Things I’m Loving Friday #78

Good morning! It’s Friday and I feel like I am in a particularly good mood because I finally got a decent night’s sleep. I have been sleeping horribly all week and then last night a magical thing called the Snoogle came into my life and was a serious game changer. I am in love. But I am getting ahead of myself because the Snoogle should really just be included in your usual Things I’m Loving Friday post below, so we’ll get to that in a second!

Anyway, how are you guys doing today!? All is well over here! My friend Ashley is coming in town again tomorrow for her second visit to Charlotte in two months! Hooray! I love it when work trips bring my friends close to me and we’re able to take advantage of the visit and spend some quality time together. Ashley is always a blast and a half, so I know this weekend will be a great one. I hope your weekend is filled with quality time with people you love most and lots of relaxation, too!

Now let’s chat about what we’re loving most this week! As always, feel free to chime in and share what is making you smile in the comments section of this post. Your Friday comments are always so fun to read!

Just a head’s up – I’m feeling rather long-winded today, so this post is rather lengthy! Apparently finally sleeping well makes all the words flow.

Things I’m Loving Friday

Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

THE SNOOGLE!!! You guys this pillow is unbelievable… and I can confidently say that after using it for one night. A bunch of you recommended it to me as a “pregnancy must have” and I totally see why. Early on in my pregnancy, after I told my friend Gina that Ryan and I are expecting, she surprised me with a delivery two days later. A giant box showed up at my doorstep with the Snoogle waiting inside. I had read and heard great things about this pregnancy pillow, so I thanked Gina for her thoughtfulness and tucked the pillow into the baby’s nursery to wait for me until I thought I needed it.

Well, this week has been absolutely horrendous for sleep. First, despite being super tired, I could not fall asleep and then when I would finally drift off to sleep, I’d wake up, toss and turn, feel all-around uncomfortable and not be able to fall back asleep for hours. Finally, last night, as Ryan and I crawled into bed, I flopped around trying to get comfortable again and felt so tired, but so frustrated by my inability get a good night’s sleep. Then I remembered it. THE SNOOGLE.

I unpacked the biggest pillow in all the land and wrapped it around me. Oh my gosh. It felt like heaven. It took pressure off my hips and comfortably supported my back and neck. I slept the best I have in weeks and woke up this morning talking Ryan’s ear off about the wonders of the Snoogle. I am confident that this pillow will not leave our bed until I have a baby in my arms. Gina, THANK YOU for bringing this magical pillow into my life. Julie + Snoogle = Forever.

Golden Tote

The following feature is sponsored by Golden Tote. Thank you, sincerely, for your support!

I received my first Golden Tote delivery this week! The company reached out to me and offered to send me one of their surprise grab-bags to see what I thought and I happily agreed since I’ve seen a handful of bloggers rave about their adorable clothing in the past and I basically loooove surprise deliveries!

Before my delivery arrived, I set up an account, filled out a style profile and then selected two items I wanted to see in my tote. Golden Tote stylists then chose a handful of additional items they thought I’d love and included them in my tote. Totes cost only $49 for 2 – 3 items or $149 for 5 – 7 items which, in my opinion, is quite affordable since you receive so many new quality items. (Apparently the company founders are clothing designers from Los Angeles, who work with fashion brands to get deep discounts on the items included. The retail value of the $49 tote is $200 and the $149 tote is $600!)

And now for a sneak peek into my tote…

Here are the two items I personally requested:

  • Lovestitch Sunday Brunch Dress

LoveStitch Lace Dress

Selected because I adore anything lace and I figured the looser fit would work well with my growing baby bump!

  • Lime & Chili Barcelona Pant

Barcelona Pants

Selected because I thought they were just so darn cool! I’m not sure if I’m cool enough to pull them off, but I’m planning to pair them with nude pumps and a flowy white top. Plus, they’re crazy-comfy!

Both of the items I personally selected came with style cards which I love!

golden tote

And here are the four additional surprise items I received:

  • Promesa Navy Tunic/Dress


  • Paper Crane Pink Short Sleeve Sweater, Lime & Chili Striped Top, Paper Crane Knit Vest

Golden Tote Review

Overall thoughts:


  • You know how much it costs ahead of time, rather than being sent items that might be out of your budget.
  • You get to select some of the items in your tote…
  • …But there’s still an element of surprise since stylists select most items for you.
  • Great resource for those who want new, trendy clothes but either don’t have time to shop or don’t enjoy shopping.
  • It’s not a subscription service and you can order as many totes as you want in a month (or none) – just make a note if you order more than one to avoid duplicate items.


  • You can return the whole tote, but not just one item from the tote. However, Golden Tote does have a Clothing Swap Facebook Group (3,000+ members!) dedicated to letting members connecting to swap sizes/clothes directly.
  • Shipping is an additional $7.95.

Overall, I loved the items I received in my tote! The only item that didn’t fit particularly well was the blue tunic/dress, but I think it actually will look cute once I have more of a baby bump and am out of this awkward stage of pregnancy. So there’s hope!

Big thanks to Golden Tote for sending such a fun surprise my way! If you are interested in trying out a tote for yourself, you can check out their March inventory while it lasts or mark your calendar for the first Monday of the month when a new tote is released!

T-shirt Quilt

Back in 2013 I ordered a Groupon to use toward a t-shirt quilt from Project Repat. Well, I totally forgot about it until Ryan and I were going through old clothes and I stumbled upon a bazillion race t-shirts I never wear. I remembered the old Groupon and finally got around to sending in 30 race tees to have made into a large blanket! The blanket turned out amazing and the fleece side is so soft and cuddly! Plus, their turnaround time was ridiculously fast and I love the way they spaced out the t-shirts so all of the white race tees weren’t bunched together. Great eye, Project Repat!

Race T-Shirt Quilt

And another great thing about this quilt aside from the fact that I can now wrap myself up in fun race day memories? Their story.

  • Adorable PBF Baby Spoon

personalized baby spoon

My sweet friend Alyssa sent me this adorable spoon from a little boutique by her house for our little guy to use one day and it basically melted my heart. Thank you, Alyssa!! If our baby loves this spoon even half as much as I do, we’ll have a winner. Too cute!

lake champlain chocolate

Yes, I’m posting a picture of a chocolate wrapper on my blog, but I hope that tells you just how much I loved this stuff! I first tried this gourmet chocolate during a girls’ night at my friend Amii’s house and instantly knew I had to find some to buy for myself. It’s sweet with a touch of saltiness and oh so creamy. A chocolate-lover’s dream!

  • My “Pregnancy Uniform”

pregnacy uniform

Ryan calls this look my “pregnancy uniform.” During last month’s trip to Minnesota, I received this oversized zip up sweatshirt from General Mills and almost asked to exchange it for one that fit a little better. And then I put it on. Giant sweatshirt = Pregnant woman’s dream. Ryan actually had to make me wash it because I kept throwing it on over my pajamas every single night in our house and didn’t want to go one night without it. It’s just so darn comfortable and, while far from cute, I think it makes a fantastic pregnancy uniform and I’m pretty sure the Honey Nut Cheerios bumble bee agrees.

Question of the Day

  • Tell me about something that is making you smile today!

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