Christmas Eve

The post-holiday blues are settling in right now, so I’m going to try my best to delay them a bit by recapping Christmas Eve and Christmas today!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning started out on a rather active note. While my dad and Ryan worked out together at the gym, my mom and I took an early morning Jazzercise class!

It felt good to move and sweat before all of the holiday festivities began.

Once we reconvened back at my parents’ condo with my grandma, we dug into German pancakes topped with fresh berries, powdered sugar and syrup.

German Pancake

Christmas 2012 075

These pancakes aren’t nearly as fluffy as typical pancakes and have an eggy flavor that I adore. I also think they’re a lot more filling!

After breakfast, Ryan and I took Sadie on a short walk before it was time to eat a light lunch and prep food for our Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning breakfast. Some Christmas sugar cookies made it into the oven as well!

The afternoon flew by and it was soon time to change for an early evening church service.

Christmas 2012 077

Christmas 2012 078

Christmas 2012 080

Before heading into church, we met up with my sister and her boyfriend outside by the giant Christmas tree.

Christmas 2012 079

My sister and her boyfriend spent the weekend with her boyfriend’s family,so it was great to be reunited with them. They met us at church on their drive back to Jacksonville and spent the rest of the holiday with us.

It felt great to celebrate the reason for the season together!


After church, we popped open some red wine and munched on cheese and crackers until it was time for dinner.

Christmas 2012 081

Christmas 2012 085Christmas 2012 083

Sadie was feeling shy. Smile

Christmas 2012 082

Dinner was fabulous.

Christmas 2012 089Christmas 2012 090

A seafood feast complete with crab cakes, lobster that my dad caught on a spear fishing trip, hot curried fruit and pepper slaw. Yum!

Our family has a tradition of opening new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve and opened up our packages after dinner.

Christmas 2012 091

Christmas 2012 093


We spent the rest of Christmas Eve lounging around in our pajamas before bedtime.

My sister and I made sure to keep warm by the fake fire. Winking smile

Christmas 2012 094

Christmas Day fun to come!


  1. says

    Aww! Your mom still dresses you and your sister alike, too? LOL. My older sis and I ALWAYS get matching PJs for Christmas. Though, this year they were the same style, mine had lattes on them, and hers had snowmen. Mom got herself a set with sheep on them. Christmas PJs FTW!


  2. Gina c says

    What a beautiful family! Santa delivers Christmas pajamas to our house every year and this year (inspired by Sadie), our dog got some too! Thanks for all the wonderful and festive ideas!


  3. Karen says

    You are your sister are too cute in your pj’s! I love how you refuse to grow up 🙂 Sweet 🙂

    But I must know where you got the blue dress…I have the same coloring as you (blonde hair blue eyes and fair skin) and that color always looks good on me too. It is perfect on you!!!!


  4. says

    Your Christmas eve sounds perfect. I love making all kinds of Holiday food, it’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas and Christmas eve.

    Also, your and your sister’s PJs are super cute!!


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