Thanksgiving Day At Home Workout

Participating in a local Turkey Trot is a bit of a tradition for me and Ryan on Thanksgiving morning. This year we are opting out of a Turkey Trot, mainly because the Turkey Trot that appeals to us most doesn’t allow strollers, but I am still hoping we can uphold our tradition of working up a sweat first thing in the morning on Thanksgiving Day.

Though running a 5 or 10K is out, that doesn’t mean we can’t still sneak in a festive workout at home! Since I have a feeling it might be a little difficult to feel motivated to work out on Thanksgiving without a race calling my name, I decided to preemptively plan a workout and share it on the blog to keep myself accountable. I really do love beginning Thanksgiving on an active note since it makes me feel more energetic throughout the day so I made sure to put together a workout that would be easy enough for us to do together in our driveway!

Thanksgiving Day At Home Workout

This workout requires no equipment but works the whole body in this format: Core, lower body, upper body, cardio burst, repeat!

By spending only 60 seconds on each exercise, I have a feeling this workout will pass by quickly so I’m planning to do it two times through for a 32-minute at home workout.

Looking for more workouts you can do at home over the holidays? Here are a few of my personal favorites that either require NO equipment or only require a set of dumbbells:

And, as always, you may find a TON of workouts pinned on my PBF Workouts Pinterest Board! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Short Thanksgiving Survey

I wanted to have a little fun before signing off today and thought the Thanksgiving survey Janae posted on her blog yesterday would keep with the theme of today’s post and also be a festive way for us to close things out today!

Feel free to play along in the comments section!

  • Favorite Thanksgiving food item?


My mom’s stuffing!

  • What is one of your favorite Thanksgiving memories?

A ridiculous Thanksgiving night bar crawl with Ryan, Leslie, Ross, Terry and Daniel. I still laugh thinking about that night!

  • Do you go to a movie on Thanksgiving?


  • Any Thanksgiving foods that you do not like?

Green bean casserole. Barf.

  • How do you feel about stores interrupting Thanksgiving now by starting their sales on Thanksgiving day?

I say keep the stores closed on Thanksgiving! Let everyone enjoy the day with loved ones. Shopping can commence on Black Friday.

  • Do you hit up the sales on Thursday/Black Friday or do you avoid them like the plague?

I’ve done both! I personally prefer online shopping on Black Friday… All the sales, none of the chaos!

  • Do you typically run a race on Thanksgiving or go on a run on your own or take the day off?

turkey trot

We typically run in a local Turkey Trot (5K or 10K) but this year we’re taking a pass and will be doing a short workout at home!

  • Do you prefer a big get together for the holiday or to keep it small?

Thanksgiving with Family

Growing up, our family Thanksgivings typically just included our family of four and I loved it. After I started dating Ryan, my Thanksgivings became much bigger with lots of people gathered at my mother-in-law’s house and I adore that as well. I say the more the merrier!

  • What is your food assignment for this year? Are you in charge of the whole thing or are you going out to eat?

My task growing up was the cranberry sauce. When we hosted Friendsgiving, I took care of everything but the turkey (that was Ryan and Ross’ job) but this year I’m really looking forward to spending the day cooking family favorites with my mom!

  • What time do you typically eat Thanksgiving dinner?

My family usually eats dinner around 7 p.m. When we do Thanksgiving in Sarasota with Ryan’s family, they do a Thanksgiving lunch and we eat around 1 p.m. and then dig into the leftovers at dinnertime!

Question of the Day

  • Choose a few of the above questions to answer!

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