Things I’m Loving Friday #55

My mom left at 5:30 a.m. today and so I’m feeling that weird void that comes along with saying goodbye to family after a particularly wonderful visit. We definitely made the most of the three days we had together. From trips to the farmer’s market, Jazzercise classes, mid-day stops at a coffee shop for cappuccinos and pumpkin tarts, walks with Sadie and curling up on the couch to watch our beloved Scandal together (Can we please talk about last night’s episode!? OH MY GOSH.), we truly had a fabulous time. 

But there’s lots to look forward to this weekend and some great things to chat about today in your usual Things I’m Loving Friday post, so let’s get to it! As always, feel free to share something you’re loving in the comments section of this post!

Things I’m Loving Friday


131 Main North Carolina

Last night, Ryan, my mom and I headed out to dinner at 131 Main which is quickly becoming one of our favorite restaurants. I ordered the fish tacos and they came with chips, salsa and guacamole. So delicious! We were also fortunate enough to be able to dine outside by the fire pit which was a treat!

131 Main Fish Tacos

And the purse I wore last night was another Stitch Fix success story that I received over the summer. LOVE it. But then again I am loving basically anything crossbody these days.

Stitch Fix Purse

  • Pepper Slaw

Pepper Slaw

Earlier this week, I posted a picture of our dinner from Tuesday night and a handful of you guys requested the recipe for the pepper slaw I raved about! It has a strong vinegar flavor (which I love!), so be warned if you are not a fan of vinegar. I think it’s so delicious and love the tangy flavor 10,000 times more than cole slaw. We love the pepper slaw on its own, but it’s also fabulous on top of burgers and pulled pork and tastes great with chicken added to the mix.

To make the pepper slaw, combine the cole slaw cabbage mix and the two diced bell peppers together ether in a large bowl. Combine the vinegar and sugar (you may also use stevia, but make sure to follow proper stevia conversions) in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Once it is boiling, immediately remove the vinegar and sugar from heat and stir into the cabbage and pepper mixture. Add the celery seed and mix. Chill completely before serving.

Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Linsday’s blog is one of my favorites and this blog post was so much fun to read. It includes tons of easy kitchen shortcuts that I thought might interest you guys, too!

  • BOGO Suja Juice

Suja Mighty Greens

Suja juice is one of my all-time favorite bottled green juices and I was pumped to find them on super sale at Publix earlier this week — Buy one, get one free, baby! SWEET!

  • Rewined Candles

rewined candles

Bless you wonderful people for telling me to look for these candles on RueLaLa and HauteLook. I first fell in love with Rewined candles when I saw them at a boutique in Ocala but they’re pretty darn pricey. (The candles are made in recycled wine bottles and come in wine-inspired fragrances like Riesling and Cabernet. They smell incredible!) Fortunately they come up for sale all the time on RueLaLa and HauteLook and I ordered two for the price of one last week. (I think they make fabulous hostess or housewarming gifts.) I’ve been loving the smell of the Spiked Cider candle I ordered and have been burning it every day since it arrived. It smells like autumn!

  • Apples

Fuji Apple

A simple joy, but one I am absolutely loving lately! I’ve been eating an apple (or two!) every single day for the past two weeks and can’t get enough of them. The perfect fall fruit! 

  • Laughing Cow Prize Pack Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Tory S., the winner of the Laughing Cow prize pack giveaway! Tory was emailed first thing this morning. This was one of the most popular giveaways to date and I wanted to say a big thank you to all who entered. I’m so glad you guys liked the stuff I picked out for that giveaway and I’ll definitely keep those kinds of prizes in mind for future giveaways! Thanks!!!

Question of the Day

  • What is one thing you’re loving lately?

Mother/Daughter Day


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Easy Baked Chicken


Good morning! I hope you guys are having a great day so far! I am rushing around a bit this morning because my mom and I are planning to take another Jazzercise class together, but I still wanted to say a quick hello to you guys and share a simple but very delicious recipe with you! This recipe includes a tasty marinade that can be used for … [Continue reading...]

Savoring Snack Time


This post is sponsored by The Laughing Cow® and features a fun giveaway that I assembled myself that I hope you guys will love! I am an official brand advocate for The Laughing Cow® in 2014 and while I receive compensation for participation, opinions are my own. I hope you enjoy this post and thanks so much for your support! If you’ve been … [Continue reading...]

Spaghetti Squash Dinner


Good morning! I hope things are going well so far today in your neck of the woods. Yesterday, after coaching Girls on the Run, I drove home and hung out with my mom in the kitchen and helped put the finishing touches on dinner. On the menu: Spaghetti squash topped with parmesan cheese and ground turkey marinara sauce. Plus a small bowl of … [Continue reading...]