Oreck Forever Series Gold Giveaway

I have a crazy awesome giveaway for you guys today.

That is, it’s crazy awesome if you get excited about things like amazing vacuum cleaners.

oreck forever series 014

It’s one of the most valuable giveaways that has ever popped up on this blog and I’m pretty psyched about it!

First, let’s fly through lunch to keep with tradition.


Lunch today included leftover salmon from Wednesday night’s dinner that I repurposed into salmon salad.

salmon salad

I ate my salmon salad on in a whole wheat wrap, served alongside roasted Brussels sprouts and an orange.

salmon salad wrap

oreck forever series 009

Not shortly after, my stomach still wanted something else, so I also had a sliced apple 20 minutes later.

apple slices

This week I have been apple-obsessed. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been eating two apples a day. Not a bad habit, but kind of weird!

Oreck Forever Series Gold Vacuum Giveaway

Moving on to the best part of this post!

When Ryan and I first moved to Ocala, we were in the market for a new vacuum. The first vacuum we bought a few years ago we got for less than $100. We figured all vacuums were created equal and we just wanted something that would suck up dirt and clean our apartment.

Well, that vacuum felt like it weighed 500 pounds and was a total pain in the butt. It barely sucked up carpet fuzz, let alone anything substantial.

When I was contacted by Oreck late this summer about their Forever Series Gold vacuum, I was so pumped because we needed a new vacuum but hadn’t done enough research to commit to buying one just yet.

When I started to look into the Forever Series Gold Vacuum, I got awfully excited. The company offered to send me one to try and I felt like a real adult. I mean I was getting excited about a vacuum for crying out loud.

oreck forever series 015

There she is. What a beaut.

Honestly, it was Ryan who was the most excited. He swears he’s the only one who vacuums in our house (this may be true), so he put it together immediately when it arrived and called out to me, singing its praises.

“It’s so light!”

Really, it is.

The light weight of the vacuum was the first thing I noticed, followed shortly by the extra long cord and the tiny brushes at the base of the vacuum that *thank goodness* reach underneath our kitchen cabinets and get the crumbs other vacuums miss. 

oreck forever series gold 002

oreck forever series gold 001

We’ve been using this vacuum for months now and are in love.

I have recommended it to friends and family in need of a quality vacuum and I’m so excited that one of you will get one!

oreck forever series 014

Note: This giveaway is open to those living in the U.S. only.

To enter this giveaway…

  • MANTATORY entry: Visit Oreck.com and comment below, telling me one thing you learned about the Forever Series Gold vacuum.

To receive an additional entry, you may…

  • Tweet something along the lines of the following: “Hoping to win an @Oreck vacuum through @PBFingers giveaway: http://ow.ly/9Z5xp”  Please make a separate comment below, letting me know you tweeted to be sure your entry is counted.

I will randomly select a winner on Monday morning using Random.org.

Good luck!



Disclaimer from Oreck: Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.

Disclaimer from me: I received the Forever Series Gold vacuum from Oreck but was not compensated beyond that for this post and will receive no further compensation from Oreck. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I learned it has a (limited) lifetime warranty which is super awesome. I have two wild and crazy little boys who like to pretend the vacuum is a monster that needs to be attacked by light sabers so mine takes a beating…. although, I am sure that is part of the “limited” exclusions, lol!
    We’d love to win this one never the less 🙂


  2. Kristen says

    35 foot cord! Awesome… Less chance I’ll make a fool of myself because I am that determined to not have to switch the plug!


  3. says

    AHHH!! I was JUST thinking this morning about how I need a new vacuum. Ours is awful and I hate busting it out to vacuum the floors. I was thinking about how I don’t want to go spend the money on it….

    I’m excited to read on the website that it gently cleans expensive rugs! My boyfriend has had these pricey rugs since I moved in and I always want to get rid of them…not only because I think they’re ugly, but because they make crazy hard to clean fuzz, so this may do the trick!


  4. says

    I learned that the Forever Series Gold vacuum has a two speed power switch, which sounds pretty cool – I’ve never seen a vacuum with different speeds before.

    I knew I was becoming an adult when my birthday/ Christmas list wishes started being taken over by appliances and kitchen things, haha 🙂

    Awesome giveaway!


  5. says

    I learned that it has a 35 foot extension cord, making it easier to use (so you don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging it from room to room). This doesn’t REALLY affect me as much, living in a 1 BR apartment, except that I likely wouldn’t have to unplug it EVER!


  6. Nicole says

    The two speeds would be great for my apartment and the 35 foot cord is ideal for reaching those annoying places that are so far away from the outlets! The limited lifetime warranty is also great!!


  7. Hillary Valentino says

    I learned it has a “dirty air system” so is pulled through a fan that breaks it into smaller particles that get sucked up into the vacuum!!


  8. Alexandra C. says

    Ahh what an AMAZING giveaway! I was recently married and my husband and I just bought a house but have NO vaccuum! So ridiculous but we borrow my parents to vaccuum when need be 🙂 I just went to Oreck.com and learned that the Forever Gold series includes THREE annual tune-ups and a limited limetime guarantee!! Ridiculous!!


  9. says

    I would tweet, but you won’t see it as you don’t follow me back! My twitter is locked, but I digress. I am in need of a new cleaning buddy! The HEPA filters are super appealing to me to reduce allergens, especially with my shihtzu and maine coon kitty!


  10. beth says

    Got an expensive one as a wedding gift and it is the worst! Would love this! I think one of the best parts is that it’s all made right here in the USA! Go Oreck!


  11. Nancy Dandro says

    This Oreck includes three annual tune-ups. That is a great feature besides the legendary cleaning power of the Oreck.


  12. Sarah C says

    I learned that you can go from carpet to tile or hardwood without changing any settings. I like that since my house a 50/50 mix of carpet and wood floors 🙂


    • Jen says

      One of the best things I learned about it was the 35 foot cord! It’s such a pain to keep changing outlets when vacuuming. And I like that it does both carpets and floors. That’s something that I definitely appreciate!!


  13. Katie says

    That it can vacuum Oriental rugs, which is good to know because my current vacuum sucked all the tassels off my Oriental rug…


  14. Kaela Spees says

    I learned that Orek uses a direct suction design that delivers dirt in a straight path right to the vacuum bag and also has a lifetime warranty. Love this product!!!


  15. Amanda says

    I learned that the vacuum has a long lasting belt amongst other wonderful things 🙂 haha to get excited about a vacuum. Wow, you know you’re getting older when that happens.


  16. Jen says

    One of the best things I learned about it was the 35 foot cord! It’s such a pain to keep changing outlets when vacuuming. And I like that it does both carpets and floors. That’s something that I definitely appreciate!!


  17. says

    I learned that is has a two speed motor so not only does it clean carpets but it cleans multiple surfaces!! We need a new vac so bad!!! I would love to win this!!!!


  18. amina says

    I have had the worst luck with vacuums! I love that the cord is 35ft, my Shark right now has an itty bitty cord, so I’m constantly unplugging, and re-plugging it in, and it only weighs 9lbs! With a baby on the way, anything to make my chores easier would help a ton! I am SO excited!


  19. Diana says

    Amazing giveaway – and interesting to learn about the”dirty air system”! My husband and I did the same thing as you and Ryan – and we HATE our $75 BedBathBeyond vacuum. Bring on the Gold standard! 🙂


  20. Jessica says

    It only weighs 9 pounds! Makes it less of a hassle to carry it up and down the stairs. I desperately need a new vacuum because we are moving into a new house with carpet next month.


  21. Jenny says

    I learned that the Forever Series Gold has 102 mph air flow which hopefully would make it much better than my Dyson which picks up absolutely nothing! I have been wanting a new vacuum, so funny the things we get excited about as adults 😉


  22. says

    The 35 ft. cord sounds AWESOME! I hate when your going around and all of a sudden you lose power because the cord unplugs – not fun! 🙂 A new vacuum would be helpful since my BF and I are moving into our own apartment soon and I don’t think my tiny $50 college vacuum is going to live much longer 😉


  23. says

    We could definitely use a new vaccum! We bought a decent one but it’s lost suction over time – having 3 cats will do that I guess 🙂 I learned that Oreck Includes 3 annual tune-ups. That’s amazing!


  24. Brita says

    A new vacuum?! The one in my apartment just broke, and with my newly-not-a-student salary, I could definitely use a free one 🙂 I learned that this vacuum has direct suctioning – who knew that other bagless motors were so high off the ground? Let’s hear it for ORECK!!!


  25. Sara says

    I learned that it has a 35′ power cord. That will reach most of my house. I wouldn’t have to keep switching outlets. Thanks!


  26. says

    I don’t want to be entered in the giveaway because I already have this vacuum. I just wanted to comment because it is seriously the BEST vacuum ever. I have a siberian husky and in the first year and a half of his life, I broke 2 vacuums sucking up his fur. I vacuum almost everyday now and the Oreck has held up!


  27. Caitlin F. says

    9 pound vacuum? Amazing. My roommate is moving out this month, and taking the vacuum with her. -gasp- Perfect timing for this giveaway. ;]


  28. Courtney says

    I am getting my first house next year and a vacuum would be just the thing I need… but don’t want to splurge on!!


  29. says

    This is a GREAT giveaway!!!! I needed a new vaccu.. and after my vacuum now has stopped working again I loved learning that the Oreck includes 3 annual tune-ups!! How great is that?!?!?!


  30. Ashley says

    It has all the tools to clean above-the-floor areas like sofas and fans! I am moving into my own place next month and would LOVE this 🙂


  31. Erica H. says

    I learned that changing bags is effortless! Good thing, because for some reason that is a challenge to me. What a great giveaway!


  32. Sarah says

    The HEPA inner bag and the dirty air system seem great! I had when you can smell the dust and grime coming through the vaccuum.


  33. Kaelin says

    I learned that it’s “Direct Suction” works better than most bagless vacuums on the market. Great giveaway! Wasn’t expecting a chance to win a vacuum on PBF!


  34. Lauren says

    I learned that it has a limited lifetime warranty that includes 3 tuneups per year. I feel like vacuums are always breaking on me so that is a nice feature!


  35. Marta says

    I got a little too excited over the fact that it has headlights…although I don’t plan to vacuum in the dark, but still!


  36. Christina says

    Two Speed power switch and Twin LED Headlights! Almost sounds like a car-talk! ha-ha. But seriously, I dislike our vacuum so much, and would love to try something new. Have you tried using it on stairs? I hate lugging ours up the stairs, it is so heavy


  37. Daria says

    Great giveaway! I’ve learned that its two-speed motor allows it to clean a variety of different surfaces, which is exactly what I need. I was also glad to know that it has a HEPA inner bag.


  38. Sandra Cardell says

    Such a great give a way!!! Okay, the Oreck Forever Series Gold Vacuum has a 102 mph air flow (amazing!) & only weighs 9lbs! Also a 35ft cord AND a HEPA inner bag (LOVE!) It also comes with an Endurolife belt and 3 annual tune-ups. I really hope I am able to win this! The thought of what my 7 month old is crawling around on after I vacuum with my $80 vacuum is kind of grossing me out at the moment!


  39. Bailey Gilchrist says

    I learned the Forever Series GoldI includes 3 annual tune-ups! Not sure what that means but it sounds great!


  40. says

    Ok this IS a super awesome giveaway and I AM very excited! We have two pups who shed like crazy and we are constantly vacuuming around here. I’m pretty excited about how lightweight it is as I am currently limited in what I can do around the house after having back surgery last summer. Also, it’s a pretty looking vacuum, which I always appreciate!


  41. Kirsten says

    I learned that dirt is pulled through a fan that breaks it into smaller particles that get sucked up into the vacuum.

    Yay for vacuums!


  42. says

    Thank you for hosting the Oreck Giveaway! I come from a family of Oreck lovers and my husband and I actually have an upright and a hand held. LOVE these vacuums so much! This latest one sounds even MORE amazing and we could use it for our UpstateHaven home 🙂 I learned that the motors sit closer to the floor and that is what helps they form a better suction than most vacuums. NEver knew that!


  43. Jessica H. says

    First off, I wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog and have been doing so for the past year : )

    I recently adopted a sweet dog and she is precious, but she sheds all over my apartment! I’m in desperate need of a great vacuum. After reading Oreck website, I learned The Oreck Forever Series Gold produces 102 mph air flow, yet only weighs about 9 lbs, which is super ideal since I’ll be using it nearly everyday!!

    Have a great weekend!


  44. Abbey says

    Oh my gosh, this would be amazing. Our Dyson just died and we’re moving into a new house (and getting married!!) so this would be a wonderful new thing to have.

    Happy to hear that it has a HEPA bag, that definitely helps with the pet hair and allergies in our house!


  45. Jamie Williams says

    The Oreck® Forever Series Gold produces 102 mph air flow, yet only weighs about 9 lbs.*
    -Super light and easy to use!! Yay!


  46. Nancy says

    I would love this vacuum! I learned that the direct suction and roller brush rotating at about 5,600 revolutions per minute draw dirt right into the bag.


  47. Alli Paryse says

    Hello! I just recently started reading your blog and cannot stop! I am so much healthier this year than I ever have been..anyways on to the vacuum!
    I have a terrible vacuum, one of the heavy, worthless kind you described earlier. I am fresh out of college and didnt see a point in spending money on a nice one but now I do!


  48. Melissa H says

    It has two speeds and a 35 foot cord. I desperately need a new vacuum, but have been putting off getting a new one, so I’d love to get this one!


  49. Nicole W. says

    It has a 2 speed switch/motor. I’m not sure I have ever heard of such a thing with a vacuum. I’m like you, we just bought one that was less than $100 when we first got married thinking it would get us by. I now know otherwise, especially with all of the dog hair around our house.


  50. says

    Um, we could REALLY use a new vacuum and this one looks great. I broke ours a few months back and we have been getting by with sweeping, but I really want a new vacuum.

    I learned that the Oreck has a lifetime warranty and can clean almost any rug. Plus the three annual tune ups would be awesome!


  51. Molly P says

    And we could totally use a new vacuum- the 2 speeds are exactly what we need! And Holy cow we have so many corners and with a new puppy who is shedding- we need it bad!


  52. Erin says

    I am not sure what the best part is – annual tune-ups, direct suction path or that it has 2 speeds!! I would love to get this giveaway!


  53. Phebe says

    I learned about the HEPA filter that catches 99.97% of dust and pollen particles. Fantastic for my family’s many allergies 🙂


  54. marci says

    2 of my favorite things i learned: 35 foot cord 🙂 and it can do carpet and floors which is amazing, the swiffer can only do so much on my hardwood !!


  55. laura says

    What caught my eye is that it’s lightweight. My toddler is freaked out by the vaccum and requires me to hold her while im vaccuming so the lightweight feature would come in handy!


  56. Adriann says

    You can’t beat light weight & long cord! We’re still using my boyfriends from college,(ouch). I would love love to win this baby!


  57. Kate says

    I love that it’s only 9 pounds…and I hate having to unplug and plug back in when still in the same room…the long cord would be great! I hope I win!!


  58. Ashley says

    The Oreck® Forever Series Gold produces 102 mph air flow, yet only weighs about 9 lbs.* and my old Oreck passed down from my mom was just tuned up for $63… I think I’m going to need a new one real soon! Pick me Random.org


  59. says

    my vacuum smells like a wet dog. truth: I need a new one badly.

    from my carefuly perusing, I learned it has a two-speed motor, which makes me want nab it so I can declare to my house guess that I’m going to “whip out the two-speed” to rid the floor of all the black doghair.


  60. MichelleC says

    “The Oreck® Forever Series Gold produces 102 mph air flow, yet only weighs about 9 lbs.” I think this is pretty awesome! I feel like my current vacuum weighs a TON!


  61. Kelsey says

    I love the 35-foot cord! For some reason I get so annoyed when I have to stop and move the plug in even in my apartment–so I’d love to have this!


  62. says

    What a great giveaway! I remember asking for a vacuum for Christmas the first year I lived in my apartment – I felt like such a grown up!

    I learned that it has a two speed motor and a 35 foot cord! Awesome! Those corner brushes sure would come in handy with all the pet hair we accumulate with two dogs and a cat!


  63. Megan V. says

    I love that the Orek vaccum weighs only 9 pounds and has a 35 ft cord! I live in a 3 level townhome so the lightness of the vaccum is perfect for me (or should I say my husband bc he is the one who vaccums 🙂 ).


  64. says

    I love the direct suction feature, and the fact that it only weighs 9 lbs!

    This could not come at a more perfect time, Julie! My mom has carpel tunnel and our vacuum is SO heavy – way too heavy for her. We’ve been hunting for a new one. This would be the BEST Mother’s Day gift for her!


  65. says

    I thought it was pretty cool how the Oreck Forever Series Gold has a lifetime warranty and includes 3 annual tune-ups. Pretty neat. I currently have 3 non-working vacuums in our hall closet and am looking for something that lasts more than a year. This would be perfect 😉


  66. Lizzie says

    Ahh what an amazing giveaway! Ever since I adopted a fur child a few months ago, I have been in DESPERATE need of a vaccum – I only have a dirt devil and it’s quite a workout moving that thing around on my hands and knees.

    From the website, I learned that there is a lifetime warranty! Seriously?!


  67. Megan says

    It has direct suction, that’s why it’s so lightweight! We are moving into a new apartment with hardwood floors so it would be nice to have the 2 speeds since we will have the hardwood and rugs! 🙂


  68. Trish says

    Headlights!!! I can clean in the dark, too!! WOO HOO!! And love the HEPA – I have major allergies and this would be good.

    I so need a vacuum like wicked bad.


  69. Laura says

    I have been DYING for a new vacuum. The ligthweight (9 lbs!!!) feature is what does it for me! I hate lugging around and storing my huge vacuum in my apartment.


  70. mariana says

    I’ve always loved Oreck vacuums. 9lbs is a huge plus. 3 tune ups a year along with a limited lifetime warranty is extremely helpful.


  71. Keisha says

    Two speeds! That’s awesome!

    I would tweet, too, but I don’t have a twitter account. I will not give in and get one either! Must.avoid.giving.in.to.peer.pressure. hahaha


  72. Leah says

    Fabulous giveaway. Love that it only weighs 9 lbs since I live in a townhouse with three sets of stairs. My dog sheds like crazy in the spring so I would love to have a new vacuum.


  73. Christy H. says

    It’s under warranty, super light, and has a really long cord. Yes please!
    My current vacuum cleaner came from the trash bin at my old apartment (no, seriously) and it actually somewhat works, but not very well. This would be great to use, especially since I live with 3 very fluffy kitties!


  74. Shelley says

    Awesome giveaway! I learned that the Oreck has a 35 ft cord! That would be so convenient when I vacuum the stairs! Halfway up, I have to go back down to move the plug!


  75. Kate says

    What an awesome give away! I desperately need a new cleaner to keep up with the animal hair in my house!! Love my animals to pieces but not their hair everywhere!! I actually had no idea that vacuum cleaners had tune ups! This looks like an incredible light weight option, I will have to check it out either way. Thanks for posting your experience with it!


  76. Amy J says

    woahh, i learned that vacuums can be expensive! the Oreck is pricey so it would be amazing to win, especially since I’m a student, currently don’t have a vacuum at all and my roommate commented yesterday that our floors are looking mighty dirty 😉


  77. Devon says

    The 35 foot cord soudns great! WIth the one we have now I’m always stretching it too far and it pulls out of the socket! 🙂


  78. Mary Babicki says

    It was designed and manufactured right here in the USA! Awesome. My vacuum has a see-thru canister and I hate being able to see the dirt! Gross!


  79. Carolyn says

    I love that it has direct suction! I can’t tell you how many times I have had to take the hosing apart on my current vaccum because dust and debris would get caught in all the turns of the hose! Seriously irritating.
    Hope I win!


  80. Kara says

    I learned that it is $500 and that I can’t afford it on a college student’s budget! I’m moving into a new apartment this fall for dental school so it would be awesome to keep it nice and clean!


  81. Keeley says

    I love that it only weighs 9 pounds and comes with 3 annual tune-ups. Seems like a vaccuum you can have for a really long time!


  82. says

    I learned the the vacuum has a 35 foot cord..that is awesome!! I also learned that this giveaway is the closet I’ll ever come to owning such an expensive vacuum!


  83. Sarah says

    It only ways 9 lbs! I think my vacuum weighs 30…it is a workout to use it. We were thinking about registering for one, but it would be great to win!


  84. says

    I love the diagram on how the Oreck direct suction works to suck up the dirt without going through a maze within the vacuum. Simple is always better in my books. Plus, that’s what makes it only need a small motor, thus making it lighter. I have two Orecks (although both circa 1989ish). But, they both still work!


  85. Elizabeth Ciummo says

    My roommate and I have long, thick dark brown hair that occasionally falls out of our heads and onto the ground. And by occasionally, I mean, I’m seriously surprised we are both not bald. But anyways, the current vacuum, or “sweeper” as we call it in Pittsburgh, just does not pick up our hair. Let’s face it, our carpet is disgusting. But, I read that the sweeper has direct suction with a brush revolution speed of 5,600 per minute… If that doesn’t pick up our strands, I seriously don’t know what will. This vacuum would be an awesome win!


  86. Laura says

    Holy cow – I would love to win that 🙂 like you, my husband and I just bought one a couple years ago and got a less than stellar one (b/c it’s what we could afford and thought they’d all be the same) but it seriously stinks!! And my husband is the vacuum-er so am sure he would be THRILLED if we won 😉

    here’s one fact I learned: 35-ft power cord! that’s pretty freaking long!


  87. Jennifer T says

    It only weighs 9 pounds!! Can’t complain about that! I need a good vacuum cleaner that will actually suck up my hair and not get tangled in the bristles! I hope I win!! 🙂


  88. Arwen says

    I learned that it comes with 3 annual tune-ups! That is so helpful. My current Oreck is about 49283742 years old and I have to special order the bags to replace them. This would be a BIG win for me!


  89. Crystal Sanchez says

    For starters it has a two speed motor which I think is awesome and the fact that the reason it is so light by pulling the dirt through the fan to make it smaller pretty cool! Just bought a new to us house would LOVE a new vacum for it!


  90. Nicole F. says

    This post could not have come at a better time! My current vacuum has seen better days and barely has any suction, which is why I was happy to see that on the Oreck website the “dirty air system” allows for extra suction.


  91. Katelyn says

    Wow, best giveaway ever! Looks like an awesome vacuum. I Learned that since the motor is closer to the ground than other vacuums,
    It gets better suction. Also the 35 ft chord is awesome!


  92. jennyv says

    35 ft cord? 9 lbs? I NEED this for our new office (my husband & I are currently schlepping our personal vacuum too and from our home to our office.. needless to say, it’s getting old.)


  93. Christina says

    This vacuum looks awesome!! And it even won an award for Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation! Also I love that it picks up 99.97% of particles. My boyfriend and I both struggle with seasonal allergies so this would be great to help keep the house clean. This is a great giveaway!!


  94. Sarah S! says

    I would love to have a vacuum with LED headlights! I have been known to wear my headlamp while cleaning our floors, as our current vacuum does not have a light.


  95. Dana says

    that 35 ft cord is unheard of!!! amazing!!!! I think that could reach from one end of my apartment to the other if I if it in in the middle!


  96. Laura says

    I could sure use this. I really liked the information about the Comfort Fit Handle and the fact that the line received the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation. There’s a lot of arthritis in my family.


  97. Elizabeth says

    I learned that the cord is 35 ft long. Wow Julie, I really hope I win. I am getting married in 2 months and we could really use a quality vaccum. We just registered for a cheap $30 one from target that we know wont last long, it would be great if we won!


  98. Maria G. Granadillo says

    I am fanatical about many little things; for example, I have come to terms with the fact that my fixation on Purell has taken a toll on my hands softness, and I don’t mind.
    Reading the Oreck page, I learned that different speeds are needed less it may damage an expensive rug. I thought it is outrageous, why would anyone over-suck the dirt out of the rug?


  99. says

    Only weighs 9 lbs and has a 35ft long cord – two things that would make vacumming my place SO much easier! My mom has used Oreck vacuums for years and swears by them. I’m so excited!


  100. Amy says

    This post also makes me feel like a “real adult” because I am like drooling…over a vacuum! Haha!

    I learned that it is 9 lbs.–SO LIGHT.


  101. says

    As I’ll be moving soon, a lightweight vacuum would be awesome. I learned about the ‘dirty air’ system that breaks the dirt into smaller particles, which are sucked up. Sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway!


  102. Elisabeth says

    I love that it only weighs 9 pounds – makes it much easier to carry up & down 3 stories of my condo (which my current vacuum does not…). I’ve always wanted to try an Oreck, too! 🙂


  103. lindsey says

    I learned that my 8 month pregnant self can probably carry this up the steps because it’s so light! I’d love to have this..thanks Julie!


  104. Allie K. says

    I learned that it is lightweight and has a two speed motor. I actually just broke my vacuum so this would be perfect for me!


  105. Alana says

    The vacuum I have in college is super cheap and tremendously heavy!!! I can not believe this vacuum is only 9lbs!!! That sounds incredible. Living in a house with 4 other girls and long hair we have to vacuum twice a week in order for our tile floors to look clean. This vacuum would be a dream!


  106. Mendie says

    Def need a new vaccum! I have a long hair cat so I vaccum frequently! This one seems like it would def pick up loads of cat hair – especially with a 2 speed motor – my current vaccum only has one speed! 😉


  107. Julie Nicole says

    OMG, I am in desperate need of a new vacuum & this one sounds fabulous!

    I learned that a top feature of the Oreck Forever Series Gold is that it includes three annual tune-ups! (I love that… who knew a vacuum needed tune-ups? 😉 )


  108. Cheryl says

    Oreck Forever Series Gold is not actually made of gold. And has headlamps! My apartment is teeny but I would love to have this.


  109. Barbara says

    Love this vacuum! I have a big, old, bulky vacuum and it’s time to say goodbye to it. Love that the Oreck Forever Series Gold is less than 9 lbs. because of its small yet powerful motor, and its direct suction advantage.


  110. abby r says

    okay this is an amazing giveaway! i will be leaving for medical school in the fall and totally need a vacuum for my first ever apartment! how great would it to have a vacuum a 35 ft cord (wouldn’t have to keep unplugging throughout my apartment) and one that only weighs 9lbs!


  111. Lenny says

    35ft long cord means I’ll keep vacumming from room to room because I don’t have to go back and unplug it then plug it in again in a different room!


  112. says

    Yay! I am in desperate need of a vacuum! Mine just bit the dust.. or in its case spits it ALL out..:(
    I learned its a two speed vacuum and has 35 foot cord! Sweet!


  113. Jennifer P. says

    I learned that it incorporates a “dirty air system” in which dirt is pulled through a fan that breaks it into smaller particles that get sucked up into the vacuum!


  114. Amy Perkins says

    Wow, a limited lifetime warranty!?!? I’ve been through 3 vacuums since we moved into our house 4 years ago, I definitely need a quality sucker!


  115. Kristen DD says

    I iearned about its furniture friendly design which i can definitely use to help me vacuum all the dirt from the random places that i can’t usually reach!


  116. Rachel says

    I didn’t need to see anything more than the picture illustrating the “direct suction” of the vaccuum. Why on earth does the dust need to travel through the entire vaccum for every other type of vaccuum?

    Oreck’s are amazing, they are so lightweight!


  117. Laura S. says

    I love that changing the bags is described as “effortless”. Hoping to move into a new apartment soon so this would be great!


  118. Jessica says

    I learned that I need it in my life for the rest of my life [lifetime warranty and light enough to lift in my elderly yrs..haha…] 🙂


  119. Julie says

    I learned that the vacuum includes 3 annual tune ups. What an amazing value! My current vacuum has needed so many tune ups and repairs that I probably could have bought a new one by now anyway!


  120. Sam L. says

    102 mph airflow sounds like it WAY outperforms my old college vacumn (not to mention at 9lbs weighs considerably less) and might actually get the crumbs and dog hair out of the couch. add in liftime guarantee and 3 annual tune-ups, sign me up!


  121. Shannon says

    9 pounds is a pretty light vacuum!!! That would be nice since I have to drag it out of the closet multiple times a week!


  122. says

    I had no idea it was only 9 pounds! Wow. The extra long cord would be pretty great too. Cleaning the apartment without having to switch to different outlets would be awesome!


  123. kelly says

    I learned that the warranty comes with 3 annual tune ups! This is huge—my mom always tells me that a great vacuum works like its brand new after a tune-up and I am in desperate need of a new vacuum!! If I won I would be SO psyched!!!


  124. says

    This vacuum has a “dirty air system” which means the dirt is pulled through a fan that breaks it into smaller particles. I just said goodbye to my broken vacuum so this is a great giveaway! Thanks!!


  125. Anne Marie says

    What a great giveaway, my vac just crapped out! I checked out the specs and noticed right away that it was so lightweight. Which is def a requirement for my replacement vac!


  126. Kristi @ SimplyKristi says

    Oh my! A vacuum that actually picks stuff up? I have a horrible relationship with the one that I use now. Hate that thing!!! But, vacuum’s are so expensive, that I’d hate to spend a big amount on one, and hate it just the same. I saw that it has two speed…? Curious about that. I also love the really long cord! Nothings more annoying then the plug getting ripped out…


  127. Mara says

    I can’t believe this vacuum only weights 9 pounds! I have an Alaskan Malamute so he sheds an unbelievable amount. This would be much easier to lug around since I have to vacuum at LEAST once a day! I hope I win 🙂


  128. Alexa says

    So light (9lbs), yet still so powerful (102 mph air flow!) And I love the look of it 🙂 I could really use a replacement for my old hand-me-down vac!


  129. says

    i learned that customers really like it!! i love that its lightweight. this would be so great to use on our rugs!! i just used one of those lint cleaners to clean our rug the other day hahah it took a really long time


  130. says

    Sa-weet giveaway! We just recarpeted the upstairs of our house two weeks ago and need to get a new vacuum!I love the 35 foot cord, because it’s my pet peeve when I have to constantly unplug and move the cord around as I’m vacuuming!


  131. Jennifer says

    The 3-annual tune ups bit cracked me up! I imagined rolling up to an automachanic shop with this guy and honking the aftermarket horn I would undoubtedly attach.

    Love the vac- want the vac 😀


  132. Laura says

    awesome giveaway! I just went to the site and saw that when it sucks up the dirt it’s pulled through a fan that breaks it up into smaller particles…very cool!


  133. Jillian says

    I learned that it can clean not only carpet, but rugs! I hate when vacuums do not work on rugs! This is awesome 🙂 I also love the 4 out of 5 stars rating!


  134. says

    That’s funny… my boyfriend says he’s the only one who vacuum’s in our house too! (Also may be true, but I will fight till my last breath to prove I’ve vacuumed at least a handful of times).

    Honestly I would vacuum more often if our current vacuum didn’t suck so bad. It’s seriously a workout just to push the dang thing back and forth through the shag rug!!


  135. says

    I’m right there with you on getting super pumped about vacuums! I love that this one has a lifetime warranty! I feel like vacuums always crap out on me!!!


  136. says

    OH how I would love to win a new vacuum — I love that it only weights 9 lbs and has a lifetime warranty. Sounds good! I’m constantly vacuuming up yellow lab hair. 🙂


  137. Jackie says

    I learned about the awesome benefits of the HEPA inner bag & direct suction that this vacuum offers. No wonder it is so lightweight! awesome giveaway!


  138. Lauren says

    Awesome that it has the HEPA bag to suck up even the smallest particle! I also love that it has lights. My current vacuum does not, and it also has a short cord, so this would be a cool thing to win! Thanks Julie!


  139. Anna says

    I totally want this vacuum just because of the lifetime warranty that comes with it. I don’t have to worry about it breaking because it WILL get fixed!!! WOOT!


  140. Emily says

    Ok. I am going to be honest with you. I am a college kid with NO VACUUM. It’s bad when you are like me and your favorite late-night snack (sometimes when you come back from the bars…) is massive amounts of popcorn, which inevitably gets all over the floor!

    Now for some things I learned! And I SWEAR I am not poking fun (well, maybe a little bit) because I desperately could use something as awesome as this! I learned that vacuums are a lot more like cars these days in that they come with annual tune-ups AND headlights!! Vroom vroom vacuum!! Also, there are air systems that suck dirt particles into the bag, which seems very science-y and cool! Way to go vacuums!!! =)


  141. Valerie says

    How exciting! I learned all about direct suction and how that makes it so much lighter than other vacuums! Which is something that I have ALWAYS complained about previously! Such a great giveaway! Thanks!


  142. Claire says

    The direct suction and roller brush rotate at about 5,600 revolutions per minute and draw dirt right into the bag. That sounds so fast!! I need this!!


  143. Cassie D. says

    I see that it only weighs about 9 pounds, which is awesome!

    And I’m excited to see that someone else’s hubby does the vacuuming in the house! I am NOT a fan of vacuuming and usually make a deal with my hubby that if he vacuums, I’ll clean elsewhere. For some reason, I don’t even mind cleaning the bathroom as much as I hate vacuuming.


  144. Alexa C. says

    3 annual tune-ups and headlights… this vacuum may be nicer than my car 😉 Living with 3 other girls (all of us have medium to long hair) in a carpeted apartment produces LOTS of hairballs… so gross! We definitely could use a vacuum like this to help us out!


  145. Jessica Johnson says

    It has a 35 foot cord! Hallelujah! I am currently in nursing school but clean houses on the weekends. A 35 foot cord just sounds amazing because I am constantly unplugging myself. It would be useful to not only clean my own house but the multiple houses I clean on the weekends 🙂


  146. Stephanie D. says

    That 35 foot long cord means I wouldn’t have to change outlets in my small house! What a deal that would be!


  147. Jenny says

    It only weighs 9 lbs! Thats awesome! I would love to give this to my mom who has had her kirby vacuum for 25+ years that has recently died. She would love it!


  148. Jessie says

    I learned that it has HEADLIGHTS! I want a vacuum with headlights! We are getting a dog this summer so we’ll need extra suction power around here.


  149. Molly says

    I would LOVE a new vacuum! I like that it has a HEPA bag which captures at least 99.97% of particles. That is awesome especially living with pets. I just think the house would feel so much more clean!


  150. Elisabeth says

    my roommates and I desperately need one of these!!! The Oreck Forever Gold Series is so light, and furniture friendly for our small apartment!! Here’s to hoping!


  151. Kimberly says

    I would LOVE this. I learned that it has a lifetime warranty. I also learned that it could cost as little as $34.09 a month on their payment plan. 🙂


  152. Allison says

    Only 9 pounds and has a 35 foot cord? I might actually be inspired to vacuum more if I had this bad boy 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  153. Josephine says

    I learned about the Oreck direct suction path. Vacuum nerds unite! I would love this vacuum and have heard great things about Orecks.


  154. Christin says

    I’ve always loved Oreck because they’re so LIGHT!
    Just learned about the DIRECT suction advantage! the picture it compares it to looks like a dyson and they’re so heavyyy!!
    *also tweeted @kriken


  155. Rebecca says

    I learned that it has a 35 foot cord which will make it super easy to clean my room without having to replug it 3 times! 🙂


  156. Ashley says

    3 annual tune ups and a lifetime warranty? We have a dog in the house that sheds like CRAZY, and it seems like we have to buy a vacuum cleaner every year!


  157. Michele says

    Wow – what a giveaway!!! I learned that the vacucum has a a new Limited Lifetime Warranty! Wow — a giveaway that lasts a lifetime!!! Yahoo!!!


  158. says

    I learned that there are three annual tune-ups included! That’s really nice! How many companys do that???

    I would LOVE this vacuum! I have a crappy hand held one that is no longer cutting it since we have a giant dog that sheds everwhere.


  159. Meisha says

    I am crazy about those sorts of things too. I have a terrible vacuum that wont pick up ANYTHING, but I dont want to buy one until I can afford to get a good one. I was surprised to see that this vacuum actually has two speed. Hmm. That could come in handy.


  160. Melissa Davis says

    WOW, totally learned that this is a $499 vacuum. WHAT! Plus it has a 35ft cord. That’s like super long! My finance and I are in the market to purchase our first home and sadly do not have a vacuum. This would perfect.


  161. Rachelle says

    The 102 mph air flow, but only weighs about 9 lbs sounds pretty good to me! I have 3 kids and a dog and need to vacuum a lot, this would make it so easy for me!


  162. Elizabeth says

    Awesome vacuum! I learned that it is super light and has a 35 foot extension cord- I love this b/c I hate plugging and unplugging all the time!


  163. Olivia says

    What an awesome giveaway! I’ve always thought bagless vacuums were the way to go, but now I’ve learned that direct suction seems to do the job better. 🙂


  164. alli says

    I love this vacuum! I could definitely use a new vacuum, I’m a college student and can’t afford a nice one right now! I love that it has headlights and a 35 foot cord..crazy!


  165. says

    I learned that with the vacuum you get 3 annual tune-ups! How awesome is that? That’s like every 4 months to make sure it stays in tip-top shape!

    Boy I could use this!


  166. says

    I am loving that it has a lifetime warranty! I spent $200 something on my last vacuum, and had no help from the company when it broke a few months later. It would be nice to have a fantastic vacuum with a warranty.


  167. Ali says

    This vacuum looks awesome. Love that it has a HEPA inner bag, as my dog creates a lot of hair/ dander/ allergens. Our current vacuum is about to bite the dust (pun intended)!


  168. Jordan K says

    Oh man o man could I use a new vacuum! I currently use a small Bissel for cleaning up clumps of my dogs fur on my hardwoods, but know a better vacuum would make it so much nicer!

    I learned that the Forever Series Gold vacuum.
    has a Long-lasting Endurolife™ Belt! That is awesome to me because my last two vacuums both died because the belt on them kept breaking/snapping!


  169. K Brady says

    I always feel like an adult when I get excited about things like this too!

    I learned that The Forever Series Gold produces 102 mph air flow, yet only weighs about 9 lbs.

    That REALLY is light!


  170. Agnes says

    35-ft power cord and 9 lbs total weight?!? Amazeballs!
    BTW – today is our anniversary and I just told my husband about the vacuum giveaway and he got seriously excited! Kind of like Ryan! :-))


  171. Jessica says

    I have wanted an Oreck vacuum for the longest time! I have a toddler and very hairy dog in a tiny house, so I vacuum every day! This is an amazing vacuum! It is only 9 lbs, but so powerful! Long 35 foot cord, 2 speeds, slim to fit under furniture too! As they say, the last vacuum you will ever buy! Oh please, let me win this!


  172. says

    As we just killed our 3rd vaccuum in 2 years (pet hair) we could so use one (I am sweeping them w/ a brrom right now … Darn kitties and litter!



  173. Mary says

    Limited lifetime warranty…that’s a huge plus! Plus, the vacuum is lightweight and has two different speeds. I’m a clean freak and would love to win this!


  174. Lisa says

    This vacuum looks amazing. Two kids, two cats, yes please! I learned that the Oreck Forever Series Gold produces a 102 mph air flow, yet only weighs 9 pounds. Crazy.


  175. Bridgette says

    This is definitely one vacuum I’d love a chance at winning. My daughter has bad spring allergies and having a vacuum with a HEPA filter and I feel like with having a 2 speed motor, it would really pick up a lot of the little “bits” that my REALLY old vacuum doesn’t which would also help my daughter’s allergies.

    Great giveaway!!


  176. Allie says

    I never knew a vacuum could have 2 speeds! I always have to borrow a friend’s vacuum since they’re so expensive….having my own would be so nice 🙂


  177. says

    I learned the Oreck Forever Series Gold vacuum has a two speed motor for ultimate cleaning flexibility!

    This vacuum seems awesome! I’m going to graduate college soon and with that comes finding my own place and needing to furnish it with furniture and cleaning supplies. This would be a really needed item for me!


  178. Sam says

    WOW, I learned how the Oreck vacuum has a direct path for the suction to go, as opposed to the typical bagless vacuum. AWESOME!


  179. Christine M. says

    The Oreck Forever Series Gold has a HEPA inner bag to filter out 99.97% of those tiny particles that make me sneeze!


  180. Katie says

    Oooh I love that it has a HEPA inner bag! My boyfriend has horrible allergies, especially with my kitty, so anything that can pull up cat hair is awesome in my book! 🙂


  181. Lauren B. says

    I learned that it has 3 Annual tune-ups! Awesome!

    I would love love love a new vacuum b/c our current one sucks (but not literally, and that’s the problem)! Every time we use it we say we need to get another one. Please please please!!!


  182. Christine says

    i learned about how the oreck suctions up dirt….. I’m assuming so all the dirt doesn’t spew out at your feet like my bagless vacuum does!!! Oh, how I would love a new vacuum!


  183. says

    I’ve been eating apples like crazy, too! I think the warm weather is making me crave something crisp and juicy. I learned the Forever Series Gold is bagless. It’s awesome to not have to worry about having bags on hand. I always forget to pick them up, then need to change mid vacuum and don’t have one, or I buy the wrong kind.


  184. Megan says

    It only weighs nine pounds!!! That’s so convenient. All the vacuums I’ve used in the past have been ridiculously heavy.


  185. Jessica says

    I love that this vacuum has smaller motors so they sit closer to the floor giving more of a suction! I swear my crappy little vacuum leaves more of a mess than it cleans up. Would LOVE to win!


  186. Julie says

    I cannot tell you how much I need a new vacuum! We have an old one that looks like it came from the 1950’s and it doesn’t suck ANYTHING up!

    From visiting the website I learned about the 35 foot cord! That is so useful it is no fun to vacuum and have to switch outlets all the time!!!


  187. Ush says

    Awesome giveaway, I’ve been looking to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, maybe I’ll be lucky and win one (probably not haha).

    I learned that the vacuum has two headlights, which I find hilarious and pretty cool 🙂