Bacon Syrup

Good morning! I hope all is well with you this Thursday.

I suppose we have some catching up to do, huh?

I spent the day yesterday with my mom. She picked me up in Ocala a little after 9 a.m., we drove two hours for an appointment for her and I didn’t arrive home until close to 7 p.m.

Even though there was personal business to take care of, my mom and I made sure to allot about half an hour of fun time for a quick trip to World Market before heading back to Ocala.

Oh how I love World Market and wish there was one near our house. They have such fun things… like bacon flavoring syrup.

bacon syrup 021

bacon syrup 018

Not so sure about that one! I wonder when Starbucks will start offering bacon lattes?

Or perhaps you’d prefer some spotted dick?

bacon syrup 019

Believe it or not, I’ve actually tried spotted dick one time before when my family and I were in London last year and thought it was pretty good! (TWSS?)

I ended up leaving with new coffee and a new kind of tea to try.

coconut cocoa tea

Coconut cocoa!

I brewed a cup with my breakfast this morning and am not sure what to think.

brewed tea

I think I may need to add some milk and maybe a pinch of sugar to make it more palatable. Any suggestions? I typically drink tea without adding anything, but this flavor seems like it would benefit from a little somethin’ somethin’.

Along with my tea, I had a batch of overnight oats topped with a sliced banana and chopped almonds.

overnight oats almonds banana

banana almonds overnight oats

It was a filling breakfast, that’s for sure!


Before breakfast, I headed to the gym to complete an upper body workout after 20 minutes on the elliptical. My workout included three sets of 15 – 20 repetitions of the following exercises:

My arms feel like they’ve been through the ringer! Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to…

giveaway winner


Please email me at with your mailing address and we’ll get you your one-pound bag of butter toffee pecans ASAP!

Question of the Morning

  • What is the strangest food you’ve ever tried?

I’ve tried alligator but cannot thing of anything else particularly unusual! I’m a pretty adventurous eater though and will try nearly anything once (except bugs!).


  1. says

    Oh World Market…best place ever! I can not even being to imagine what you would use bacon syrup for? haha! Glad you got to spend a day with you mom!


  2. says

    Oh I love World Market! There’s one near my parents’ house (about an hour away from where I live now) and I haven’t been in awhile, but your pictures definitely make me want to go browse. Bacon-flavored syrup sounds so strange, haha, I wonder what it could be used for. I’m generally a very picky eater… I can’t really think of anything too strange that I’ve tried. Maybe goose that my dad got when he was hunting?


  3. Traci says

    When I was out in San Diego for work last month, bacon seemed to be the trend: bacon martinis, caramel bacon ice cream, etc. We tried the ice cream and it didn’t really taste like bacon though… But I would imagine people use the syrup in those cocktails and desserts. I really wish I tried the drink now! World Market looks like a cool shop, never been.


  4. says

    hahaha spotted dick sounds terrible…but if you said it’s not bad i’ll believe ya 😉

    the weirdest thing i ever had was corn smut in mexico when i was 16…we were at this huge gala and it’s a delicacy (it’s basically fungus that grows on corn husks) and my dad made me try it. not my fave… 😉


  5. sherri says

    i’ll definitely try most anything once. recently had alligator and loved it! shark, snails, rabbit, frogs legs….but i’m totally with you ~ NO BUGS!!!!!


  6. says

    I’m not a picky eater, but I’m not adventurous either, so I don’t really have a strange food. Although some would argue that nutritional yeast, spinach in smoothies, PB2, beans in baked goods, etc. are a little strange! 🙂


  7. says

    I don’t know about that bacon syrup. But don’t they have a lot of recipes you can use that brand of syrup in? Maybe it’d be good in pancake batter? Actually, I don’t know if I’d eat it but it sounds good in theory.

    The tea sounds good! Not knowing how coconut-ty the tea is, maybe adding some coconut milk would be good.


  8. says

    Haha they have some seriously random syrup flavors, but i’ve never seen bacon! that’s crazy! And I used to put nothing in tea, but i found with darker teas (usually black or chai teas) I like to add a splash of milk


  9. says

    Haha I think a bacon latte would be a fabulous idea ;)…not! I bet that would be good though for people that like their bacon covered in maple syrup? Maybe it’s used for something like that. I think the strangest thing I’ve eaten is alligator. I am a picky eater so that was wayyy out there for me!


  10. says

    Bacon flavored syrup sounds gross, but I could see how some people might like it!
    I’m pretty picky with foods, so I don’t think that I’ve tried anything really weird. I only recently started eating fish and onions. Not together, but I never ate onions until I was in my 20’s.


  11. says

    I love cuppa chocolate teas! To make it even more decadent, I like to add a splash of chocolate almond milk and one packet of sweetener. Yum, dessert! And not in the way when people eat fruit and call it dessert. Seriously, it’s dessert-y.


  12. says

    bacon flavored syrup, sounds interesting apparently they make bacon flavored vodka! The strangest thing I ever tried was chocolate cheese, it was disgusting! I also ate an ant on a nature hike in Costa Rica, they are supposed to have a lot of protein, lucky they are small enough that I didn’t even feel like I ate it.


  13. Erika says

    I love bacon but bacon syrup sound gross. I’ll stick with pure maple syrup! When I was a kid, my grandfather tricked me into eating an escargot. I don’t think I like it because I haven’t had one since!


  14. says

    I think I would try that bacon syrup. I mean, how could it be bad?

    I also have tried Gator and it is probably the weirdest thing. But the greatest part is that it was in NOLA on New Years Eve when we were there for the Sugar Bowl. My Cincinnati Bearcats were playing the Florida Gators, and even though we REALLY lost the game, we ate the gators. 🙂


  15. says

    I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food, but chocolate covered bugs & sea urchin with raw quail egg (hurl) sushi are the first things that come to mind. The sushi didn’t go over so well… I couldn’t get past the raw egg texture. : (


  16. says

    The craziest thing I’ve ever eaten was probably a grasshopper fondue. It was a yummy queso fondue with I guess fried grasshoppers on top. I just told myself they were fried onions and went for it! My husband really wanted to try it, so I was adventurous but they really weren’t that bad!

    Haha! I saw bacon syrup when I was there at Christmas and I wasn’t brave enough to try it. I went to their site to see what they recommend and this does not make me want to buy it at all. One is a “complete breakfast” with espresso, bacon syrup, french vanilla syrup, brown sugar cinnamon syrup and milk all blended together. yuck.


  17. says

    That’s so funny – I work at a coffee shop and we’ve been sent that bacon syrup AND that exact tea to sample! We actually made one of my coworkers a bacon latte without telling him as a prank 🙂 Both the bacon syrup and the tea just tasted off to me… good flavors, but not where they’re supposed to be!


  18. says

    Wow, interesting finds! Every Tuesday I try 2 new things (and recap them in my Wedneday posts) and I think the weirdest has been Indian karela, which is an Indian vegetable that is suuuuper bitter. Most Indian cuisine seems to use it in fried form, but I will definitely not be trying to prepare it myself again!


    • Sarah says

      I am Indian (in heritage) and I know what you mean! When i visit India, they serve that in restaurants raw with vinegar… ick! But my mom double dips it in a batter and fries it, which is so good!


  19. says

    Haha! That exact same can of spotted dick pudding sat in my family’s pantry for about 3 years after my dad’s coworker gave it to him as a joke. I finally manned up and tried it but was NOT a fan! I can imagine it would taste bettter properly prepared in london than out of a Heinz can though…


  20. Emily says

    I put syrup on my bacon (it’s delicious, sweet and salty combo), so I think bacon syrup couuld be good if it’s done right!


  21. Elizabeth says

    The weirdest things I’ve eaten are: gator, antelope, wild boar (delicious!), foie gras (yummm), venison pate, escargot, and cows tongue. I try to be an adventerous eater and expand my palate and most of the things I try are great but I mentally couldnt get passed the cows tongue and only ended up eating 1 bite.
    I think its Jack in the Box that just came out with a Bacon Milkshake!? sounds kinda weird/delicious hahah


  22. says

    My brother bought me both of those teas for Christmas this year. I may have had 2 bags of the Red Velvet.. and one of the Cocoa Coconut. I am not really a fan of either.. but really dislike the coconut one.

    I’d much rather a bar of chocolate than chocolate tea!


  23. Heather says

    I have found that those chocolate teas taste best with a splash of some type of mik (almond, regular, half and half) and a touch of Stevia or something to sweeten it up.

    I have never heard of World Market – just did a store look-up the closest one is about three hours away but the next time I am in the DC area, I want to visit!


  24. says

    weirdest thing i’ve ever tried…a specialty in el salvador is cow tongue dad tricked me into eating it once by telling me it was chicken..and ugh, it was slimy. the texture completely grossed me out.


  25. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says

    Try adding some honey to your tea; a little bit can go a long way!

    I’m a picky eater when it comes to any weird foods, so unfortunately my husband has to do all the adventurous eating around our house.


  26. Stef says

    The Coconut Cocoa is one of my favorite teas! I usually add just a little bit of the powdered coffee creamer and it brings out the cocoa flavor nicely 🙂 (It’s good if you’re a fan of bittersweet or bakers chocolate.) Enjoy!


  27. says

    Hi Julie! I just came across your blog and LOVE IT! So wonderful to read about a fellow peanut butter addicts life and healthy living. Speaking of peanut butter, today is national peanut butter lover’s day. I make it my duty to inform fellow pb lovers 🙂

    Have a wonderful march 1st! (pb day!)


  28. says

    I love World Market, especially their food section! I can always find neat international treats, and bizarre items.

    I honestly don’t eat a lot of strange foods. I’m veg, so I haven’t had weird meats, and there just aren’t a ton of cray-cray vegetarian foods out there.


  29. Jen says

    Happy National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day PBF! Cant say Ive eaten much thats considered strange but slather almost anything in PB (or chocolate…or both!) and Ill give it a go! 🙂


  30. Summer says

    Ooo I have the red velvet tea- try it with a splash of soy and splenda/sugar

    Good luck with your mom- hope everything is ok and she’s still in remission 🙁

    As far as weird food is concerned, my weirdest is probably cow tongue (actually amazing) and fried turkey testicles (yeahhhh…. uh….)


  31. Terri says

    I’ve never eaten anything too strange. Bison and Elk jerky are good!
    I love World Market! They’ve always got my favorite wine at a nice, low price. I love the wonder selection of gourmet chocolate as well!


  32. says

    My mom’s family is French, and every holiday we have escargot (snails). People think it’s so weird that instead of typical foods like ham or turkey at Christmas, I get STOKED for some slimy snails 🙂


  33. says

    I haven’t eaten anything that crazy. BUT, my husband will eat just about anything for a dollar. Live bugs, worms, etc.

    By the way, I did you treadmill workout from yesterday this morning. Let me tell you that shaving my legs was a challenge. Whoa. 🙂


  34. says

    Fun. They have bacon fro-yo at my favorite spot. I’m not really a fan. Lol. The strangest food I’ve ever had is a Dominican dish called sancocho. I hate it. It’s a stew with 7 kinds of meat. Gross.


  35. says

    I’m from a small town in VA and at our County Fair one year my mom and I tried a dish called “Turkey Delights.” Word of advice: don’t ever eat anything with ‘delight’ in the name without questioning it’s origin first. Turns out we sampled fried turkey testicles. Nice. Not sure what’s worse, the fact that I ate them or the fact that I didn’t hate them?


  36. Pam says

    I live in London now and saw spotted dick on a chalkboard menu once, I was like umm is that a mistake?! LOL had to take a picture 😉


  37. Robin says

    I actually bought the Red Velvet tea and I totally agree with you that something else needs to be added because I was super let down by it. So I put a smidgen (my word for tiny 🙂 splash of Monin Dark Chocolate syrup and it totally helps!


  38. says

    Spotted dick?! BAHAHA. Hilarious! Weird foods hmmm… I tried gator on a kabob once, it was pretty good. Can’t think of much else, guess I’m not too adventurous… I think I’d try anything once except bugs, like you said… creepy crawlers are where I draw the line!!!!


  39. Kate says

    Forever ago Coldstone had chocolate covered crickets. Couldn’t be upstaged by my brothers so I tried one. Not as bad as you might think.


  40. Katelyn says

    Chocolate covered cockroaches!
    When i was younger these boys at science camp
    dared me to eat them- and I can’t turn down a
    good dare! 🙂 hah


  41. says

    Bacon syrup! hahaha I saw that on your twitter and was perplexed. I adore World Market! I didn’t even know it existed until about a year ago though. It is seriously the best place ever. Whenever I don’t know what to get someone as a gift, I always just go there.


  42. says

    I love World Market. Sadly, all the ones nearby have closed down. 🙁 Last time I was there, I also took a picture of the Heinz Spotted Dick.

    I was in a “fear factor” eating competition in college and had to eat lining of cow’s stomach. I won. 🙂


  43. Kristina says

    Your TWSS jokes crack me up!
    The craziest thing I’ve ever eaten was probably frog legs. They actually weren’t bad and taste a lot like regular chicken wings. I also had a bowl of seafood chowder in a tiny pub in Dingle, Ireland that was mostly bones… that was interesting.


  44. says

    I love spotted dick. Im from Ireland and people have it all the time. I love spotted dick brown bread..brown bread with raisins. Heniz is the best pudding though!


  45. says

    World Market is the best! As for interesting food, I will try just about anything. I have certainly had some interesting food while travelling. While in Portugal over the summer, I had sardines that were very, very fishy smelling…those were pretty interesting, yet surprisingly not too bad!


  46. says

    I would totally make a maple bacon cupcake with your bacon syrup. Sweet & salty!
    Oh, I would love to be the guinea pig for that one! Use it in the icing maybe?

    Strangest thing I’ve tried….I love to try new and “weird” food…Maybe octopus. But I like it!


  47. says

    Glad you had a nice time with your mom! World market is so amazing- I love walking through the food section too and finding the most unusual stuff- I feel like it’s the perfect place to pick up unusual gifts. And I love Chai tea and always put a little truvia in it- I think it makes the sweeter type teas taste better!


  48. Valerie @ FreshMutz says

    My husband had to try all different organ meats (including balls and brains) when he was little.

    The strangest thing I ever had was a clam straight from the bay. It was a dare on a school trip. It wasn’t too bad but certainly not tasty.

    It is taking me everything I have not to say the myriad of jokes that come to mind over spotted dick. Hope it had a hefty course of antibiotics before you tried it. Oops. I went there.


  49. says

    hahaha omgsh! I took that same spotted dick picture at the world market b/c I thought the name was sooo strange and unique! And I’m not even sure what it is…hehe.

    The strangest food I’ve ever tried, and it’s an acquired taste for many people, is goat’s meat. I really miss it now! oH, AND a really strong spread/chutney? not sure what it is, but it was in India.


  50. Katie says

    Oooh I love alligator!

    When I was in Japan, I ate raw horse (basically horse sashimi style). I should say, I didn’t actually eat it – just chewed it then spit it out. I couldn’t swallow it and feared I’d choke on it. It looked like raw chicken.


  51. says

    haha. You know Jack in the box has bacon shakes right now… no bacon in them, just bacon flavored syrup.

    so i won’t put it past *$ (just learned that new text symbol for SBUX)… to come out with bacon flavored lattes… ewww…

    now cupcakes I could see it being used. 😉


  52. says

    ha- a friend of mine posted a photo on Facebook of “spotted dick” just recently. He thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen.
    I would try bacon syrup… if chocolate-covered bacon is good, syrup might be too. 🙂


  53. says

    I had alligator once years ago when we visited Florida, and I thought it tasted like chicken. A little tough though. Not very adventurous when it comes to food.


  54. says

    I’ve eaten kangaroo and it was very good & extremely lean! And, I am a HUGE bacon fan – had a bacon martini before! – and would love to try that syrup lol. Wish there was a World Market near me but…I’m willing to travel 🙂


  55. says

    Totally didn’t notice that the winner was picked so quickly. I still stand by my answer of roasted nuts 🙂

    I am not adventurous with food whatsoever, so the weirdest thing I have ever eaten is a sweet pickles and peanut butter sandwich. Most people I know use dill, but I like sweet like PB&J but PB&P instead 🙂


  56. says

    i’ve been seeing lots of bacon flavored cupcakes around here, and i hear they are amazing. i have yet to try one.

    the craziest things i’ve tried are escargot and cow tongue. yah, i’m not very adventurous. ;p


  57. Jacqui says

    I recently got that Red Velvet tea! I was left somewhat disappointed as well. I was thinking it would be a nice, rich flavor that was almost like liquid dessert, but it was bland! Not much flavor or sweetness at all. I was thinking the same to add some cream and/or sugar next time though!


  58. Cheryl says

    This has nothing to do with bacon syrup. It has been brought to my attention that this is NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER DAY! ! How can you not have mentioned peanut butter on this special day?



  59. Jess says

    So my old room mate was really into bacon, and we actually bought that for him a couple of years ago. He made us a ravioli with Alfredo sauce with the bacon syrup in the sauce. It was actually pretty good. Hint of bacon without the actual bacon.

    Now would I try it in a drink? Not so much, but as a sauce, thumbs up.


  60. says

    Wow! Haha! I’m pretty sure my fiance would get so excited if Starbucks started carrying bacon lattes! Me… I stick to the standard plain one 😉



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