She Was an American Girl

Sadie says, “Good morning!”

vizsla 018

She also kindly requests that you all send her packs of chicken jerky, but I told her not to hold her breath on that one.


I hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!

I just checked the weather and apparently evening thunderstorms are expected in our area which makes me oddly happy. I love nighttime rain! It makes being lazy on the couch feel perfectly justified.

I think I may have to make a crock pot dinner this evening to go with the lazy and cozy theme!


Breakfast this morning included two breakfast staples.

american girl magazine 008

Two whole wheat waffles plus two fried eggs seasoned with salt and pepper.

american girl magazine 010

Syrup was added to the waffles once the eggs were consumed. Syrupy eggs just don’t appeal to me. (This coming from the girl who loves egg and jelly sandwiches…)

American Girl

Yesterday I received an awesome catalog in the mail.

american girl magazine 012

American Girl!!!

Okay, so it wasn’t sent to me exactly (it was addressed to the homeowners of our rental house), but it landed in my hands and nostalgic feelings filled my heart.

I used to love American Girl dolls.

I was the proud owner of Samantha.

samantha american girl

I received her as a very special gift when I was younger and cherished her! 

For those of you who may be in the dark about American Girl dolls, they are dolls that were first created in the 1980s that portray girls living in various times throughout American history. The dolls are sold with books detailing their random adventures.

american girl dolls

I loved my Samantha doll and remember feeling so excited when the American Girl catalog would arrive in the mail.

One thing I remember about Samantha? I thought she had the most beautiful hair, but it took me years to finally take the bow out of her hair and actually play with it. I was so worried I would ruin her fancy ‘do that, in retrospect, really wasn’t that fancy.

Question of the Morning

  • Was there a certain toy you absolutely loved when you were growing up?
  • Did you ever own an American Girl doll?


  1. says

    I forgot about American Girl dolls! I had Kirsten because she was supposed to be Swedish and my family is of Norwegian heritage, so I thought it was cool. I learned how to french braid hair because of that doll… I kind of ruined her nice hair style though. I eventually gave her to a younger cousin because we are the only girls on that side of the family, but now I kind of wish I had kept her in case I ever have a daughter.


  2. says

    This is hilarious. I heard a commercial on the radio this morning for the American Girl store in my area, and I was reminiscing about my own Samantha doll! I’m pretty sure I still have her packed away somewhere!


  3. Laura says

    Ohhh I LOVE American Girl dolls! I received Felicity as a Christmas present when I was a girl and to this day it’s my all-time favorite gift. My mom loved that I was into it because of the historical lessons in the books, and I loved having such a special doll to play with. If a catalog landed on my doorstep now I’m sure I’d be just as excited to check it out as when I was a girl. Love it!


  4. Laurie says

    You were smart about not touching Samantha’s hair. I had her as well, but unfortunately, I got one of those perm kits….and I used it on her. It completely ruined her hair, and I’m still very bitter about it! Thanks for bringing back the nostalgia today, though, I love it!


  5. Heather says

    I was an American Girl fanatic! I owned Kirsten in addition to the American Girl computer game (oh yes!) and all of the books.

    My great aunt (rest in peace, Auntie Kay!) made a first communion outfit for Kirsten that matched mine, complete with shoes and a vale, that matched mine almost to the T.


  6. Jennifer says

    I loved my American Girl dollls!!!! Kirsten, Felicity, Addy, Josephina, and Bitty Baby (yeah, little obbessed–this doesn’t even include the ones that my sister had.)

    I have to admit that as much as I would love to go to the American Girl Store in NYC (which is where I live), I suspect that it could be a really, really dangerous place.


  7. says

    Oh my gosh, I LOVED American Girl stuff when I was little. Every single year I would ask Santa for an American Girl that looked like me–light brown hair, brown eyes, white skin. Eventually I got her (though I don’t know how much Santa had to do with it 😉 ) and I was SO happy. My sister and I would play with our dolls all. the. time. The American Girl Place in Chicago (the ORIGINAL one…not the stupid replacement one in Water Tower…ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I honestly felt like part of my childhood had been taken away when I saw that) was my favorite place for such a long time. My mom took my sister and I to the cafe there once for the little meal they do and it was SO much fun. I still have the menu and remember some of the food they served, even though it was so long ago. Once I got “too old” for AG dolls I never had any idea what to put on my birthday or Christmas lists, because that was all I would ever ask for.

    I’m guessing you saw all the new dolls they have now in the new magazine? Such a travesty. I don’t understand why they insist in retiring the classics and bringing in these new girls. Again, childhood=snatched away. What’s the deal, AG? Hahaha I kid…kind of 😛


  8. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    My favorite toys were Barbie and My Little Pony. I had so many of both and Barbie had a ton of clothes. My mom wouldn’t get me a Barbie house so I would construct them out of boxes. I loved her blue Corvette though. So cool!


  9. says

    I never had an American doll but I LOVED all of the books! What was the pioneer girl called? She was blonde and grew up in early America? She was my fave :)

    I loved Rainbow Brite dolls when I was younger too! We used to play with their hair and clothes and hold them while watch the show. Awww!


  10. Liz says

    My favorite toys as a kid were art supplies and Cabbage Patch dolls. I was a child of the 80’s – my mom couldn’t get one when they first came out around ’83ish, so she had a woman make me a Cabbage Patch pillow (shaped like the doll) for Christmas & then got me one as soon as they were available. I’ve loved them ever since & still have several of mine. My favorites that I had were the set of astronaut ones that came in a ‘space shuttle’ box. I did love American Girls, too, though I was slightly too old for them when they came out. I really like Samantha & Molly. I did like the books more than the dolls, though.

    P.S. – I love evening/nighttime rain storms! Those are the best nights to sleep :)


  11. says

    Wow, takes me back! I had Molly and my sister had Samantha. Unfortunately everything was so expensive that we only owned the clothes they came in and maybe one other thing. :(


  12. Dolce says

    I was a proud owner of a Samantha doll! I had sooooo many clothes for her, and she even had her own house! She also had her own set of cooking and baking utensils and a cute apron since I loved baking (and still do!). I even took her on my first airplane trip to chicago :) Oh, the memories.


  13. Ashley says

    I think that I ended up getting about 4 or 5 of them! My very first one was Josefina and I was SO excited! My best friend had her for about a year before I got mine, so once I got it, I was SO happy! I also had Samantha and felt the same way about her hair! All of my dolls are somewhere in my garage now.. Although I have a long way to go, I want to save them for if I ever have a daughter.


  14. Kirsten says

    Well my name is Kirsten and I’m Swedish – so it was only natural that I had the Swedish Kirsten doll. Like others mentioned, I also destroyed her within months and had to order a replacement head. She was awesome.

    You know what wasn’t awesome? Once they started selling the actual child-sized versions of their outfits, my mom bought me all the Kirsten clothes and made me wear them places like church and school. I was teased to no end…who the eff wears pantaloons??? (i did.)


  15. says

    I remember American Girl dolls! I never ended up getting one but my sister did. I was so mad. She ended up getting Molly. I remember getting excited when the catalog came to the house. Oh those were the good old days :)


  16. Ashley S. says

    Oh my gosh, I am so glad you brought up American Girl dolls! I haven’t thought about them in forever, but they were such a big part of my childhood! my older sister had Samantha and I had Molly…she looks so geeky in that picture in your blog! haha, but I didn’t think that at all back then! It still pains me to say, but after a few years I was a bit bored with her hair, so I decided to play barbershop and chopped it off! It kept trying to make it even and it ended up sooo short! I’m not sure why my mom let me do that! What was I thinking?? haha, oh childhood!


  17. says

    I LOVED American girl dolls! I had Felicity and Addy. My mom has kept them in safe keeping at home! Some day I hope to show my future children!

    Have you ever been to the American Girl store in Chicago? It is insane! I wish they had that in the 80s/90s!


  18. Sarah says

    I saved up my money for almost a full year doing chores and odd jobs to buy the Felicity American Girl Doll. I absolutely loved her. I used to read the books too!


  19. says

    I never had an American Girl doll (I think because they were a little on the pricey side if I remember correctly!), but I was a HUGE Barbie girl. My best friend and I would cut some of their hair to make them look different. I also totally had 3 or 4 of the New Kids on the Block dolls, which I promptly “set up” with my Barbies. No Ken dolls for me! Joey Mac all the way :)


  20. Lisa says

    I was part of the Cabbage Patch Kids phenom. Love being an ’80’s child. My cousins had American Girl dolls. Back when they only had roughly 5 or so dolls. (retired them :( what fools) My aunt bought the Samantha doll for my cousin Samantha and was also pregnant and told us she found the new baby’s name in the catalog. So “Molly” came into the family a few months later. She’s so a “Molly” too. And she just started her freshman year of college. Yikes! Makes you feel old sometimes.


  21. says

    Oh my gosh I was completely spoiled by my great-uncle and had a bunch of the dolls and accessories! Felicity was always my favorite because of her red hair (no bangs!) and time period. I kept them in perfect condition and always fixed my friend’s dolls when their hair was all messed up :)


  22. says

    I LOVED my AG dolls…though I wish I’d had your sense not to mess with their hair! I actually had all of them, haha. My grandparents would always ask what I wanted for Christmas, and all I ever said was American Girl dolls and their clothes. I remember my mom being furious at one point because she said they were spoiling me rotten, which in retrospect they totally were, but I’m glad I still have them to pass down to my own daughters. At least they’ll get lots of use!


  23. says

    I always wanted an American Girl doll so bad! I was so jealous of my cousin’s Molly doll. I always wanted Kirsten–the blonde pioneer one. I remember one Christmas I thought I was going to get one and my cousin and I measured her doll up to my wrapped box and they were the same size. I was so, so excited. Instead, I opened the box and it was a pink bathrobe. lol. I was not very happy about it! 😛 Instead of getting the doll, I had a bunch of the books!


  24. Allison says

    I had Kirsten. My nieces have her now. :) I had soo many beanie babies as a kid. It was something my brother and I could both play with. We probably had about 50!


  25. Shelby says

    This post brings back so many memories! Every Christmas and birthday list during my younger years was filled with American Girl things. I had Kirsten because she looked the most like me! I also had Lindsey, who I believe was the first “girl of the year” to come out (I convinced my parents to let me have her because she had a wiener dog, just like we did).

    I remember going to the American Girl Place in Chicago was one of the best days of my life! They just opened one right next to where I live in Seattle…they should have opened it about 10 years sooner!


  26. Mary says

    When I was in elementary school we had a million dollar project, where we had to find a way to spend a million dollars. For my project, my friend and I designed a bed and breakfast where each of the different rooms had a different American Girl doll for the theme.

    I loved getting thoses catalogs, too.


  27. Nathan Miller says

    Sorry. Never had a doll..ha. However. The title of this post may perhaps be just one of the greatest Rock Songs ever, Tom Petty is one of Americas greatest rock artists and he plays American Girl the last song of EVERY concert during his encores ….sorry, random…important for everyone to know…yes


  28. says

    My sister had Kirsten and I always wanted Samantha. My favorite was the “Samantha’s Surprise” book. I also loved my cabbage patch, Teddy Ruxpin, Lady Lovely Locks, Fantastic Roses an of course, my Barbies.

    I actually can remember how much I wanted Samantha. This brings back memories.

    Thanks for posting Julie!!


  29. says

    OMG AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS!!! I forgot about those little gems! I had the Molly doll. (of course because my name is molly) and I also had Addy! Loved it! What great memories!


  30. Lily says

    I had Felicity and a ton of her clothes and furniture. My sister had Molly. They are both at my parents house. Before American Girl was bought by Matel, the company was located not to far from my home town and my sister and would occasionally get asked to test products and activities for American Girl magazine. It was pretty awesome.


  31. says

    Had to throw my 2 cnts in here!

    I had Molly McIntire and I adored her! She had brown hair and glasses (like me) and the “Molly” series was my favorite, though I read all of them, probably more than once!

    My sister had Samantha, who had chestnut hair (like her) and our best friend growing up had Felicity.

    I love that you can get dolls with YOUR features now! So cool!!! 😀


  32. says

    I adored my Samantha doll, I have her & all the accessories boxed up in the attic (along with my Babysitters Club books!).

    I still remember all the stories & lessons from the series – I think that’s where I developed my love for history.

    My best friend at the time had a look -a -like doll so we mixed modern & history – our dolls always had packed schedules with all the activities (accessories).

    Each of my friends had a different doll so we rounded out the catalog pretty well.


  33. says

    I’m Canadian.. I’d honestly not even heard about American Girls until this post! (I then proceeded to google them and read ALL about them!)

    When I was little I was in love with my “Puppy Surprise” toy that I got for Christmas. I only got three puppies but I brought the mom and her babies everywhere with me for like two years! :)


  34. says

    I didn’t, but I used to get the American Girl magazine. I was also part of an American Girl acting group – did you know they have plays for each of the characters?

    My neice, who’s 11, has an American Girl doll and she is even a member of a local American Girl club! They get together and have American Girl activities, or they make things for their dolls – how cool is that? I got her the magazine for her birthday this year.


  35. says

    I never had a Samantha doll, but I so coveted one. I had a rather pretty faux-porcelain doll with hair you could style, and because I was a budding seamstress, I tried to make her some dresses kind of like Samantha’s. I shall have to do a blog post about that sometime soon – the results weren’t fantastic on the “copies” but once I started working on my own designs, I feel that I represented the 11-year-old craftsgirl pretty well. :)



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