A Day in Denver

I had such a wonderful day in Denver and was fortunate enough to spend most of it with this cute little lady!

Goldendoodle Puppy

Meet Sully, my best friend Michaela’s sweet goldendoodle puppy! She is just about the friendliest puppy in the world and I had so much fun taking her out and about this afternoon.

But backing up a bit…

I spent a few hours with Michaela and her husband Kyle this morning before they both had to head off to work a little after 9 a.m. Michaela and I took Sully for a walk, sipped on some coffee and ate breakfast at their place before I had to say goodbye. I am so glad I was able to see Michaela even if it was for less than 24 hours. I miss her so much and wish we lived closer. I told her this morning that seeing her is awesome but is also reminds me how much I miss living right across the street from her like we used to when I lived in Palatine, Illinois. We definitely make the most of any time we have together and I hope we’ll get to spend more time together soon (hopefully to meet up in Chicago to see our friend Leah’s baby!).

After Michaela and Kyle headed to work, I had a few hours to kill before a car was coming to pick me up and bring me to Boulder. I noticed that a Pure Barre studio was located within walking distance of their place, so I decided to take the 9:30 a.m. class at the Cherry Creek studio.

Pure Barre Cherry Hill Pure Barre Denver

Everyone at the studio was quite friendly and before the class began the instructor said she was going to debut some new exercise sequences in the class. Oh my gosh the thigh work we did in today’s class was killer. Easily the hardest thigh work I’ve ever done in a Pure Barre class which was a good thing, but also quite challenging at the time!

Pure Barre Studio

Once the class was done, I chatted with the instructor for a while and she was kind enough to point me in the direction of the local mall where I headed to pick up a few cooler-weather clothes since I forgot my jacket at home and wanted to grab a sweater or something since the high in Boulder tomorrow is 63.

The Cherry Creek mall had quite an upscale feel, but I was able to find some less-expensive stores and headed into H&M and then Forever 21 for the first time in a billion years. That store overwhelmed me just as much today as it did years ago, but I exercised some patience and combed though the racks of clothes and ended up finding more things to try on than I expected. I walked away with a few new tops, including a gray sweater with a scarf-like cowl neck for $25 and some long-sleeve crop tops that I think will help some of my summertime high-waisted skirts transition into winter.

My walk back to Michaela’s place took me by a Whole Foods, so I decided to grab lunch to go and hit up the salad bar and grabbed some kind of a chocolate oatmeal square to dig into on the walk home.

denver neighborhood whole foods oatmeal square

I made it back to the apartment within 30 minutes, but about halfway through my walk, I looked down and thought my leg was bleeding!

beet juice stain

I couldn’t figure out how I cut myself and I didn’t feel any pain. And then I felt like a total fool when I realized my lunch was leaking. The shredded beets I put on top of my salad soaked through the side of the carton and bag and dribbled down my leg as I walked. Somehow the beet juice ended up on my leg and the lightweight pullover I had tied around my waist. I’m hoping it will come out somehow!

By the time I made it home, I was quite hungry and ate my salad and a KIND bar before taking Sully on a walk around a local park.

goldendoodle puppy cute

We had such a fun time together and she is such a joyful little puppy who wanted to say hello to everyone.


We stopped a lot becuase apparently Sully is a people-magnet right now and a lot of people wanted to pet her and say hi which made her the happiest dog in all the land.


Eventually we had to head back so I could grab a quick shower before my car to Boulder arrived. And that brings us up to date! I’m currently blogging as we drive to Boulder (this post will be published when I have internet access again) and I’m looking forward to some fun out and about tonight! Thanks so much for your Boulder restaurant recommendations. I am definitely planning to check out The Kitchen and hope to pop into some other hot spots you guys recommended as well! Thank you!

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