Things I’m Loving Friday #99

It’s Friday and I am psyched for the weekend ahead. The weather this week has been pretty wonderful in Charlotte (mornings in the upper 60s, evenings in the low 80s) and I’m hoping to spend a lot of time outside. Our friends Chandra and Kevin are also coming over to meet Chase and I’m looking forward to seeing them as well!

Now it’s time to kick things off the way we always do on Fridays around here and dive into your usual Things I’m Loving Friday post where we chat about the things that make us smile most each week. Feel free to play along in the comments section!

Things I’m Loving Friday

Happier Podcast

I’ve enjoyed listening to podcasts for years but recently I’ve been on the lookout for new-to-me podcasts and have loved branching out a bit from my usual favorites. This week I began listening to Happier, a podcast by Gretchen Rubin, the author of one of my favorite books, The Happiness Project. (<—Highly recommended!) Her podcast is awesome and I’ve made my way through the first five episodes already. They’re short (around 20 minutes), so I can usually listen to a couple on my walks with Sadie and Chase in the morning. They are packed with simple tips for making your life happier that can often be applied immediately. 

  • Blogging With A Baby

Mommy Blogger

In case you were wondering how I’m currently blogging these days, this picture says it all! I absolutely love the way Chase’s arms are chillin’ over his head because he loves sleeping that way! He is currently obsessed with his arms and hands and they’re almost always by his face when he sleeps. I love that little dude so darn much. 

Miracle Gel Polish

I’m not spending much time on my appearance these days (hello messy buns and no make up all day every day!), but for some reason I’ve had the desire to paint my nails a couple of times since Chase arrived. Even when I look like a hot mess, if my nails are painted, I somehow feel somewhat together. I’ve been loving these gel polishes (no light required) and really do feel like they last longer than typical nail polish. This is key for me, especially right now since I don’t want to have chipped nails two days after I finally found a quiet moment to paint my nails!

Gilligan & OMalley Nursing Tank

I owe a big thank you to all of you for recommending these tanks to me. When I arrived home from the hospital, I had maybe two pairs of pajamas and one tank that worked well for nursing (hence me being topless all the time!), but I quickly added three of these tanks to my collection and basically live in them. They’re comfortable and allow me to breastfeed somewhat discreetly. Plus, I think the tanks will work well for a while and will be quite functional under sweaters and cardigans in the cooler months.

  • Caitlin’s Santa Fe Casserole

santa fe casserole

On Tuesday this week, my friend Caitlin came over to meet Chase and brought her Santa Fe casserole to share with us for dinner. She’s raved about this casserole on her blog for ages and it definitely lived up to the hype! It’s also a dish that I think would be fabulous for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Around the Web

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30 Day Ab Challenge

  • Flashback Friday

Almond Butter Granola (Still my go-to granola recipe… Use any kind of nut butter you like!)

Almond Butter Granola

50 Rep Workout (This workout incorporates cardio and strength exercises for a boot camp style workout that will keep you guessing!)

50 Rep Workout

  • Minted Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Katelyn Rose, the winner of the Minted giveaway! Katelyn Rose was emailed first thing this morning. Thanks so much to all who entered!

Question of the Day

  • Tell me about one thing you are loving this week!

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