Cauliflower Pizza Crust

A pizza crust made with cauliflower? This can’t taste good… but it DOES!

Magic, I’m tellin’ ya.

Ryan and I tried this recipe several months ago and were amazed at how fantastic the crust turned out.

We decided to spend our Friday night in, eatin’ pizza, staying warm and messing with Sadie. ;) (Maybe those lingering Christmas decorations will come down tonight…)

Ryan and Lil' Miss Sadie

To make the cauliflower pizza crust, we first riced cooked cauliflower in the food processor that I got for Christmas (thanks Mama!) until we had one cup of the prepped veggie.


We then added an egg and a cup of light mozzarella cheese to the cauliflower and mixed it until the ingredients formed a “dough.”

Pizza "Dough"

After pressing it onto a baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray and sprinkling the dough with spices, we baked it at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Pre-Cooked Crust

Ready for Toppings

We then took the crust out and topped it with the pizza toppings of our choice (lots o’ veggies puh-lease!). We stuck the crust back into the oven, placing it under the broiler until the cheese melted.

Topping His Half of the Pie

Pizza, Pizza

It smelled fantastic.

We split the pizza in half and dug in. Bon appetit!

Cuttin' the Pizza

My Plate


For dessert we split two little bowls of banana soft serve (just frozen bananas blended for a while in the food processor)… one plain banana and one chocolate banana. Can you guess which one I enjoyed more?

Answer: Chocolate. Always chocolate.

Soft Serve Banana

Chocolate Banana Soft Serve

This evening has been quite delicious!

Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday night. Happy weekend! :D


  1. says

    YUM! That crust looks amazing! I just bought a head of cauliflower today at the store so I think this is going to be my dinner tomorrrow night! I am SO excited to try this!!


  2. says

    How interesting!! Ryan is great for eating stuff like that. I don’t think Andrew would be smiling for the camera if I asked him to make that with me, haha! BUT, it is gluten free, so it’s pizza he could eat!! I should give it a try!!


  3. Vee says

    Such an interesting way of making a pizza crust! Mark and I enjoy making our own pizzas and will definitely give this one a go. Thanks for sharing it! Happy weekend!


  4. says

    Wow! Who would have thought this for a pizza crust! Pizza is probably one of my all time FAVE foods…I just might get up the guts to try this! One question – does the crust get crispy????


  5. jamies49 says

    We had almost the same exact dinner last night! We made flatbread pizzas and I had frozen banana/chocolate ice cream for dessert too!


  6. says

    Wow – this is interesting! …Did you find it was alot of cheese though…I would eat the WHOLE pizza myself…would that be too much?!?! ;)….I’ve heard of zucchini crust too…of course, nothing beats a nice soft or crispy dough ultimately :)


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      it was definitely cheesy & i could easily eat it all myself if i didn’t have a side of veggies or something else to eat as well. i think the entire crust has less than 500 calories though.


  7. Cheryl says

    I have made this crust many times, it just gets better each time!! I did the HCG diet plan and lost 31 lbs, and with wonderful recipes like this one, I have managed to keep it all off!!
    Love the Banana idea, I will have to try this!


  8. Monica says

    I made this pizza last night and it was so, so good! I threw some spinach and roasted red peppers into the dough of the crust and it was great! I love your blog it’s adorable and I love reading about your wedding since I am also planning a wedding :) Thanks for the recipe!


  9. Amy says

    The pizza crust is a great idea, and I intend to try it later this week. But I’m especially wowed by your simple banana soft serve! Amazing.


  10. says

    Banana softserve, a favorite of mine for a while…
    Cauliflower crust, never tried or heard of it so SUPER excited to give it a shot. I usually do tortilla pizzas on Ezekial Sprouted Torillas but this recipe is awesome because it has more of a dough-y constistancy. Thanks!!!


  11. Kieters says

    Has anyone tried this, replacing cheese with tofu? It’s on my todo list for when my detox is over in a month or so, I’ll let you know how it goes!


  12. Courtney says

    For the banana soft serve, did you just freeze a banana and then put it in the food processor? Or is there something mixed in with it (milk, icecream, etc?)



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