Today has been wonderfully relaxing. Ryan and I have had a lot going on lately and many big decisions were made this weekend that have been mentally draining. (Stay tuned for a big announcement on the blog this week!) It felt great to just kick back, enjoy the sunshine in our backyard and read our book together.

divergent 001 

We actually ended up finishing the book today!

I would highly, highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed The Hunger Games, or to readers who gravitate toward suspenseful books that make you think. I love trying to predict twists and turns in books, and Divergent had plenty of twists to keep me entertained.

The book takes place in futuristic Chicago (thought there aren’t flying saucers or anything weird) where society has divided itself into five distinct factions based on strong personality traits such as selflessness, honesty and bravery. Every 16-year-old in the society must choose a faction to join on Choosing Day where they will remain forever (with or without their family).

The heroine of the novel, Tris, is likable and strong yet vulnerable and flawed, in an endearing and wonderful way. She struggles with choosing a faction and throughout the book discovers flaws within the society as a whole. Romantic interests, friendships and rivalries form, making the book more than just action-packed. Ryan and I read this book together as we did with The Hunger Games and it appealed to both of us and had us both wanting to read more. It’s a definite page-turner and a fast, easy read. A perfect summertime book! Though we didn’t realize it when we started reading Divergent, it is the first in a series of books, only the others are not published yet. Now we’re both feeling anxious, waiting for the next one in the series to come out in the summer of 2012!

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And now we need another book!


Dinner tonight was easy and delicious. Something about the Fourth of July screams grillin’ and BBQ pulled pork and since we did the whole BBQ thing yesterday, crock pot pulled pork won out this evening!

bbq pulled pork 002

Served with roasted green beans and Bush’s baked beans (love these!), this meal reminded me of summertime dinners outside with my family.

bbq pulled pork 004

Time for dessert! Open-mouthed smile


  1. says

    Interesting, I haven’t heard of this one. I’m usually out of the loop when it comes to book series, but I just finally tried The Hunger Games and I LOVED it. I was so glad that the rest of the series was immediately available so I could keep reading right through!

    I’ll put this one on my Good Reads shelf, but I might wait a bit until the release of book 2 is closer…I like the instant gratification of having the sequel at the ready!


  2. Kaella says

    I loved the Hunger Games (thanks for your reviews) so I will be sure to pick this one up.

    BIG announcements?!? Yay!! I am hoping you found a place to live (bye bye bye mice<N'Sync, anyone?)
    Happy 4th American friend 🙂


  3. says

    I’ve heard such good things about The Hunger Games. I’m going to have to get it after I finish The Help.

    Your book sounds super intriguing as well – too many good books to read!!

    Glad you got to kick back and relax today – seems like you deserved it!


  4. says

    I finished reading this book not too long ago and absolutely loved it. It really reminded me of The Hunger Games as well, which I also loved. It actually looks like we’ve been reading a lot of the same books lately! I adored Water for Elephants and The Help, and now I’m reading Room, by Emma Donoghue, which is also fantastic and I suggest picking it up if you haven’t read it 😀


  5. Holly says

    Thanks for the info on Divergent….I loved the Hunger Games series so Ill be reading Divergent in the near future!

    If I could recommend a book, I’d tell you to read “Unbroken”. It’s fantastic…so hard to put down! My husband and I read it, and I recently passed it on to my dad. Such an amazing story!

    I LOVE your blog!


  6. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn says

    I canNOT wait to try that book!!! I am so excited to read Hunger Games this summahhh


  7. says

    I keep hearing that the Hunger Games is so good. I’m not a huge book reader, but maybe I should check it out! Glad you’re having a good weekend. Can’t wait to hear the announcement.


  8. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I loved the Hunger Games so I’m checking out this book when I”m finished with the current series I am reading: Uglies — you might like it too, it reminds me of Hunger Games in many ways.


  9. says

    I love brown beans! They are so tastey and filling. I especially love them in maple syrup.

    I really, really need to read more! I have so many books to read and I’m just too lazy to start. I need to kick myself in the butt right over to that bookshelf and just start one!


  10. says

    That book sounds so so good! I have been devouring books lately! I just finished all of the Emily Giffin books and just finished the book Room by Emma Donahughe (ine one day – SO good!) this weekend. I’m now reading memoirs of a Geisha because I never read it!


  11. caryn says

    the book reminds me a little of Brave New World. i recommend reading it if you haven’t. it’s definitely thought-provoking!


  12. says

    I just started reading The Hunger Games the other day. I’m liking it so far! Divergent sounds like a great book too. I’ll have to remember to pick up a copy!


  13. Amanda Jewell @ Science&Bananas says

    It’s so adorable that you read books together. I hope that one day, when I find the man I’m going to marry (umm when I’m 80?), we can do the same 🙂


  14. says

    I absolutely LOVED this book! I cannot wait until the series comes out. Dystopian novels are really big in YA, apparently some other really good ones that have come highly recommended to me are “Wither” by Laurie DeStefano, “Matched” by Ally Condie, “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner, and “Incarceron” by Catherine Fisher. “Delirum” by Lauren Oliver is also really popular but I wasn’t the biggest fan of it.

    If you are looking for something light, “Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins is one of the cutest YA romances I have read. There are tons of raving reviews about it and it has a really high rating on Goodreads. Definitely check it out if you get a chance!


  15. E says

    I loved the Hunger Games series, so I can’t wait to check out this one!

    Hmmm…big announcement? Can’t wait to hear 😉


  16. cait says

    I’m so glad you talked about this book! I read it right after reading The Hunger Games as was also surprised by how much I enjoyed it 🙂 I’m anxiously awaiting next summer for the next book to come out =] ps I’m currently reading The Help and am loving every minute of it!


  17. angie says

    I have a question about the book, beautiful Julie! Is it appropriate for a thirteen year old? My daughter loved The Hunger Games and if this doesn’t have stuff that I would rather she not read until she’s, oh, about thirty or so I’d like to pick this up for her. 🙂


    • says

      hi angie! it’s a great book, but it does mention sex VERY briefly- though no sexual relations actually occur other than kissing. as far as the suspense/action level, i think that’s 100 percent okay for a 13-year-old. if she could handle the hunger games, this book is less intense, in my opinion!


  18. Laura (Cookies vs. Carrots) says

    I’ve never roasted green beans before, but I love pretty much all other veggies roasted. I might have to give that a try soon!


  19. says

    I enjoyed the Hunger Games, but I don’t know…this one sounds too similar. Does it feel like deja vu at all?

    I think I’ll wait to read it until at least one more book comes out. I’m so glad I didn’t start reading the HG until all of the books were out!


  20. says

    I might eventually get Divergent at the library but for now …I don’t think I can start any new series. I read books in a couple hours so I waiting for book 2 for an entire year won’t fly with me.

    On another note, I don’t know if Ryan would like this but there is this great book by Lauren Oliver called Before I Fall. It’s sort of described as Groundhog Day meets Mean Girls and it really makes you think (it was my 4th of July read)!


  21. says

    I’ve got “The Art of Racing in the Rain” on my “to-read” list! You need to read “Heaven is for Real”!! I just read it in two days! Next up I’m starting “The Help”!


  22. says

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I loved the HG series, so this is now on my to-read list. If you like this kind of book, you should try out the Longest Walk by Stephen King’s alter ego. It’s a quick read and full of suspense. It also motivated me to have some great workouts while reading it!


  23. Dana says

    The Divergent series is awesome! I think I liked it better than Hunger Games? Maybe? I heard the third book is coming out Fall 2012!


  24. says

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    read stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this blog.



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