Totally (Un)Important

I have a few unimportant things to cover today before getting to lunch!

First, guess who turned 30 today?


(I love how Colleen tweeted to me about this, two of you – Heather and Laural – emailed me and Stephanie commented to tell me about his birthday. Long live Tiger Beat!)

Well, I don’t know about you, but I refuse to believe that JTT is any older than 15. He is solidified in my mind as the Randy from Home Improvement, Ben from Man of the House and as the voice of Simba, of course.


The next completely unimportant order of business is the two horrendously scary obstacles Sadie faced today.

The weather in Ocala is absolutely gorgeous, so I’ve been working from our screened in porch and Sadie has been having a field day.

First, she had a run-in with this beast.

pumpkin pancake bowl 001

Apparently the bugs mean business in Ocala.

dog hunting bug

Then, the pool cleaner vacuum thingy (that’s its technical name) gave her the heebie jeebies.

pumpkin pancake bowl 002

Every time it would suction something up, I swear Sadie almost dropped a turd.

Her life is so stressful.

She’s currently chasing the shadows of dragonflies as I type this post.


And our final order of business is some news for my fellow Bachelor Pad fans out there.

Guess who is engaged?

 holly and blake

Poor Michael. One of you nice girls out there needs to go date that sad, neglected boy, STAT… and then report back, please. 


I was planning on having a leftover chicken apple sausage for lunch today but Ryan (and Sadie) were hungrier than I anticipated last night, so leftovers were not available.

I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to eat when lunchtime rolled around and eventually I settled on pancakes.

Random, I know, but I really wanted to take another stab at perfecting the pumpkin protein pancakes I attempted yesterday.

Well my second attempt failed miserably. The pancakes weren’t as dry as yesterday’s ‘cakes, but they totally fell apart when I tried to flip them.

My pancakes quickly became a pumpkin protein pancake bowl, topped with honey Greek yogurt.

pumpkin pancake bowl 008It looked pretty sketchy, but it tasted fantastic!

pumpkin pancake bowl 010I also ate a whole wheat tortilla on the side.

pumpkin pancake bowl 005

Of Possible Interest


  1. says

    Yum!! Can’t wait for you to perfect that recipe so I can immediately make some. I have an open can of pumpkin in the fridge right now…

    And Sadie is such a goober haha, but to be honest my parents have a pool and that same vacuum cleaner and it startled ME a few times too! 🙂


  2. Mary Babicki says

    I love your random lunches! Pumpkin pancakes… and a tortilla! Haha. Not gonna lie, I eat tortillas out of the package too. Sometimes dipped in hummus or peanut butter, sometimes not. 😉


  3. Lindsay says

    Poor, poor Michael! The longer that Holly was on the show, the more I started to turn against her. It bothered me that she kept referrng to the fact that Michael broke up with her when she was the one to break off the engagement! Oh well, at least Holly won’t torment Michael anymore…


  4. says

    I just about died when I read about the engagement. What a disappointment. For their sake I hope it lasts.

    I had my first pumpkin spice latte today from Starbucks. Soooo good!

    I love to eat tortillas like there is no tomorrow in Mexico, then when I come home to Canada they just as not as good.


  5. says

    JTT!!!! I just knew we were destined to be soul mates. Haha. Actually, about a month ago I couldn’t sleep and caught an old re-run of Home Improvement. My heart still skipped a beat…which is kinda gross now considering I’m 27…but still. He will always be my first crush. sigh. 🙂


  6. Tracy says

    I just saw that Holly and Blake were engaged… and I was shocked. While I didn’t think Holly and Michael were going to make it, engaged, really? It’s only been 2 months since they stopped filming. Craziness… That’s why I love my reality tv.


  7. stephanie*L says

    HAHA- long live 15yr old JTT.

    Sadie cracks me up!! My dog, Bentley will go crazy about our pool vaccuum as well as our regular one! She FREAKS out. I have also been on crutches for 3 days and she is terrified of them.


  8. says

    Hahaha, dogs are so weird. Black garbage bags scare the crap out of my dog. He’s also now very afraid of a certain treat container as the result of a very unfortunate accident involving his head getting stuck inside of it.


  9. says

    Sadie cracks me up.

    Thanks for the links at the end of your posts. Do you do those manually or are they feeds? I’m reading the Men’s exercises women should do article now.


  10. says

    Well, I’m officially never moving to Ocala. Bugs should not be allowed to be that big under any circumstance.

    I love that Sadie is freaked out by the pool vacuum cleaner. That’s so precious! My dog is scared to death of the real vacuum cleaner, though the pool one doesn’t bother him so much…possibly because he’s too afraid of the pool itself to get anywhere near it haha.


  11. Leila says

    I’m not really sure why everyone feels so bad for Michael. He broke up with her! He only wants her back because he sees her with someone else.

    Would you still feel bad for Michael if you knew he cheated on Holly??!!! Who knows how true that info is.. but then again who even knows if Holly & Blake are really engaged..


  12. says

    Super disappointed to hear that Blake & Holly were engaged!!! My heart was always hurting for Michael and his sweet little self! P.S. Blake is from where I live and my friend and I saw him in a Target about a month ago 🙂 He is much shorter and skinnier than he appears on TV.


  13. says

    Amazing! I was (…am?) in love with JTT…I explicitly remember sending him a Valentine card every year, the best being a Lisa Frank one with a ballerina bunny that said, “You are TUTU cute!!!” I was beyond pumped when I received an autographed picture of him in the mail months later; he must’ve loved the card! That is, until I realized his signature was a stamp. Womp. Heart broken.


  14. Ally says

    I’m glad my dog isn’t the only one who freaks out at the vacuum things! She hates pools to begin with and when that thing would come up the side she would run inside and get her little butt as far from it as possible! Gotta love the ferocious dogs who are afraid of teensy little pool vacuums (or even regular vacuums in my dogs case)!


  15. says

    bahahahaha omg I died laughing when I read ‘sadie dropped a turd’ !

    And… crazy huge bug!! thank goodness you’re protected by a screen I couldn’t deal with that! haha everytime I find a grasshopper I put a red SOLO cup over it until my BF comes over to get rid of it… he said during grasshopper season my house looks like a mine zone.


  16. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    I bet you’re so glad you have a screened in porch. That bug thing is massive!

    Pancakes in any form are always winners, even if they don’t hold together. Yummy!


  17. Morgane says

    I would also freak out at a bug that large so Sadie and I are in the same boat.

    And, I don’t know if its just my computer but all of the writing in this post (except for the first three words) have a black line through them.


  18. Sam says

    Hi Julie-
    Love your blog. Dont know if you are aware of this but you are idolized in the pro-ED webworld and i’ve also seen your food pictures on many thinspiration Tumblrs. thoughts?


    • says

      this is something i personally have not investigated, but i was made aware of earlier this week. it was one of the reasons behind my post yesterday (why i don’t post everything that i eat) and it really flipped me upsidedown. having no personal experience with what it’s like to struggle with an eating disorder, i can only hope that my post yesterday allows people and those who look into my food and analyze it to realize that this blog is only a tiny smidgen of my life and my daily eats.


  19. says

    I had one pancake disaster but thanks to helping experienced pancake maker (my mum!) the second attempt was a success. It was the flipping I couldn’t get a handle on, she has it down to a tee. Love this post, brilliant! Made me feel better about my need for a helping hand. I your disappointment! 🙁


  20. says

    Omigosh- when I saw that about JTT I totally thought of you! Unfortunately, his glory days were clearly back when he was on Home Improvement because he is not cute now. And I am devestated about the Holly-Blake news! Ugh! But I will HAPPILY date Michael 🙂 Anyone want to hook a girl up?? 😉

    Can’t wait for when you perfect that recipe! I have never thought of using messed up pancakes in a pancake bowl but I like it!


  21. Lauren says

    SO sad about Blake and Holly. Michael was my favorite from way back when he was on Jillian’s season! The reunion will be interesting . . .


  22. says

    First, that bug looks nasty! Second, I love how puppies are a’scared of everything. I took my little guy to the pet store, and there was a baby Boston Terrier (that’s my lil guys breed) so it looked just like him but teeny tiny, and Zeus was scared out of his mind.


  23. Heather S says

    Who doesn’t love JTT? I’ve been seeing the previews for the 3D limited re-release of The Lion King and now this made me want to see it even more!


  24. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    nothin’ wrong with a pancake bowl, lol! looks delicious! 😀 Sadie is just the cutest little thing! <3 xyx


  25. Bianca @A Healthy Gourmet Lifestyle says

    I had no clue JTT did the voice of Simba! I loved Home Improvement when I was little..mainly cause I thought JTT was so cute.

    My most recent blog post is in honor of your anniversary yesterday. I thought you may want to read it.


  26. says

    Ahhhh I cannot believe they’re ENGAGED!!! I was Team Michael all the way! I have no problem finding him and mending his broken heart 🙂 I’m a good prospect, apparently he likes brunettes with blue eyes. HELLOOOO I’M A BRUNETTE WITH BLUE EYES! Pick me!

    And JTT will always be Ben from Man of the House to me! How is it possible he’s THIRTY!?

    P.S. I love hearing that other bloggers sometimes have failed attempts when trying to cook recipes. I’ve been trying (and failing) to perfect the perfect sweet potatoe fries recipe but they either end up too burnt, or too mushy. I feel like Goldlilocks, not too burnt, not too mushy, just riiiiight 🙂


  27. Anna says

    Michael is WAY too good for Holly. She’s been just terrible to him on Bachelor Pad. I was really hoping he would be the next Bachelor, but he’s probably not in a good place for that.


  28. Jen says

    I can’t believe those two are actually engaged!! Oh my Lord…what next? Although, honestly, they probably deserve each other. Michael needs a sweetheart.


  29. Nathan Miller says

    Stoked. Just bought seasons 1-3 of Tool Time, Quite possibly the greatest sitcom ever, this week as a surprise for the finance, along with her favorite bottle of sweet wine. Looks like it will be couch date night.


  30. says

    JTT is not 30. No way will I allow myself to face that reality.
    Cannot believe the Holly and Blake engagement rumor! I wonder if it’s true. I would happily console Michael too..


  31. Liz says

    Happy Birthday to JTT! I was totally into him when I was younger (especially Man of the House & Home Improvement!). I didn’t know it was his birthday today, but I did know he was 30 because I remember that he’s 1 year older than me 🙂


  32. Rachel says

    I’ll date Michael! He’s such a cutie and seems like a sweet soul. If anybody has the connections… 😉

    This post made me laugh again. That pic of Sadie and then-

    “Every time it would suction something up, I swear Sadie almost dropped a turd.

    Her life is so stressful.”

    Love your writing 🙂 Hope you’re having a better day today! I know things have been bothering you a bit lately…


  33. Eliza says

    Is it bad that I kinda felt bad for Blake??? I’m sorry melissa was a train wreck and I thought Blake and Holly were kinda cute….except everyone hated him…I just don’t know…but if casey and vienna win I may cry


  34. says

    For some reason, JTT”s birthday has stuck with me throughout my childhood. I didn’t even have to look it up. He shares this birthday with 2 of my cousins, and I actually told my cousin tonight (before reading this post) that it is also Jonathon Taylor Thomas’ birthday. Since he’s 14, he had no idea who he was. I was flabbergasted. 😉


  35. Lorin says

    I love that pancake disasters can still be delicous! I need to look for a pumpkin pancake recipe asap. I’m making pumpkin shake for tommorow based on Mama Pea’s recipe and then Oh She Glows pumpkin cookies. Random question, do you ever eat sunflower butter? It is soo good! And this is coming from a LOVER of peanut butter.


  36. Caroline says

    2 pumpkin pancake recipes for you to try.

    20-25 g protein powder
    3 egg whites
    35 g oats
    50 g pumpkin
    2 g sugar free pudding mix

    Whole recipe makes 3-6 pancakes, depending on size. 1 serving

    1/3 c. egg whites
    1/3 c. oats
    1/3 c. pumpkin
    1 scoop protein powder

    Whole recipe makes 4-6 pancakes. 1 serving. Pumpkin can be replaced with a banana if needed.

    Both can also be made into muffins if you feel daring. They yield about 8 mini muffins each. I’m a volume eater, so 8 mini muffins is AWESOME!!!


  37. says

    Haha, I can’t help but laugh about the engagement announcement! I started watching the Bachelo/ette a couple of seasons ago but I’m not a fan of the Bachelor Pad whatsoever :S P.S. Love pumpkin pancakes!


  38. Alison says

    Those pumpkin protein pancakes look delicious, even if they did fall apart! I haven’t gotten into the Fall mood yet, but I hear pumpkin calling my name in the near future! 🙂 Can’t wait for you to post your recipe…you don’t have to perfect it first!

    P.S. Sadie’s adventures totally put a smile on my face. I love how you chronicle her life! And the view from your screened in porch is BEAUTIFUL.


  39. says

    OMG This post like made my day. I can’t believe they are engaged. They looked so cute together and will have the cutest perfect toothed babies! Ah poor Michael 🙁 But I’m still too happy about this!


  40. Miranda says

    I have found if you make mini pumpkin pancakes they are easier to flip, a little bigger than a half dollar. And, a fav of mine is to take vanilla pro powder, (sometimes I add oatmeal, sometimes only egg whites) , but use all the spices for gingerbread cookies. You have gingerbread pancakes, that you can use the cookie cutter on if you feel spunky and geeky enough. Shoot, take ur greek yogurt and decorate him!!! On any account, try it, you will love them and on a cold christmassy day, they make you feel really good!! double yum.



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