And Then We Partied!

And we’re back for Part Two of Leah and Matt’s amazing wedding day!


Following the wedding ceremony, the bridal party met up with their dates while the bride and groom took some formal photos with their families at the church.

leah's wedding 037

I was happy to be reunited with my hot date!

Once the formal photos were done, Leah and Matt arranged for a bus to take the bridal party and all of their dates on ride through downtown Chicago for some picture stops before heading to the reception site for the remainder of the evening.

leah's wedding 044_thumb[9]

The bus was stocked with subs from Jimmy John’s, snacks, beer and champagne.

leah's wedding 055

And someone  snuck some Four Lokos and Mad Ballers on the bus…

leah's wedding 076

What? That’s totally neon-green champagne in my glass. Winking smile 

And I’m not quite sure where the gang signs came from…. Leah’s brother-in-law told us that they were the “third loko.” They just come out of nowhere! Open-mouthed smile 

leah's wedding 077

Clearly it was a fun bus ride!

leah's wedding 073

leah's wedding 063

The first stop the bus made was on Michigan Avenue, and we all got out for a photo op in the middle of the city.

leah's wedding 078

leah's wedding 084

leah's wedding 086

And then it was back on the bus!

Before we knew it, we arrived at Scoozi, an Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago for the reception.

The Reception

leah's wedding 087leah's wedding 090

The reception site was so, so neat because Leah and Matt rented out the entire restaurant. The reception felt like a hoppin’ Saturday night at an intimate Italian restaurant, only you knew all of other restaurant guests!

We were able to sit with our dates for a delicious sit-down dinner which was really nice.

leah's wedding 104leah's wedding 105

I literally ate everything off both of my plates!

And you better believe I had room for wedding cake.

leah's wedding 089

leah's wedding 106

It was the perfect dance-floor fuel.

The dance floor was where we spent the vast majority of the night!

leah's wedding 110

Leah and Matt selected the BEST music. The DJ played songs that made me want to sing and  dance like “Call Me Al,” “Build Me Up Buttercup” and “Dancing Queen.” The music was happy music and the dance floor was packed the entire night.

Ryan and I had a great time doing some interpretive dancing and pretending to  booty dance to oldies songs. I could not stop laughing!

I loved how everyone seemed to have the best time on the dance floor and you could tell Matt and Leah were having a blast.

leah's wedding 113

About an hour before the reception was scheduled to be over, Matt and Leah surprised everyone by bringing out pizza! It was welcomed nourishment after breaking a serious sweat on the dance floor.

At midnight, the DJ announced that Matt and Leah decided to extend the reception for another half hour, which kept the party going and got everyone on the dance floor together.

The night ended with the song “American Pie” (Leah’s parents’ wedding song!) and everyone linked arms around the happy couple as they danced together one last time on their wedding day. It was so special and I felt honored to be a part of their special day. It was a wedding I will never, ever forget!

Congratulations Matt and Leah! I know you two will have the most amazing marriage and a wonderful future together and I hope you have the BEST time on your honeymoon. I love you both. Thank you again for including me in your special day.


  1. says

    What a cool idea renting out a small restaurant! Definitely different from your typical reception-hall party, but I love what an intimate and fun feel this has to it.


  2. Kaella says

    I have always loved reading about weddings but now that I am engaged I find I enjoy it even more 🙂 It looks like you had a blast!!! Congratulations to the happy couple!!!!!


  3. says

    that looks like so. much. fun… and I don’t think I’ve seen bridesmaids dresses I’ve loved so much!

    when I get engaged.. do me a favor and remind me how much I love those, k? (…we’ve got a while)

    and four lokos on the bus? just mah style.


  4. Erin K. says

    We were in Chicago over the holidays and had Christmas Eve dinner at Scoozi! The food was fantastic! 🙂
    And yes, the bridesmaids dresses are amazing!


  5. says

    Looks like such a beautiful and fun wedding! I love the personal touches they added to their Mass and the bridesmaid’s dresses are so pretty 🙂


  6. Rachel says

    Love all of your posts! Makes us feel like we’re right there with you! Looks like so much weddings of best friends!! Tomorrow you’ll wake up wishing that you were still celebrating, but you also get to wake up to a great online support community 🙂


  7. Alexa says

    omg julie you were literally right next to me for the last 2 days. i was at seasons, marios and shopping on michigan ave all around the same times you were.

    must have just kept missing you!
    haha so weird!
    hope your having fun in chicago!


  8. says

    What a fun and beautiful wedding. I love little touches like pizza at midnight for your guests! What a great idea. I was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and they brough out tiny little burgers at midnigh for everyone! Y’alls bridesmaids dresses are seriously the cutest I have ever seen!!


  9. cait says

    wow i love it Julie 🙂 you looked like you had a great time! i love the bridesmaid dress you had on! Where did you get it from? It looks exactly like something I would love to have mine wear! xo


  10. Kate says

    Looks like an absolutely gorgeous and fun wedding! Love the colours of the dresses and the flowers. The photos make me even more excited for my big day on October 1st!


  11. says

    This post is so sweet, and the wedding and reception were both so obviously carefully planned. I’m heading home for my best friend’s wedding in the beginning of September, and your post totally got me pumped! I can’t wait!


  12. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    That wedding party looks so much fun, what a wonderful way to spend you weekend – partying it up with loved ones and celebratign LOVE, lol! 😉 How gorgeous is the colour of the dresses- is that cornflour blue? It’s STUNNING! 😀 xyx


  13. says

    The limo ride looks like a fun time! I think having the reception in a restaurant is so unique! It looked like a beautiful wedding! Congrats to your friend! 🙂


  14. Laura (Cookies vs. Carrots) says

    Those pics on Michigan Avenue are breathtaking! And their reception site looks adorable!


  15. says

    what an AWESOME reception! So cool that they rented out the restaurant! Definitely have to say that one of the best ideas was to get pizza!! I know after all of the dancing & drinking pizza must of been VERY appreciated 😉


  16. Laura says

    OMG i love your bm dress!! That blue really pops and i love that it is short & you can probably wear it again.
    I also love that they rented out a restaurant. What a great idea! And i sorta just got chills reading about how you all linked arms and danced to their parents wedding song – something about weddings man! They get me every time! Much luck to the couple!


  17. says

    ? I thought four lokos was illegal now.

    What a fun reception! I wish my own had been fun. No one wanted to dance! It was mostly family and apparently they don’t know how to “get down.”


  18. says

    What a great great wedding! You must have had a wonderful time! The bus is a nice idea, and the best thing in this is to have a good time all together ^^



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