Wedding Dress Fitting

You guys are good guessers!

Tonight was, in fact, my first wedding dress fitting.

I was supposed to have my first fitting in August, but something went a little kooky between the bridal boutique and the manufacturer of my dress, so my first fitting got pushed back to three weeks before my wedding day.

A little nerve wracking, no?

My mom drove in town from St. Pete to be there which meant the world to me.

dress fitting 032 I didn’t realize just how much her presence would mean to me until I tried on my dress.

It was too big.

Way too big.

I wasn’t anticipating this because the boutique ordered my dress in a split size and took my measurements to have the dress made for me and I have not lost any weight. I was a little overwhelmed.

When my mom called out, “How is it?” from outside my fitting room and I answered her, she immediately went into mom mode and reminded me that we were here in plenty of time to have the dress altered and changed to make it perfect for the big day.

What is it about mothers that make them know exactly what to say to help calm, relax and soothe their children?

Shoes + Dress

I was also a little nervous to try on my wedding day shoes with my dress because it took me forever to find the shoes I bought and I wanted them to be perfect.

dress fitting 024

Unfortunately the dress is just a tad too short on me with my heels on (I’m lifting my dress in the above pictures… It’s not that short). We’re looking into ordering a bit more lace from the dress company to add an inch and a half to the bottom of the dress. Cross your fingers that it works!


I also brought my wedding day clutch with me to the fitting to be sure I liked the look of it with my dress.

After blogging about clutches I love, the designer of two of the clutches, Davie & Chiyo of the Etsy shop I fell in love with, offered to send me a clutch of my choice for my big day.

I had such a hard time choosing one that I liked best, so I sent them a couple of links to the ones I liked most and told them to surprise me.

They sent me this beautiful clutch:

dress fitting 026dress fitting 028The ivory color matched my dress perfectly and I love the soft texture and romantic look of the clutch.

Plus, the big flower is removable should I decide against it or wish to take it off after the wedding as well.

I love Etsy sellers who create their own handmade goods. They’re the best!

In case you’re interested, the designers at Davie & Chiyo are offering 20% off to Peanut Butter Fingers readers. To receive the discount, simply write “PBFINGERS20” in the message box. The discount will not be rewarded instantaneously, but will be refunded after the purchase goes through. Not a bad lil’ deal! 😀


Once my dress fitting was complete and I said goodbye to my mama (she has an early morning appointment and couldn’t stay the night), it was time for dinner!

Since it was a little more than an hour later than when I normally eat dinner, I arrived at our apartment starving.

I immediately ate a fairly sizable protein bar to take the edge off.

I then assembled a plate of fast foods.

dress fitting 036I made a double cheese bagelwich by microwaving two slices of Muenster cheese on an everything bagel thin. On the side I enjoyed a sliced Honeycrisp apple (half went into my mouth and didn’t make the picture).

I’m still a little hungry, so I’m off to grab a cup of Greek yogurt before callin’ it a night.

Apparently wedding dress fittings are quite draining!


  1. says

    Think of it as good luck – it’s WAAAAAAAAAAY easier to take a dress in a lot than to let it out a little (my mom does some work as a seamstress). An omen for the wedding day. P.S. Love the lace!


  2. Kelly says

    I had the SAME problem with my wedding dress. The measurments were taken exactly, I didn’t lose any weight and my dress was easily 3 sizes too big! But alternation specialists ARE amazing and they can fix annything! I promise! 🙂


      • Kelly says

        You will be fine. My dress had boning in the top (like a built in corset) and it was a huge pain getting that to fit and not make my boobs look like cones (think Madonna in the 80’s) I was freaking out but they were able to fix it perfectly…you will be fine!!! I promise! 🙂


  3. says

    Thank goodness for your mom! I’m sure they will fix the dress and everything will be wonderful. I wonder how they messed it up so bad? I have my final fitting tomorrow!


  4. Melissa says

    Moms make everything better, don’t they? Glad she was there with you. I’m 100% sure your dress will be fixed & perfect for the big day. Hope you are relaxing & having a great night with Ryan & Sadie. 😀


  5. says

    I wish I had that relationship with my mom. We love each other and we go to the gym together but she drives me up the wall. I feel awful about it. Any suggestions? It just seems she asks me 5.98794579347 billion questions everyday and is high-strung. that gets me overwhelmed and stressed and therefore cranky with her. Please! Anybody suggestions!

    I am happy your mom was there to the rescue!
    I love simple melted cheese sanmmies! there da best!


    • says

      i know this may sound totally cliche, but have you tried talking to her about it? maybe saying something like “sometimes your questions overwhelm me a little bit” might help her realize that getting the 3rd degree from her all the time can feel stressful. she may think she’s just taking an interest in your life and not even realize she’s overwhelming you. again, i am not close to the situation, just just wanted to offer my initial thoughts! i think it’s wonderful that you & your mom work out together & that you care so much about your relationship with her.


  6. Paige says

    Don’t worry! That happens ALL the time with bridal shops. They always measure you to a size that is bigger than what you really need…I suspect to force you into paying them for alterations. Anyway, I’m sure they will alter your dress to fit you perfectly! I hope that the extra fabric on your dress works because the shoes look great with the lace! 🙂


  7. says

    I had to have mine refitted 6 times!!! But I won’t lie, I actually enjoyed going every time. Just getting the chance to put it on was always a wonderful thing. 🙂 I wish I still had reasons to put it on.


  8. says

    I know how you feel. When I got married, I actually DID lose weight and they had to order me a new dress. When I got the new dress, it still needed alterations done and I cut it pretty close. I didn’t get my dress back until a couple of days before my wedding. Craziness.

    Also, are you breaking in your wedding shoes? I got that tip and was glad I did. A couple weeks before your wedding, you should walk around in them 30 minuted or so several days a week. This way, they won’t kill your feet the day of the reception. My shoes actually did hurt my feet a little bit in the process of breaking them in, but they were perfect on my wedding day. I didn’t know if you were doing that or not.


  9. says

    Don’t worry about the dress hon. This happens to all of us and you have time to adjust for it. I’ve heard *several* cases where they’ve turned around a fitting in a day! No worries. Eveyrthing does work out. And I hope the lace works too because those shoes rock!


  10. Allison M. says

    Beautiful clutch! I wish I had seen this a little sooner – I am attending a wedding this weekend, and the one I looked at on their Etsy site would have been fabulous!

    Love your blog! 🙂


  11. says

    They are TOTALLY draining, I know exactly what you mean! I had to go through quite an ordeal of my own…but just remember, it will all work out in the end!
    I love reading about all your wedding posts…it brings back such great memories! 😀


  12. says

    It’s all going to be okay! They will figure out the hem and the sizing. Bigger is always better! When I had my second to last fitting, the seamstress had somehow turned my sweetheart neckline dress into a PLUNGING V-neck. Hello boobs! I was horrified, but it turned out she just used temporary stitching and it was all okay. There was a language barrier, so I thought she said that she had already cut the fabric. Panic averted, these people know what they are doing! The clutch is great too btw!


  13. says

    Julie, my wedding dress was at least 3 sizes too big for me less than 3 weeks before my wedding day. My seamstress made it work and it fit like a glove the day of my wedding, no worries!

    It would be a much bigger problem if the dress was too small!!


  14. says

    I’m not married but I’ve been a bridesmaid in two weddings and both times the fitting was a nightmare. The first time she told me that my hips measured a 14 and that would need to be the size I ordered. Never have I ever been a 14, and lo and behold it needed to be altered down to an 8. The second time I was told the same thing, my hips were a 14… as I was standing in the size 10 sample. It was on, zipped, fit perfectly. I was like, “No, I think I will order a 10.” She goes, “Your hips will never fit into the 10.” Um… you do see me in front of you, right? You see me fitting into the 10?? I had to sign a waiver. While wearing the sample dress.

    That was a long comment, sorry! The good news is my dress was altered down 3 sizes within a couple of days so I’m sure you have plenty of time with your dress, no worries 🙂


  15. says

    My wedding dress was WAY too big at first also. I think they do it specifically because it is easier to take in if the bride doesn’t gain weight than to let it out if she does.

    I am getting super excited for your wedding! It sounds really creepy to say, but I love weddings and this was the first year since I have been with my husband that no one close to me got married! I never thought I would miss going to weddings!


  16. Jean@RoastedRootsandPumpkinSpice says

    I am seriously in love with that clutch! SO beautiful. And good luck with your wedding dress, I’m sure everything will work out fine.


  17. Adra says

    I had the same exact clutch for my wedding last month and it was perfect!! I could fit exactly what I needed into it and got so many compliments!


  18. says

    That lace is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the full dress. I’m sure you look gorgeous in it–as you would in a paper bag. And the good thing is that the dress is too big…so much easier to rectify than one that’s too small.


  19. Jaime says

    How awesome! Love the shoes and clutch! My Mom took the lace off of my dress (after I got married) and put it on my daughters bedding when she was a baby. She also took some off hers,. So, now my daughter has a blanket that is double special!


  20. Ashley says

    Don’t worry, my dress was way too big at the first fitting also. I think I was only about a month out, so I didn’t have much more time than you. It ended up being perfect, though. AND my dress was all lace (Pronovias Sagrera) too! 🙂


  21. says

    They can do it!! Relax- the seamstress knows that this is the most important dress of your life and will do it perfectly 🙂 For my brother’s wedding this summer, the bridesmaid dresses the bridesmaid wanted were on clearance and could only be ordered online. It fit snugly but fine at the time…and then I gained weight. They were able to let it out though, thankfully!


  22. says

    I had my dress fitting a couple of weeks ago, and my issue was that I HAD NOT lost the weight I wanted, so the dress fit just fine. No need to take it in. I ordered the size of the sample since that had fit ok, and had sworn I’d be losing weight before then. No such luck.

    Good luck on your next fitting — I can’t wait to see the pictures of you on your dress! I get married about a month or so after you 🙂


  23. Stephocracy says

    Ugh, I am also stressing about my wedding dress right now. It’s one of those “I don’t need this right now!” situations. We’ll both get through it and our alterations will be lovely and everything will be as it should be.

    You will haea beautiful and fitted dress on your day – don’t worry. It will happen.


  24. says

    Hang in there, they are miracle workers…seriously. they will take care of it! I LOVE the clutch, shoes, and lace details!!! I cannot wait to try my dress on for its first fitting in April, I stare at pictures of it that are DEEPLY hidden in a secret file on my laptop so the fiance can’t see it!



  25. Laurel says

    As all things in my life are related to school right now I thought I’d share this fact. When human beings are stressed and they hear their mother’s voice it releases a chemical in your brain that reduces stress…probably why mama sue’s voice made you feel better 🙂


  26. Lauren says

    OMG I just came across this page about your dress and your clutch, and I have just fallen in love with a Davie & Chiyo clutch myself! It is the first one I found that matches my dress perfectlyyyy. I actually had just messaged them about possibly changing the color of the lining of the bag. I wonder if they’ll still honor the discount!



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