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Hey there party people!

I hope your first day of February is wrapping up quite nicely.

My day flew by thanks to lots of catch-up work. Ryan and I are planning on a hot date night on Saturday to celebrate our dating anniversary (plus, it’s Ryan’s turn to plan a date night for the month), so this evening low-key plans sounded perfect.

Since I am awfully curious about what other people do for anniversaries, I thought you guys might enjoy a little glimpse into the gift I gave Ryan today.

special dates poster 003

It’s a poster with a bunch of numbers on it that are actually important dates in our lives! (And yes, it’s another Pinterest idea.)

The dates I included are (in order):

  • Ryan’s birthday
  • My birthday
  • Wedding day
  • First date
  • Engagement (Which I messed up and need to change to 10/03/2009. Duh.)

I didn’t frame the poster because I’m not in love with the color or the font (they looked different on my computer) and I plan on re-doing it… especially since I totally overlooked the fact that I had us getting engaged only 27 days before our wedding which is clearly an error on my part. 

I wanted to give Ryan something with a little bit of thought behind it and even if I am taking it back to re-do it, I think he really liked the idea behind the poster! I’ll be sure to share the finished product once it’s revamped.


Tonight our dinner plates were packed with chicken, roasted cauliflower and sliced Ambrosia apple.

New York City January 2012 093

I made the chicken by dipping several thin chicken breasts into two beaten eggs before coating them into Italian breadcrumbs and frying them in a small bit of olive oil.

New York City January 2012 095

New York City January 2012 094

Though the chicken and cauliflower obviously required more work than the apple, I must admit that the apple stole the show. I was totally feelin’ it’s sweet, crisp flavor.

Time to hang with the hubby! Enjoy your evening!


  1. says

    LOVE that idea!! I need to follow you on Pinterest so I can get good DIY ideas like that 🙂 We have a lot of awesome dates (my hubby and I) so this would be perfect. THanks girl!

    I LOVE a crunchy apple like that<—always steals the show!


  2. says

    I love that idea!! Did you just create the document on your computer then take a flash drive to a printer? Such a unique idea. I really like framed art in my house, but sometimes I have a hard time finding pictures I love and that are meaningful enough to hang in my living room. lol


  3. says

    I love getting craft ideas from pinterest! I recently saw a pin where a woman moved stones from one full jar to an originally empty one for every pound she lost – I switched the idea and add a stone for every mile I run. When the empty jar fills up, Ill treat myself to a spa day!


  4. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says

    What a neat idea! Might have to steal that one from you for my wedding anniversary in August 🙂


  5. says

    That’s a really cute idea! Don’t feel bad about the slip up, I painted the lyrics to our wedding song on canvas for xmas for my husband and instead of the first words saying “there are no combination of words…” I wrote: “There’s is no combination of words”. I screwed up the FIRST word! And totally didn’t notice until xmas eve when I was wrapping it. Of course the entire rest of the song is perfectly error free. Dummy.


  6. says

    the poster is adorable! bonus for finding a Pinterest craft that is guy-friendly 😉 [trying to decide how I should convince my fiance to display sparkly banners and pompom garlands….]
    and I was definitely trying to guess the dates and thought hmmm I know she put more effort into her wedding planning than a month…haha.


  7. says

    The poster looks super cute! I love the idea! Your dinner looks super yummy too. I’ll have to try in out in my dorm. My roommate and I share a George Foremen grill and I bet it would be good grilled. It’s funny you were talking about how the apple stole the show. I’ve been having major apple cravings lately too!


  8. says

    Hey Julie – how did you get that particular print? I really like it and am looking for something similar but the only one I could find was the white and black one on etsy.


  9. says

    Hi! Loved finding this post. I’m the original artist for the Special Dates artwork, so I wanted to share the link for where to find it since the previous posters were curious.

    You can build your own Special Dates Artwork here and either download a printable version or order professional prints or wrapped canvases of any of the 5 available designs:


    So glad it’s a design people have enjoyed! Thanks for the compliments.




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