Best Sports Bras for Small Chests

This afternoon I thought we’d chat about sports bras!

Is it just me, or are sports bras getting cuter and cuter these days? I am loving all the strappy versions popping up all over the place and even though the vast majority of my sports bras have the traditional racerback look, I’ve found myself gravitating toward some new looks.

But today I wanted to share with you my favorite sports bras. Now, as you may know, I have a small chest and am a proud member of the IBTC, so I do not need the level of support that those who are more well-endowed might need, but I do need enough support to keep everything in place. (FYI, if you have a larger chest and are looking for recommendations for sports bras, check out Tina’s post: Sports Bra Recommendations for Busty Ladies.)

When selecting a sports bra, I look for something that makes me feel secure (<—still very important!) and comfortable during my workouts, but I also gravitate toward sports bras that give my chest a little bit of shape. I prefer sports bras with a little lining because when the headlights are on, I’d rather not feel like I’m on display and I also don’t want to be totally flattened out (unless I’m running outside and then I just want something that keeps it all in)!

The following sports bras are bras I’ve loved for quite some time now that I highly recommend to anyone who might have a smaller chest who may be looking for a comfortable sports bra that keeps everything in place but offers a little shape, too!

Best Sports Bras for Small Chests

Best Sports Bras for Small Chests

Pink Lotus Sports Bra

This sports bra was an impulse buy from Nordstrom Rack for $25 and I was surprised by how quickly I fell in love with it. The strappy design on the back of the bra is super cute but the bra is also quite supportive and the removable pads are flattering. It’s a personal favorite for barre workouts but I’ve also worn it to BodyPump and on a few hikes with Ryan and think it’s great for a myraid of activities. (You can actually find it online right now for $25 in the pink color I have, blue and gray.)

  • Balance Collection by Marika 

Balance Collection Sports Bras

I buy these sports bras at TJMaxx or Marshalls for around $12. They are super cheap and incredibly comfortable. I wear them to work out, travel, run errands around town and more. They are not quite as supportive as some of my other favorites, but they’re great for yoga, barre and strength training workouts.

Reebok Yoga Sports Bra

I LOVE this bra. It’s one of my absolute favorites and I own it in three different colors! The material is soft comfortable on my skin and the skinny racerback is fabulous for mobility. It has removable cups, but I always leave them in. (I actually wish the lining was permanently sewn in because the cups always fall out in the washing machine which is my only complaint.) Just a heads up: I’ve seen this bra pop up on sale for around $20 on RueLaLa from time to time.

Lorna Jane Sports Bra

If you’re looking for a sports bra that offers support but gives you a little oomph as well, Lorna Jane bras are the perfect match. This sports bra is one of the most supportive I own, making it perfect for running or plyometric workouts. It holds me in and keeps everything in place! I am also majorly lusting after their strappy Technique bra and their Ellenora bra after Katy sang its praises at IDEAWorld.

Under Armour Seamless Sports Bra

This is, hands down, my favorite sports bra for running. It’s incredibly supportive and doesn’t chafe along my armpits. It is sold in normal bra sizes (A, B, C, D, DD) rather than small, medium and large which I think gives it a better fit. The bra comes with light cups you can remove, but they actually stay in place better than most when I wash them. I’ve had this sports bra a few years (three?) and it still looks and feels like new which I thinks says a lot about the quality. It’s a favorite for sure!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What sports bra is your all-time favorite?


Disclaimer: A few of the above sports bras have been gifted to me over the years, but I am not being paid to review them or include them in this post. The sports bras featured above are simply bras I absolutely adore!

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