PBF Top 15 Of 2015: April

We’re five days into the month of May and before too much time passes, I figured I’d better share your monthly Top 15 of 2015 post! At the end of 2014, I continued with a mini series I began a few years ago and featured the top posts of the year on PBF. Beginning in January, I decided to prolong the series for the duration of 2015 and highlight the top 15 posts from each month on the blog at the end of every month.

These are not necessarily the top new posts I publish each month, as throwback posts from several years ago seem to pop up and claim top spots each month which I always find interesting!

Here are your most popular PBF posts (according to pageviews) from the month of April, divided into three categories: Recipes, Fitness and Extras. (Note: This series does not include any giveaways, previous Top 15 posts or Things I’m Loving Friday posts.)


Easy BBQ Meatloaf Recipe

Though it is never the most attractive dish, meatloaf is delicious and this simple recipe for a comforting, home cooked meatloaf makes the whole house smell fantastic!

Mango Banana Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Over the course of the past month or two, I’ve been on a bit of a chia seed pudding kick and this tropical recipe only requires five ingredients and comes together in a flash.

Pineapple Souffle

This indulgent recipe is a family favorite and one we enjoy for every holiday we spend at my mother-in-law’s house. I shared this recipe on the blog back in 2013 and am thinking it may have made this “Top Posts” list because some of you guys made it for Easter this year? At least that is my hope because it’s so darn good and always a crowd pleaser!

How To Make Overnight Oats

I put together this foolproof recipe tutorial back in 2012 after I received tons of questions from you guys about how exactly I make my overnight oats. It’s an easy one to customize so you can play around with it and create a bunch of different flavor combinations.

Post Workout Mint Mocha Protein Smoothie

This chocolaty smoothie contains 22 grams of filling protein and tastes wonderfully refreshing thanks to fresh mint leaves! 


30 Minute Boot Camp Workout

I put this workout together for a boot camp class I taught last month. It features a variety of strength and cardio exercises for a total body workout that passes by in a flash!

10 Workouts To Try When You're Bored At The Gym

Feeling uninspired at the gym lately? Check out this blog post for instant workout inspiration!

Intense Incline Walking Workout

This workout post from 2012 contains a roundup of treadmill walking workouts (with all images created in Excel.. yeesh!). Most of them crank up the intensity and elevate your heart rate with challenging inclines!

PiYo Certification Review

I obtained my certification to teach PiYo in the fall of last year and typed up this post to share my experience with you guys and hopefully answer questions from those of you who might be interested in teaching PiYo in the future. Apparently a new wave of people interested in teaching PiYo surfaced in April!? 

Treadmill Walking Workout

You choose the length of your workout with this 2012 treadmill walking workout!


blood pressure

This post was a vulnerable one for me to write as it delved into some of the pregnancy anxiety I’ve felt while carrying our little baby boy over the course of these past 26 weeks.

20 weeks pregnant baby

This blog post provides a sneak peek into how everything was going during my 20th week of pregnancy.

baby name book

I had a blast writing this post and the comments you guys left were so much fun to read!

Brides Tell All The BEST Wedding Gifts

Writing about weddings is way too fun for me and I put this post together with the help of some of my best girlfriends who weighed in to share their favorite (and not-so-favorite) wedding gifts.


Oh heeey flashback post! I have no idea how or why this post from 2011 gained traction this month, but let’s roll with it! This blog post contains a bunch of my tips for making a smooth transition into living with your significant other for the first time. And that picture of the first apartment Ryan and I shared together takes me baaaack. I loved that place!

Veggie Chopper = My New BFF


Good morning! Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! I hope you’re able to enjoy some delicious Mexican food (sip on a margarita for me, please!) and make a teacher feel extra loved today! If you are a teacher, thank you so much for the time, energy and effort you pour into your job every day. Dinner Last night’s dinner wasn’t … [Continue reading...]

More Sarasota Weekend Highlights


As you already know if you caught my morning blog post, Ryan and I headed to Florida to celebrate Krystal and Matt’s wedding this weekend. The location of their wedding worked out extremely well for us since we were able to stay at my mother-in-law’s house in Sarasota and also stop by to see some college friends in Orlando on our way down … [Continue reading...]

Krystal & Matt’s Longboat Key Wedding


Ryan and I spent a lot of time on the road this weekend driving from North Carolina to Florida for Krystal and Matt’s wedding. The drive was more than worth it though as we had a great time with some of our very best friends from college and got to witness Krystal and Matt exchange their vows in such an incredibly gorgeous setting. With soft, … [Continue reading...]

Things I’m Loving Friday #83


Hello, hello! I feel like the weekend officially kicked off for us yesterday when we made the 6-hour drive to Jacksonville but I’m thrilled today is Friday since that means we still have three jam-packed days of fun ahead! Ryan and I will be spending most of today in Orlando visiting friends from college before driving onto Sarasota for Krystal and … [Continue reading...]