And the Vizsla Winner is…


Rush into My Heart!


Congrats to Rush and his proud puppy mama, Jess! Please email me with your mailing address so I may send you and Rush a little treat.

For those of you who cannot get enough puppy pictures in your life, here are two more pictures of the winning lil’ boy.

Seriously, I Want Him.

Yeaaah, I'm Cute.

I am currently brainstorming a plan to kidnap him and make him Sadie’s boyfriend. Sure she’s almost three years old, but I think she could be into younger men dogs.

Sadie the cougar!

Cougar Sadie. Watch Out Young Pups!

Let me know if  you’re interested in breeding, Jess. I’m sure we could have Sadie’s ovaries put back in.


Lunch today featured a little somthin’ new!

Marinated Tempeh

Turtle Island Foods smoky maple bacon marinated tempeh! Today was my first time trying this flavor and it was pretty good! It definitely had more of a “smoked” flavor than a bacon flavor, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Bacon Tempeh

Just in case you were wondering, tempeh is fermented soybeans. Sounds delicious, no? Okay, no, it doesn’t. But it is good!

The Whole Shebang!

Along with my tempeh sandwich, I enjoyed grape tomatoes, string cheese and an apple.

Lunch = Buneo.

I’m so glad it’s nearly 1:30 p.m.! This day is flyin’ which is a blessing because I am a-n-t-s-y.


  1. Lisa says

    I love how you’re not afraid to try vegetarian options like tempeh and morningstar bacon strips! I’ve been a vegetarian for 5 years so I love seeing these kinds of meals in your blog 🙂 you should definitely try more things from Morningstar such as their ribs, chicken nuggets, chicken patties and turkey burgers. It’s all sooooo good!!!


  2. krista says

    I love Morningstar products and all their fake meat options but that tempeh is SCARY looking! It looks OK on your sandwich but the closeup in it’s packaging would turn me away.


    • says

      Agreed! I was thinking the same thing about the tempeh. More power to you for being fearless! I’m a huge texture eater, so I think that would turn me away. Everything is worth a try, though…right?


  3. Allie @ Healthy Balance, Healthy Life says

    Ooh I want to try tempeh. What do you think is the tastiest way to prepare it?


  4. Jess says

    Yay Rush says thank you to everyone!! He really wanted to win because he has a crush on Sadie and he wanted to get her attention 😉 They would make beautiful vizsla babies together lol


  5. Dana says

    Vizsla cuteness!!

    PS – Julie! I went into our work pantry and guess what was there…… holiday pretzel treats!! maybe other people know about that recipe orrrr maybe you’re just FAMOUS in Midtown Manhattan (in Rockefeller Center, no less ;))


    • says

      from their website:

      Our organic soy, organic five-grain, and spicy veggie tempeh are gluten-free. Our new marinated tempeh strips have been tested by two independent labs and are verified to be gluten-free as well.


  6. says

    Congrats Rush, you definitely are a cutie.

    My Vizsla Bethe is pretty jealous, but I told her she could always win another category, like cutest Vizsla named Bethe!


  7. Kelly says

    Random question…but I know that you snap your lunch picture in the morning before going to work but when you actually make it at work do you add any condiments or do you just eat the Tempeh on the Arnold Thin plain?


  8. Jessica says

    Hmmm … girl that tempeh does not look appealing to me lol. Umm the puppy that won? AH-dorable…love him! I just copy & pasted the winning photo and sent it to a bunch of co-workers. We’ve all agreed that despite my landlords strick rules about puppies. My boyfriend should absolutely buy me a dog for Christmas. Happy Holidays!


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