Replace with Plates

Well hot dang! Ninety-eight percent of you were not a fan of the teacups.

And you know what? I totally agree.

The teacups have been removed and mustard yellow plates have replaced them… for the time being anyway. I’m not rushing any decorating decisions, but these plates will do for now.  


Thanks for the plate suggestion, guys!

Once I was done crawling around on our counter tops, it was time to get started on dinner. (I wiped down the counters, don’t worry.)


I made dinner tonight on my brand new Cuisinart Grill/Griddle combo that I purchased on sale through RueLaLa. (Yes, they sell kitchenware in addition to awesome clothes!)


I used the grill side to cook up some sweet Italian sausages and the griddle side to caramelize onions and sauté zucchini with Garlic Gold nuggets that I received in my HLS swag bag.


I think Sadie was intrigued.

The Garlic Gold nuggets were crispy and delicious and added a nice punch of flavor to the zucchini.

Ryan and I enjoyed our veggies with fully dressed Italian sausages.



Our evening beverage was Mighty Leaf ginger peach iced tea from the sample pack I received.


This flavor was my favorite one yet. I didn’t realize it had caffeine until I just uploaded that picture. Let’s hope I’m not up all night!

Off to hang with my little family. Have a great night!


      • says

        oh, shoot.. I’m looking at it closer now.. does your not have a lid? mine has two plates, one on the lid and one on the bottom, which you can flip to make a panini press or a griddle. almost as if you took yours and folded it in half.

        or maybe you could take a separate slated press and push it on top? 🙂


        • Leah says

          If you don’t have a lid you can put a pyrex dish on top of your panini and weight it with books inside. When one side is done, just flip and press the other. Probably not as simple as a panini press but I do it all the time on the griddle and it works great!


  1. Emma @ Microcosm of Life says

    Oooh, MUCH better. I think sticking to one or two color or tones is the way to go, and I like the yellow a lot!


  2. jaci says

    The plates look great!

    I also really love the look of uniquely colored, shaped and sized glass vases arranged on the top (especially when light hits it) mixed with some plants or flowers up there. I’ve done it a little bit where I’m living and you’d be surprised what beautiful treasures you can find at Ross, TJMAXX or Marshalls!


  3. Shayla @ The Good Life says

    I so wish I had a Griddler, that is so neat you can grill all that without dirtying up a thousand pans! And I definitely like the plates better! 🙂


  4. Morgan @ Some Kind of Sunshine says

    Plates are a go! I would be so giddy in a new place 🙂 have fun decorating and be sure to show the before’s and after’s!


  5. Olivia says

    the plates look much better! and your house looks amazing so far!! i am so so jealous you guys have a pool in your backyard! and i love how simple, fresh, and uncluttered your kitchen looks 🙂 you should post more pictures of the rest of the house when you get the chance! i’m sure the rest of it will look just as lovely 🙂


  6. dee says

    Wow! Those cups came down quick! Though I stick to my greenery idea (yay for love ferns! Haha), the plates remind me of sunrises/sunsets! 🙂 and I love kitchen appliances! That griddler combo looks fun! My all time favorite kitchen utensils are wooden spoons and rubber scrapers/spatulas! Do you have any odd favorites?


  7. says

    That grill looks awesome!!! I wish Rue La La would ship to Canada 🙁 maybe one day.

    I agree about the plates! I loved the colours of the teacups but I agreed with everyone else and thought they were too small. The plates are much betta.
    I actually have a similar dilemma in my kitchen:
    Third picture down is my current decor above my cupboards if ya wanna check it out… but I just threw a bunch of random stuff up there because I didn’t know what else to do! We have a giant orange wall, hence the orange accents 🙂


  8. says

    The plates look much better! And I love the color of them too. Well done 🙂 You should keep them, but get little plate holders so you can move them up closer to the edge and see them in all their glory!

    Dinner looked scrumptious!


  9. says

    I just got the Cuisinart Panini/Griddle combo and love that thing to death. The indoor grill one is nice too. That would be perfect for the winter here when the grill outside is not an option unless you want to die of hypothermia while cooking dinner.


  10. says

    That grill looks awesome. I didn’t get hooked on Rue La La until I read one of your posts and let me tell you how much my husband appreciates it. I’m already stocking up on cute outfits for after this pregnancy. Btw, I wrote a post about my favorite foodie and runners blogs tonight and you are on it!


  11. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    I’ve been hearing about the Garlic Gold on everyone’s blogs. I so want some since I can’t live without my garlic. Yummy!


  12. says

    How much natural light do you get up there? I could see plants of some sort on top of the cabinets. I’m in the same boat as you, but I don’t get much light in my kitchen, so I’m thinking some big pottery of sorts (probably from Hobby Lobby,)


  13. says

    Eeeeeps!! I had no idea Rue La La did kitchen stuff too! I totally unsubscribed from them a few months ago (because I was sick of the temptations with baby on the way)…and need to re-subscribe. Oh how I am coveting your new kitchen toy!


  14. Ellee says

    The plates are definitely cute! I do think the scale is better for that space than the cups were. They fill the space a little better between the cabinets and the ceiling!


  15. Danielle Spellman @ Squirrel Snackin' says

    That grill is awesome! Way cooler than our George Foreman. 🙂 The plates looks a lot better and the darker yellow is a nice contrast against the wall. I’ve had my eye out for those garlic nuggets and so far no luck!


  16. Candace Mitchell says

    I love the plates! They look WAY better. The yellow looks awesome in your kitchen. I’d stick with them. Looks great. 🙂


  17. says

    My only suggestion would be to add a splash of color with maybe some red plates? Or blue? That way they don’t blend in with the cabinets so much. I tried to put stuff on top of our cabinets but there is quite a drop back there and whatever I tried to put you just couldn’t see anyway.

    You like the griddle? A pan like that came with our stove but I haven’t used it much. Maybe i should.

    What kind of sausages do you use?

    The Kidless Kronicles

    Wag More, Bark….


  18. Sabina says

    The plates are much better than the teacups – but still not “it”. I think the issue is scale. You need something with a bit more of presence/heft. consider some pitchers. I don’t know if your cabinets are like mine, but i had to put something below the item so that it actually clears the added moulding. Good luck!


  19. Dyanna says

    I like the plates, but our Hobby Lobby has HUGE (I MEAN HUMONGARGCIOUS) colorful tea cups and I just keep thinking how cute those would be!


  20. Carrie says

    Try this Julie just to zschuzsch up the plates… Get a larger “charger” in a woven material (eighth circle of Hell has them!!) and a plate stand (Pier 1 or WalMart). Layer the charger behind the plate on the stand and put those on top of a BOOK to raise them up so you can see more of the plate…. Try one, I think you’ll like it. (you don’t see the book) . If I could see the future – I’d see you as a younger, thinner, white Oprah… on tv instead of blogging… When are you doing your favorite things post! Love it.


  21. says

    Much better! If I could make a suggestion, maybe put something under the plates to raise them up so you can see more of them. They’re so cute! I have a couple of things above my counter tops and I just sat them on old books to give them a little more height.
    Read both of the first two books and they’re amazing. The Book Thief made me ugly cry.


  22. says

    Such a handy dandy grill!! my BF still swears by the one he keeps out on his balcony though LOL… it only stinks when we want to grill and it is raining, but oh wait – that rarely happens here in TX so no big deal 😉

    Plates are way cuter than the cups haha good job!


  23. Sarah says


    When you decorate on top of cabinets like that I find it helps to put bowls up the upside down and then stack the plate on top of the bowl, this stand the plate (or cup) up higher so that it doesn’t fall behind lip on the cabinetry. Just a little tip, my mom used to make me sister and I climb on the cabinets to do all her decorating over ther years we learned a few things 😉


  24. Olivia says

    i was just reading this design blog and they had old, vintage glass bottles on top of cabinets that they found at flea markets for a really good deal. you can get them in those cute sea blue/teal colors and in all different sizes. thought you might like that too if you ever want to mix things up 🙂


  25. says

    The plates look much better! If you can get some plate stands, then you can bring them closer to the edge of the cabinet, rather than leaning on the back wall…that way they’ll be more visible 🙂


  26. says

    I like the plates but you can’t see them very well. I put blocks of wood in the top of my cabinets and set my decor up on that so it is above that lip of the cabinets… Just a lil hint that I’ve found works wonders! 🙂



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