Merri’s Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

Merri’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas was easily one of the most fun weekends of my entire life. From the moment our planes touched down on Friday morning to the moment we left on Sunday afternoon, we were go-go-go and partying it up. Oh my gosh, it was so much FUN.

Bachelorette Party: Day One

The first leg of my trip to Las Vegas began on Friday before the sun came up. I caught a flight from Jacksonville to Atlanta where I had a brief layover before I hopped on my last light to Vegas. I arrived a little before 10:30 a.m. and immediately felt grateful for the time difference since it felt like I was blessed with three bonus hours to spend with my girlfriends!

Ten of us flew out to Las Vegas for Merri’s bachelorette party and all of our flights landed before 11 a.m. so we met up at the Bud Light Lounge while we waited for everyone to arrive. (If you ever fly to Vegas and need a designated meeting spot, the Bud Light Lounge in terminal one was easy to find and worked perfectly for us!)



Everyone arrived energetic and ready to make the most of the weekend and we wasted no time putting our party faces on!


photo (6)


Merri is one of the most vibrant and fun people I’ve ever met in my entire life and I knew she’d be the best bachelorette. Her energy is contagious and after she cracked us up by taking a knee and chugging a beer, we all followed suit and popped open champagne to enjoy in the party bus on our way to In-N-Out Burger – the bride-to-be’s request – for lunch.

Las Vegas Party Bus Champagne popping


(Yes, Merri has a twin sister!)


In-N-Out Burger was absolutely slammed but the line went quickly and we sipped on champagne while we waited.

Bachelorette party lunch of champions:


Burger cheers! 


After lunch, we headed to the Aria to check in and change into our bathing suits before walking to Liquid, an outdoor club by the pool.


Four of us stayed behind and joined the group 30 minutes later after we took some time to decorate Merri’s room.


Decoration duties were divided up among the group and I was in charge of cups. (I totally felt like Phoebe Buffay on cup duty.)


I bought the red tumblers at the Dollar Store and decorated them with stick-on rhinestones that I found at Hobby Lobby and put a fun ring sticker on the back of Merri’s cup to make it extra special.


I also ordered plastic champagne flutes on Amazon and decorated them with glittery stickers.



Once the room was bacheloretteified, we walked to Liquid and spent the rest of the afternoon partying it up by the pool.

IMG_0027 photo (2) photo (3) photo (5)


My camera always seems to stay in my purse once the cocktails came out, so I don’t have a ton of pictures, but it was a great time! We danced like crazy (I’m pretty sure we thought the day beds were trampolines?) and before we knew it we had to head back to our rooms to quickly change so we could make our dinner reservation.



Once our dresses were on, we caught a cab to Olives, an upscale restaurant located inside of the Bellagio hotel. The Studio 54 theme we initially planned for the night came together pretty poorly (the dress I bought didn’t work out and we all felt like a hot mess), but our weird hodgepodge outfits made us laugh on more than one occasion.

I felt like such a tourist when we walked inside of the Bellagio. The hotel was beautiful and so cool! Vegas is stimulation overload and I felt like everywhere I went there was so much to look at. I am dying to go back!



When the hostess escorted us to our table at Olives, we were in awe of our view. Our table was located in a private room that one of our friends from college who works for the restaurant’s management company set up for us and it overlooked the gorgeous Bellagio fountain.

photo (1)

Dinner was so, so good and every single one of us raved about our food. Our meal began with bread and some fantastic olive spread.


I ordered the scallops and practically licked my plate clean.


For dessert, we shared a complimentary dessert platter and I thought the strawberry shortcake tart was the star of the show! 


Hyde and Marquee

After dinner, my girlfriends and I spent a few hours drinking cocktails at Hyde and dancing it up to some solid music.



Our Vegas game plan included saying no to shots so we could pace ourselves, but somehow that went out the window within an hour.


Oops. At least the shots weren’t horrible.

After our time at Hyde, we walked down the block to the Cosmopolitan Hotel to party at Marquee for the rest of the night.




photo (1)

Our first day in Vegas was a success! I had SO much fun and wasn’t sure whether or not the rest of the weekend would be able to top that… but it did. More Vegas fun to come!


  1. says

    WOW, I am just amazed with how much you fit into one day! From In N’ Out to the Vegas pool party, looks like you took advantage of everything! Also, love the idea for the glasses. I would never think of it, so I’ll definitely keep in the back of my mind for my next bachelorette party. Can’t wait to hear more 🙂


      • Amy says

        I love Friends! I make random reference to it all the time, too! Just this weekend in fact- my nephew just started playing football (he’s 8) and was showing off his uniform, including his helmet, and was telling my 7 year old daughter to hit him in the head cause it wouldn’t hurt. My response: “Ok, Joey Tribiani, enough of that. Pretty soon the baseball bat is going to come out and wew all know how that’ll end up”. Lol All the kids were like “Why’d you call him Joey?” My sister and I just cracked up 🙂


  2. says

    ahh vegas is a blast! I haven’t been there since my 21st birthday but I’m dying to go back with some friends! I literally laughed out loud when I read this ‘I’m pretty sure we thought the day beds were trampolines?’. My friends and I would’ve done the exact same thing haha.


  3. says

    Very fun time! I went to Vegas for my sister’s bachelorette party and had the best time of my life! We took a limo around Vegas one night and it was something I will never forget! So much fun!


  4. april says

    wow, vegas sounded like a blast! i don’t have any friends that are currently engaged, but i’m pretty sure when i do, you should plan their bachelorette party! 😉


  5. says

    This looks like SUCH a great time. I am such a party animal (perks of being 23 and in graduate school) and it looks like I would fit in really well with you and your ladies! So glad you had such a great time. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend looked like!


    • Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers says

      This weekend we all talked about making one of us renew our vows in 10 years again or something so we can do it again! It’s never too late! And yes, I am totally inviting myself on yours. 🙂


  6. says

    I’m a few years younger than you so my life hasn’t turned into total wedding craziness yet. I am however attending my first bachelorette party this weekend and am so excited!! I haven’t seen some of these girls in year and it will be a blast. A long weekend for sure traveling from DC to Buffalo but totally worth it!

    Looks like you guys had a great time, that shot rule always sounds like a good idea but never stickes : )


  7. Sarah says

    hi! I’m planning a bachelorette party in Vegas and I’d love some advice! I was just wondering – did you guys do any sort of night club package deals or get a host? or did you just wait in lines everywhere? We are trying to get the right mix of not too pricey but fun and smooth planning!

    Thanks! P.s. – I already riffed off your engagement basket idea and it was a HUGE hit with the B2B!


  8. Jeanie says

    What awesome pictures and details! I am planning my sisters bachelorette party for Vegas and there will be 10 of us as well. I’ve been to Vegas once before but basically decided is love to go where you ladies went because you kept it classy but had fun:) Would you mind telling me what your budget was in the end? I hope you don’t mind but that would help in knowing where to start! Did y’all have a ‘package’ of any kind? Thanks!!



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