5Church and Bar Cocoa

Ryan and I may be the fastest eaters known to man. If date night only includes dinner out somewhere, this means date night could be over in 45 minutes. Not okay! We love sitting and talking for a while but when we clear our plate in 2.5 seconds, it’s easy to feel bad lingering at our table since we know turnover is important to most restaurants.

So we have developed a new system!

1.) Order drinks while perusing the menu (aka do not order right away!)

2.) Order an appetizer or small plate to share while we wait for our entrees

3.) Leave and head to a new cafe or bakery for dessert, thus prolonging date night

This obviously is not a new idea or anything all that creative, but it nearly doubles or even triples the duration of our date night! Just throwin’ it out there for those of you who polish off food at an alarming rate like we do!


Saturday’s date night took us to 5Church, one of your Charlotte restaurant recommendations!

Date Night

5Church is a contemporary restaurant that is obviously quite popular and decorated with trendy touches, including hand-painted quotes on the ceiling and feathery lighting fixtures over the bar.


I began my meal with some fresh bread topped with herbed jalapeño butter and a glass of the William Hill cabernet. Ryan ordered the rosemary gin fizz.

5Church Bread and Butter

William Hill Cabernet

5Church Charlotte

I loved my wine, but Ryan’s cocktail stole the show.

5Church Cocktails

Ryan first fell in love with gin fizzes during our dinner at Woodfire Grill in Atlanta. I loved his rosemary gin fizz so much that I ended up ordering one myself after I was done with my wine.

While we sipped our drinks, we looked over the menu. We initially planned on participating in the Charlotte Restaurant Week promotion where guests order a three-course meal for $30 each, but opted out when we did a little price comparison and realized the three courses I would’ve selected would not have added up to $30 if I ordered them separately. 

To begin, we shared the pork belly snack plate which was basically a teeny appetizer.

5Church Pork Belly

For my main meal, I selected the crispy marinated tofu entree.

5Church Crispy Tofu

It came with buttery green beans, kimchi, sautéed spinach and a teriyaki sauce.

Ryan ordered the cornmeal fried Carolina catfish which I’m pretty sure he did so he wouldn’t have to share with me.

5Church Carolina Catfish

Catfish gives me the heebie jeebies. It’s basically the only fish out there I won’t eat. The whiskers… The fact that catfish grunt… The way they lurk at the bottom of the lake… I can’t handle it. Ryan said his meal was good and I just took his word for it. (By the way, if catfish creep you out, NEVER Google “giant catfish.” The images will haunt your dreams forever.)

Once our meal was done and we paid the bill, we decided to walk around the city for a little while before we were ready for dessert.

Uptown Charlotte

Lots of people were out and about and it was nice to stroll around without feeling like the heat might make us keel over at any minute. (I think Ryan and I talk about how much we are loving the “hot” Charlotte weather every day here. It’s definitely toasty but nothing compared to summertime in Florida where you just want to be at the pool or the beach if you’re outside. Floridians, remind me of these comments in the winter when I’m shivering every day.)

Bar Cocoa

Pretty soon my sweet tooth told me it was time for dessert, so we popped into Bar Cocoa for some gelato and macarons.

Bar Cocoa Macarons

Ryan and I selected the s’mores, coconut, orange and honey macarons to share. The s’mores macaron just tasted like chocolate which was a little disappointing, but the other three flavors were fantastic. The honey flavor surprised us by being our favorite. The filling reminded me of a honey-flavored buttercream icing.

I also ordered a small cup of caramel and honey pecan gelato which Ryan convinced me into sharing with him after I let him have a bite.

Bar Cocoa Gelato

It was a pretty sweet way to end date night! (And that was a cheesy little pun for ya to end this blog post!)

Questions of the Morning

  • Are you a super-fast eater?
  • Do you have any tips or tricks to help fast-eaters slow down and enjoy their meals?

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