Oreck Forever Series Gold Giveaway

I have a crazy awesome giveaway for you guys today.

That is, it’s crazy awesome if you get excited about things like amazing vacuum cleaners.

oreck forever series 014

It’s one of the most valuable giveaways that has ever popped up on this blog and I’m pretty psyched about it!

First, let’s fly through lunch to keep with tradition.


Lunch today included leftover salmon from Wednesday night’s dinner that I repurposed into salmon salad.

salmon salad

I ate my salmon salad on in a whole wheat wrap, served alongside roasted Brussels sprouts and an orange.

salmon salad wrap

oreck forever series 009

Not shortly after, my stomach still wanted something else, so I also had a sliced apple 20 minutes later.

apple slices

This week I have been apple-obsessed. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been eating two apples a day. Not a bad habit, but kind of weird!

Oreck Forever Series Gold Vacuum Giveaway

Moving on to the best part of this post!

When Ryan and I first moved to Ocala, we were in the market for a new vacuum. The first vacuum we bought a few years ago we got for less than $100. We figured all vacuums were created equal and we just wanted something that would suck up dirt and clean our apartment.

Well, that vacuum felt like it weighed 500 pounds and was a total pain in the butt. It barely sucked up carpet fuzz, let alone anything substantial.

When I was contacted by Oreck late this summer about their Forever Series Gold vacuum, I was so pumped because we needed a new vacuum but hadn’t done enough research to commit to buying one just yet.

When I started to look into the Forever Series Gold Vacuum, I got awfully excited. The company offered to send me one to try and I felt like a real adult. I mean I was getting excited about a vacuum for crying out loud.

oreck forever series 015

There she is. What a beaut.

Honestly, it was Ryan who was the most excited. He swears he’s the only one who vacuums in our house (this may be true), so he put it together immediately when it arrived and called out to me, singing its praises.

“It’s so light!”

Really, it is.

The light weight of the vacuum was the first thing I noticed, followed shortly by the extra long cord and the tiny brushes at the base of the vacuum that *thank goodness* reach underneath our kitchen cabinets and get the crumbs other vacuums miss. 

oreck forever series gold 002

oreck forever series gold 001

We’ve been using this vacuum for months now and are in love.

I have recommended it to friends and family in need of a quality vacuum and I’m so excited that one of you will get one!

oreck forever series 014

Note: This giveaway is open to those living in the U.S. only.

To enter this giveaway…

  • MANTATORY entry: Visit Oreck.com and comment below, telling me one thing you learned about the Forever Series Gold vacuum.

To receive an additional entry, you may…

  • Tweet something along the lines of the following: “Hoping to win an @Oreck vacuum through @PBFingers giveaway: http://ow.ly/9Z5xp”  Please make a separate comment below, letting me know you tweeted to be sure your entry is counted.

I will randomly select a winner on Monday morning using Random.org.

Good luck!



Disclaimer from Oreck: Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.

Disclaimer from me: I received the Forever Series Gold vacuum from Oreck but was not compensated beyond that for this post and will receive no further compensation from Oreck. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Jen says

    I hate vacuuming, but only because my vacuum is a dinosaur that weighs gosh knows how much! I’d definitely love to win an Oreck. Call me a nerd, but I’ve always thought the older gentleman in their ads seemed very charming and sweet.


  2. Julie says

    I am tired of lugging around my old heavy v. cleaner…this is just what I need just 9 lbs of vacuum cleaner to haul around thanks


  3. Allison says

    any vacuum that sports headlights is AWESOME in my book. would love to have one of those babies zoomin thru our house!


  4. Cate says

    I do not know which feature would be my favorite – the lightness of the vacuum (9 lbs.) or the amazingly long cord (35 ft.). BTW, does anyone else think that “vacuum” is an insane-looking word?


  5. says

    I agree that the headlights are an awesome feature! But I also love how lightweight it is. Only 9 pounds in awesome and you can’t beat the 35-ft power cord! Sounds like an amazing vacuum I would love to own!


  6. Jessie says

    I learned that it uses a “dirty air system” (a fan breaks up the dirt into smaller particles) — sounds pretty efficient!


  7. Ashley says

    What a great giveaway! I am on a hunt for new vacuum and I learned the oreck has a HEPA inner bag filter and 2 speed motor, LED headlights too.


  8. Michelle says

    I learned that the HEPA filter catches 99.97% of particles of pollen, dust, animal dander, mold, and smoke. I think my house would be a lot cleaner with this vacuum!


  9. Aggie says

    Most impressive to me is the fact, that it only weights 9 lbs! Our current vacuum is soooo heavy! What a great giveaway!!!


  10. Dobie Marintchev says

    The description of this vacuum is the description of my dream vacuum! I really wanna win it! Especially if it really gives that “peace of mind”, as promised from the makers of Oreck! And only 9 lbs,amazing! Thank you! :)


  11. Sara says

    Oh I hope it’s not too late!!!

    I absolutely need this vaccum. I’m moving into a new apartment that has all carpet, and my current one is all hardwood floors…I’m going to need a vacuum asap!

    One thing I learned about this vaccum that I love is the tune-ups…this is really important to me because I’ve had issues in the past with a vacuum-that-shall-remain-nameless…it broke almost every time I used it, I swear!


  12. Christina says

    I love that it has LED headlights. How cool! Can vacuum in the dark and still get every last thing on the ground. We had an Oreck growing up..they really are the lightest thing ever!


  13. Lori says

    Yeah…. so I am blog flipping today at work…hahaha….I came across this one and I was like….”I freakin’ LOVE my ORECK!” So funny to get excited over vacuum cleaners 😛


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