100 Miles Per Hour

Busy bee, Julie! That’s what I’ve felt like today! I feel like Mondays are usually a little slower and my office tends to ease into the week, but not today. I’ve been working at 100 miles per hour since I sat down.

Not one to work on an empty stomach, I made sure to take a brief break to eat lunch.

Monday Lunch

Today’s mid day meal included a coconut curry tempeh sandwich on a whole wheat hot dog bun served with carrots and a cup of Greek yogurt sweetened with honey.

The Main Meal


It was a satisfying combination and some great brain food.

Back to work…

Hoping to post my new playlist tonight!

In Case You Missed It Over the Weekend

Of Possible Interest

Question of the Afternoon

What is your busiest day of the week?


  1. says

    Did you like that coconut curry tempeh??? I actually tried it a week or two ago and it almost made me throw up! i don’t know if maybe the package was bad or something bc I checked the date, and I’m not usually that picky!


  2. says

    The tempeh looks really good?! Did you buy the coconut curry type? I’ve never had tempeh but have wanted to try it for sure šŸ™‚

    My busiest day is probably Friday…people in my office decide they love to give projects on that day!


  3. says

    Coconut curry tempeh looks delicious! Mondays are usually a busy day for me, too, although this whole week will be one huge whirlwind of busyness at work. Good luck catching up and getting everything done! I can’t wait to check out your new rockin’ playlist–I need some new tunes!


  4. says

    That tempeh sounds delicious! My busiest day over the last 3 weeks was EVERY DAY! But now things are a bit more quiet. I’m grateful because I can really feel that my body needs a break (mentally and physically!) I hope you have a great (and productive) afternoon! šŸ™‚


  5. says

    My busiest day is actually Tuesday and Friday — seems many people in my office take off Mondays (or work from home) so everything becomes urgent on Tuesdays when they are back to work. I don’t mind, it makes Mondays less stressful!


  6. says

    Oh goodness that looks delicious. Have you tried Greek God’s yogurt, with honey??

    I seriously don’t buy it anymore because I’m afraid of eating the ENTIRE thing. Especially paired with granola and raspberries. Disaster.


  7. says

    Monday-Thursday! I guess maybe Mondays are a little busier than the rest, but it seems I am always going full speed until Friday. For whatever reason, things seem to wind down by then. Thank goodness!


  8. says

    Welp, at least busy days are speedy days!

    I am leisuring at home today (spring break, woo!) and I made those peanut butter protein bars this morning. They are SO, SO delicious! Thanks for posting that recipe! Easily a new fave of mine šŸ˜‰


  9. Christina says

    Congrats on the tickets! sooooo jealous. That’s going to be so much fun!

    Looks like you got the goods going on in your lunch- nothing perks me up quite like greek yog. and honey.


  10. says

    Your lunch looks so good! You alway find away to get in so many veggies. I always try to add more veggies in my lunch just like you! I’ve even started cutting up a bell pepper to eat with lunch! Its hard since I am such a sweet eater.


  11. Briana (AuD Runner) says

    Coconut Curry Tempeh??! How have I never heard of this until just now?! Thanks for sharing, your recipes page is great!


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