Bachelorette Party Gift Basket

This year is the year of weddings for me and Ryan. We are so excited that a bunch of the people we love the most are getting married this year and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the fun activities that surround a wedding… especially the bachelor and bachelorette parties!

A week before my first bachelorette party in Chicago, my girlfriends surprised me with a decorated itinerary, some fun little gifts and a packing list that I thought was absolutely adorable. It also made me feel incredibly excited about the fun weekend they planned!

Last weekend, I delivered a gift basket to Merri filled with bachelorette-party themed gifts from all of her bridesmaids to get her excited for her bachelorette party in Las Vegas in the beginning of September. In early August, I mailed a gift basket to Minda from her bridesmaids before her bachelorette party. Both brides-to-be seemed to love their baskets and I had a blast assembling them!

Here’s a sneak peek into two bachelorette party gift baskets – one with a laid back beach weekend theme and one with a Las Vegas party theme!

Beach Themed Bachelorette Party Gift Basket

Bachelorette Party Gift Basket

Bachelorette Party Gift Basket Note

In each basket, I tried to include items that reflected the bride-to-be’s taste and personality and the theme of the weekend. Since Minda’s bachelorette party took place on the beach, a towel, sunscreen and an easy beach read made it into her basket!


I also labeled some of the items with little tags.


I used double-sided alphabet stickers to make “Bride” label on Minda’s basket and the “Bride To Be” label on Merri’s basket.


I wanted the baskets to have a little wedding flare, but thought they’d want the ability to remove the letters so they could use the baskets in the future if they wanted to without them looking so bridal.

DSC_0113  Bride Stickers

Just a little tip: Check TJMaxx for cheap glitter. I bought a bunch of glitter from Hobby Lobby and then found glitter at TJMaxx for less than half the price of the glitter from the craft store.


In Minda’s beach-themed gift basket:

  • Towel
  • Nail polish
  • Lipgloss
  • Sunscreen
  • Davie & Chiyo clutch from Etsy
  • Stationary
  • Candy
  • Tea
  • Book for beach reading
  • Cutsey cards with fun quotes about friendship and life
  • Dog toy for Minda’s dogs to play with while she was away


Las Vegas Party Themed Gift Basket

Bachelorette Party Gift Basket

Since Merri’s bachelorette party is sure to be a non-stop party, instant coffee, a mini bottle of champagne and cocktail-flavored jelly beans found their way into her gift basket.

Coffee for Bachelorette Party Gift Basket



And some hangover helpers were included in her basket, too!

Bachelorette Party Hangover Helpers

bachelorette party essentials

In Merri’s Las Vegas party themed gift basket:

  • Nail polish
  • Lip gloss
  • Chapstick
  • Emergen-C
  • Advil
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Magazine
  • Instant coffee
  • Cool cucumber eye pads
  • Chocolate gold coins
  • Plane snacks
  • Hanky panky underwear
  • Neon tank top
  • Cocktail-flavored Jelly Belly jellybeans
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Bachelorette tumbler
  • Mini champagne bottle
  • Mini mixed drinks
  • Cards from bachelorette party attendees

Bachelorette Party Gift Basket Items

The numbered cards in the basket next to the magazine are cards from the girls that will be attending Merri’s bachelorette party. Merri is supposed to open up one card a day leading up to her bachelorette party and each one includes a fun message from her closest friends to make her feel even more excited than she already is for the craziness to come!

Bachelorette Gift Basket

Congratulations again to two amazing brides-to-be!


  1. Sarah L says

    I love this! You’re a great friend/bridesmaid!

    I just made my sister a basket of her favourite things, as she is going back to university this weekend! I included: a novel by her favourite author, her favourite candy, new candles, her favourite loose-leaf tea, a calendar and some relaxing bath wash!

    I love making baskets for people, so personal and everyone seems to love them 🙂


  2. Laura says

    These are really so adorable!! Makes me want to invite you to my bachelorette party 😉 You are a such a fabulous, fun and crafty friend!


  3. Amy says

    So cute Julie!! I will have to share this idea on Pinterest – most of my friends are already married, but this is easily customizable for babies. Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Katie says

    Not trying to sound like a jerk because I think these baskets are cute, but please for the love of man change that word to “brides-to-be”!!! Sorry–that’s one of my biggest grammar peeves!


  5. says

    Love, love, love these! Might have to direct my bridesmaids to your site! 🙂
    I’m bridesmaid at two weddings next year and definitely plan on putting together similar. So thoughtful. 🙂


  6. says

    This is such a cute gift to give to a bride-to-be. I recently was a maid of honor and I wish I had thought of this idea! I will have to keep this in my back pocket for the next wedding I’m in!


  7. says

    What a thoughtful gift idea! I’m sure it was the highlight of their day to get something so personal and sweet, especially during the last leg of wedding planning 🙂


  8. says

    These are so much fun, I love themed gift baskets like this, its like getting a bunch of bonus gifts. I made something like this for my bridesmaids as part of their gift. I made them little “emergency kits” with stain remover, mints, lipgloss, etc. It was so much fun to put them together.


  9. Bre says

    These are so adorable and something they will definitely use! You’re so very creative!! I’ll definitely be using your idea in the near future!! 🙂


  10. Jessica says

    This is such a great idea!! This is perfect for any great celebration. Thanks for including a list of all the things you put into the baskets. I hear about gifts like these but I’m never sure what exactly to put in them ( I’m not that creative lol).


  11. Amber says

    I’m a gift basket lover! I make them for just about every gift i give these days. I made one for my sister for her bachelorette party last September and I made mini versions of hers for party favors for the guests and everyone loved them!


  12. Lisa says

    Man, I wish I was part of your friend group!!! You guys are so intentional about your friendships and celebrating everyone’s joy and happiness! (And you all have the BEST.EVER bachelorette parties!)


  13. says

    Cute ideas! My friend is getting married next year and I’m in the wedding, so this gives me some nice ideas that are pretty affordable. 🙂 Love the mini champagne bottles and the gold coins for Vegas.


  14. says

    You are such a sweetheart! So very thoughtful of you!! I love this idea, but don’t know if I’d have the patience to be as crafty as you are! These remind me of care packages my parents used to send me at camp when I was a kid 🙂


  15. says

    It will be an awesome feeling having a bachelor party before wedding. The gift ideas are great and I will definitely try to one of my friends. But I will definitely try an escape to traveling vacation because it is the time which can’t come back to enjoy wholeheartedly with friends.


  16. jessica walters says

    These are the most wonderful gifts a bride would look for. But i guess they are meant for a bride only . What about the gifts for people arriving at the party. If you need i can suggest some gifts basically for bachelorette party.


  17. says

    I love how you share your thoughts and love for your friend and created a suprise for her. They say a good deed never goes undone.Some of the best gifts come in a bundle like baskets. great story.



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