

Chase Clean Juice Smoothie

Ryan and I love popping into Clean Juice regularly for everything from smoothies and acai bowls to cashew milk lattes and chai zucchini muffins. Well, Chase has clearly hopped on our Clean Juice-loving bandwagon and when we walk into the shop, he now starts saying “blease, blease” (his version of “please”) until he has a smoothie straw in his mouth. At least it’s a healthy obsession, right!? (Also, I had someone request a roundup of some of Chase’s favorite smoothie combinations that we make for him at home and buy for him at Clean Juice, so stay tuned for that post soon.) Hooray for smoothies!

Congratulations to Jan, the winner of Wednesday’s thredUP giveaway! Jan was emailed first thing this morning. Thank you so much to all who entered!

  • Friday Flashbacks

Reindeer Cupcakes (Almost too cute to eat! Almost.)

Reindeer Cupcakes

Hot Holidays Workout (I can never resist a workout with a themed graphic this time of year!)

Hot Holiday Workout

Question of the Day

  • What is one thing you are loving this week?

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