Race Shirt Preferences

Today’s workout targeted my whole body. After 20 minutes on the elliptical, I did the total body workout detailed in Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp plan.

I hope I’m not too sore from today’s workout on Saturday since competing in an indoor triathlon with sore hamstrings or shoulders does not sound like fun! Fortunately today’s workout wasn’t overly intense, so I think I’ll be okay for the race. Running or biking with lead legs sounds pretty miserable!


A perfectly ripe avocado chillin’ in our pantry was the inspiration behind today’s breakfast.

sausage avocado egg 001

Today’s scrambled egg mixture included a sliced chicken sausage, cauliflower and avocado. A winning combination!

sausage avocado egg 004

Race Shirt Preferences

This morning I received an email from ZOOMA that included a few questions about race t-shirts:

  • What kinds of shirts do you prefer from races (short sleeve, tank, wicking, life style, etc.)?
  • Have you ever purchased a shirt from a race (outside of the one that comes with registration)?
  • What kind of shirt are you most likely to buy (long sleeve, hoodie ,burn out, tech, etc.)?

As I mentioned on Monday’s post about what to do with old race t-shirts, I rarely wear race t-shirts. Occasionally I’ll wear them to bed or to the gym, but I prefer to workout in tank tops since I sweat so much, and my race t-shirts often remain untouched.

The race t-shirt I wear the most isn’t a particularly attractive shirt, but it is long-sleeved, which I love for running outside in the winter in Florida.

race shirt 002

I think I may be in the minority with loving long-sleeve race shirts, but I get really excited when a race shirt is something a little different from the standard or dri-fit t-shirt. I’ve never seen a race tank top, but I would be incredibly excited about that, as I’m sure it would get a lot of wear.

I also like it when shirts are not white. So many race shirts are white, so when a race shirt varies in color, they stand out to me a little bit more.

race shirt 004

Aside from long-sleeved shirts, perhaps my favorite race shirts are those that don’t look like race shirts.

race shirt 006I got the above t-shirt at the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon last September and love it because the trees on the shirt remind me of the trees along the race course, but the shirt itself doesn’t look like a typical athletic shirt.

Now I ask you…

Questions of the Morning

  • What is your favorite kind of race shirt?
  • What features would you like to see offered in a race shirt that would make you love it?

I would love to see a lightweight tank top race shirt that is extra long. That would be right up my alley!


  1. says

    I HATE white race shirts – they become see through when you’re sweating in them! and I like short sleeved wicking shirts. I like long sleeved shirts but I feel like I never wear them! I also wouldn’t buy a shirt from a race, seems like way more money than necessary to spend when I’ve already spent to much on the race!


  2. Morgan says

    I am with you on this one Julie. I love the thin white long sleeve shirts! I too wear them for running outdoors in fall. A few of mine have stains or holes, but since I don’t get them often, I hold on to them. Btw, love your blog, your recipes(mostly breakfast) have given me new found excitement for post workout meals. I too workout at 5 am and it’s the BEST!


  3. says

    I also love getting long-sleeve race shirts for running outside in the winter. I have a BRIGHT yellow one that I can’t wait to use this winter. I still have yet to get a tech tee from a race. I can’t wait for that day.


  4. Samantha says

    Long tanks are my Faaaaav :)
    A little off this topic, I saw your post about The Taste of Ocala (I think that was the right name of the event.) Are all the tickets “VIP” or are there regular, cheaper tickets? Love your blog btw! ;)


  5. Jody says

    I don’t particularly care either way, but I prefer short sleeve shirts with bright colors. I don’t like to run in cotton tshirts, so they generally get used when I’m feeling lazy.

    My favorite designs are from races that hold a place in my heart. In Washington DC, we do an Arlington 9-11 race, or you can often find something going on with the Wounded Warrior Project. I love to show those off. Some of the others such as Zooma’s stay in my closet and never get worn.


  6. says

    I’m with you on the bright colors – I love anything that isn’t plain white. Hopefully your recommendation of the long tanks catch on and we’ll start seeing them at the races!


  7. Jennifer says

    I noticed in your office you sit on a blanket on your chair, what if you made a chair cushion out of your t-shirts to sit on in there, since you also have your medals hanging etc.


  8. Nikki says

    One of my favorites was a long-sleeve dri-fit top that was lime green. It was from the Mardi Gras Half Marathon in Galveston. I like that I’m more visible in the winter months. It is one BRIGHT green top!


  9. says

    I think I am a lot like you too-I hardly wear race shirts b/c I sweat wayyyy too much (I prefer tank style tops). So if they busted out a bright, colored tank-style race shirt, I’d wear it all the time!

    I long long-sleeved bright race shirts too–but all shirts must be longer in fit!! (I have a long torso).


  10. says

    I love the long sleeved race t-shirts as well. The ones that are the wicking material are the best! I have on in red that is my go to workout shirt come cooler weather!


  11. Marie says

    I don’t know if you’re interested in DIY but here’s a cute DIY I found to make your own workout tank tops. I love working out in tank tops too but don’t have too many so I used this to make a few out of t-shirts that I haven’t worn in a few years but haven’t gave away. It’s really easy too :)



  12. Kat says

    I am a new runner and am contemplating the Zooma race for my first half marathon.

    I did the Never Quit 5k on Jax Beach in June and they gave the ladies an tank top that I absolutely love!! It is a Bella tank and is super soft. It is great for the gym, the pool, the beach or just hangin’ at the casa.


  13. says

    Wow, who knew there are so many options for race shirts? I’ve never done a race, but my husband has, and he got the EXACT same shirt the second time he did the race (it was in a different location and 6 months later, but they hadn’t changed the design, color, or anything!). I think at the very least a race shirt should be different from other locations/dates.

    I’m with you on the tank top thing. A bright colored fitted tank top would be awesome for workouts!


  14. Stephanie says

    I love long sleeve t-shirts for the comfort, but only during the winter and (sometimes) fall season. I love all types of t-shirts and have millions sitting around that aren’t put to use. A tank top would be a fun race memory, especially for runners living in Florida or hotter climates.


  15. Randee says

    I typically don’t wear my race shirts either, they are always soooo short! And I prefer my staple UA tank top. I’m running the Women Rock MN half in St. Paul on September 1st. We get hot pink race jackets! :)) Can’t wait!


  16. says

    Fave race shirts hand’s down: Women’s fit (meaning snug and for the love of all things please give small long distance runners XS shirts) that are tech fabric. I wear the long sleeve ones regularly in the winter and am most likely to get use out of them. And honestly, even if it cost me an extra $20, I might just pay it for a race to be able to get a decent half zip jacket since I spend an arm and a leg on them anyway. My fave two are one’s I bought at races and wear them constantly….


  17. says

    I live in my race shirts all summer–they’re great for lounging and keep me cool in the heat! I definitely prefer tech shirts over cotton t-shirts, and bright colors over plain black or white shirts. I’m weird and actually prefer the unisex tech shirts–in general, some of the women’s cuts can run very small, but I never go wrong with a men’s small tech shirt! I would love to see a race give out singlets or tank tops–such a nice alternative!


  18. says

    I agree with the extra long, performane tank idea…in fact I was just wishing this morning you could have the option of a tee or tank when you register.


  19. says

    I really like the dri fit shirts! For the Chicago hot chocolate 15k they gave us really nice wind jackets which I love and thought was totally different than the typical race t shirt!


  20. says

    I don’t like working out in T-shirts either, so I would loooove a race tank top. Otherwise, i love lounging in my long-sleeved race shirts. Perfect for cozy nights by the bonfire or while watching some football with the boy.


  21. Whitney Y. says

    I definitely agree with you on the tank top and I would want it to be bright colored!! That’s what I love working out in also!


  22. Tracy says

    I never wear cotton race t-shirts, especially white cotton race t-shirts. I end up just throwing them away actually. The only one I wear is a dri-fit Nike tank, bright pink with blue edging from a women’s race.

    The lululemon seawheeze half is giving out special edition race shorts. That’s kind of unique.


  23. Alisa says

    Absolutely would prefer a tech tank that is creatively designed!
    Zooma has a great opportunity to do something
    Unique and feminine since it is a boutique women’s race.


  24. Brittany says

    Although I do not have an answer about race t-shirts as I have never ran in a race… yet… I was wondering what brand of chicken sausage you buy, I’ve heard it’s really good but I know there are a few different kinds.


  25. Jessica says

    I really love long-sleeved dri right race shirts. I live in Seattle and a long sleeved shirt fits the bill many days out of the year. Plus, I have so many short sleeved workout shirts I can pass on more. I do like the idea of a tank style one though! (Although giving this out as a race shirt seems both expensive and un-fair as I know many women who aren’t comfortable wearing this style.)


  26. Andrea says

    Since you love running events so much, I vote that you start your own race event! That way you can give out race tank tops in the style you like! Or better yet, give people 2-3 options of styles and/or colors!


  27. Annie Hodgdon says

    Absolutely agree with the tank top being the desired race shirt!! I have dozens of race shirts, but the only one I wear frequently when running or working out is the under armour tank from a triathlon. Long sleeve are also definitely a preference over the typical short sleeve dri fit tee, then you can at least throw it over your tanks if it’s chilly.


  28. says

    Good luck in the indoor tri on Saturday Julie!! I’m sure you’re going to do great! I’m actually with you on the long sleeve race shirt. The only long sleeve I’ve gotten is by far my favorite. I also like it when they are really really soft. I’m also in agreement on the tank-top front. Long sleeves or no sleeves, please! :D


  29. says

    I always like shirts that are different and not plain white T-shirts. Wick shirts are fabulous but I like a fun design too. The best shirt I have gotten was one I bought at the Boilermaker, it’s a CRAZY bright color but comfy to run in. A tank would be amazing it a light blue color! I always order my shirts big that way if it’s just a t-shirt (which most are) I give them to my husband. He loves them all!


  30. Catherine says

    You could have those t-shirts made into a quilt-style blanket which could keep you warm on a cold night while you dream of your next race. It would feature the design and information of each race on each “patch” of the quilt. If you’re crafty, you could do it yourself.


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