Easiest Pulled Pork EVER

Pulled pork sandwiches drenched in barbecue sauce may be one of my all-time favorite sandwiches. Give me a pulled pork sandwich over a burger any day!

Tonight’s pulled pork came together in a snap in the easiest recipe for pulled pork in the entire world.

Well Hello There, Pork

Ryan tried this pulled pork one weekend when he was in Gainesville at the University of Florida for his executive MBA program. (He went one weekend a month for 18 months… pretty awesome, huh?)

He was staying with our friend Ross who gave my hubby-to-be a tutorial on how to make the easiest pulled pork. When Ryan tried the moist meat, he was inspired to call me immediately and tell me this was something we just had to make.

We were on a pulled pork kick for about two months after that!

Since I have my girl’s movie night this evening and I knew we’d be crunched on time for dinner, I figured this would be the perfect night to resurrect this delicious dish.

You only need two ingredients to make this pulled pork:

  • One can of beef broth
  • One pork roast

Beefy Broth



Trim any unwanted fat off the pork before placing it in a crock pot. Pour the can of beef broth over the pork and let it cook on high (low actually works too) for six to eight hours.

Then remove the pork from the broth and crock pot. Use a fork to shred the meat.

Shredded Pork

That’s it! Delicious. Easy. Moist. Tasty.

You can then enjoy it as is or get a little crazy and add gobs of BBQ sauce like me! It’s also great in quesadillas, soups, pastas, etc.

My Plate

Ryan's Plate

What’s the easiest recipe you’ve made that appears difficult?

We served the pulled pork with green beans and roasted carrots and butternut squash with cinnamon. Very tasty!

Now I’m off to my friend’s apartment for the first installment of holiday movie night. For those of you who asked, I believe we’re watching Mixed Nuts starring Steve Martin tonight.

Mixed Nuts

I’ve never seen it but I’m a BIG fan of Stevie!

G’night BlogWorld!


  1. lisaou11 says

    I can tell that you are usin your pretty new camera for your dinner pics—looks good!!

    And I’ve never seen that Steve Martin movie! I bet its gonna be hilarious.


  2. says

    Oh that pulled pork looks good! I actually bought a pork roast and froze it a few weeks ago..just waiting for the perfect time to use it. A family friend basically told me the same way to cook it as you do and it comes out great! I think this time I might use half of it for soup before I add BBQ sauce! Yumm!


  3. Kelly says

    Hi Julie! When you make this recipe, how many pounds of pork do you use? Thanks for the idea, this is a fantastic tailgate recipe for my college budget.


  4. says

    I also have a weakness for pulled pork and would choose it (almost) any time over a burger! Thanks for a great recipe with only two ingredients, always my favorite kind of recipe 🙂


  5. Katelyn L. says

    I used this recipe last night and it was delicious and super easy!! I shared some with my boyfriend and dad and both of them couldn’t believe it was only a two ingredient recipe!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂



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