A Poetic Lunch

Work today went well! This morning flew by and I even had a chance to sneak in a workout of my own while I was at the gym.


My workout today began with 20 minutes on the stair master, followed by strength workout that focused on my biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs. Once my workout was done, I clocked back in to teach and work through the remainder of the morning.


Lunchtime arrived quickly and I drove home for a lunch that came in waves.

Part one: Larabar


Part two: Salad with almonds, hemp seeds and light ranch dressing


Part three: Honeycrisp Apple


While I ate, I spent most of my lunch break working on a poem to read at Merri and Pete’s rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. Merri asked me to read a poem at their rehearsal dinner and I’m trying my very best to convey just how much I love each of them individually and together. They’re truly a phenomenal couple and have a great relationship, so the pressure is on!

Now it’s time for me to change and head back to work. We have another LiveSTRONG meeting tonight!

Question of the Afternoon

  • Have you ever given a speech at a wedding or rehearsal dinner? Any tips?


  1. says

    I’ve never given a speech at a wedding before. I tried giving a speech at my engagement party a few months ago and I couldn’t hold back the tears! I think the alcohol made me a little too emotional. I’ll have to practice for the wedding.


  2. says

    I gave the speech at my best friend’s wedding this past summer. -(Huge wedding over 500 people!) My tips would be: Practice before hand, and have a glass of wine to calm the nerves! :) I’m sure it’ll be great! Have fun!


  3. says

    I just had to give a Maid of Honor speech last Saturday! I kept it short – 1 to 2 minutes and said who I was, how I knew the bride, how the bride and groom met, what I liked about the groom and then ended it with a congratulations & best of wishes :)


  4. says

    My strategy is to tell a funny (appropriate) story about my history with the bride and touch on why I love her, talk about when the couple first met and how we knew this relationship is different, and end with a toast. A poem is such a nice gesture! You’ll do great.


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