Things I’m Loving Friday IX

Hello!!! I am back in Florida and typed up another fun Things I’m Loving Friday post to share with you guys during my flight to Orlando from San Francisco.

Below you will find a few simple things that made me happy this week. I’d love to hear what is making you smile in the comments section of this post, so please feel free to play along!

Things I’m Loving Friday


I bought this book at the Orlando airport right before I boarded my flight to San Francisco on Thursday evening. I purchased it because a quote on the front cover said it was “unputdownable” and as I began reading, I realized the quote was more than accurate. I ended up making my way through three quarters of the book in one sitting and was immediately drawn into the dark plotline by the smart yet incredibly disturbing narrator whose character became more complex with each chapter. It’s an easy read and I recommend it to to anyone looking for a page turner that’s creative and also quite chilling.


One sniff of the balsam and cedar scent of this candle transported me to a log cabin. The smell makes me want to curl up on the couch, wrap myself in a big plaid blanket, light a fire in the fireplace and watch the snow fall outside. Living in Florida, I know this will never happen, but when Raechel lit this candle on our first night in San Francisco, I couldn’t help but daydream about a cozy winter evening in a cabin. This candle is now on my Christmas list!

I’m sure this car service is incredibly commonplace for many of you, but for someone who lives in a town with basically no need for cars services or taxis, I was blown away by Uber! Cotille, the marketing manager at Stitch Fix, introduced us to Uber and after downloading the app, I couldn’t get over just how easy it was to call for a car and have someone meet you, ready to drive you anywhere within minutes. So efficient and easy to use!


Jenna deserves all of the credit for bringing this unbelievably delicious latte into my life! She recommended it to me and Gina on Wednesday and we could not stop raving about the chai-like flavor of the warm drink. I am now on a mission to recreate this latte at home.

  • Direct Flights

Direct flights happen once in a  blue moon for me since I often fly out of a small airport in Jacksonville and want to keep my travel as budget-friendly as possible. I forgot just how fabulous it is to be able to hop on a plane and end up at your final destination without enduring the headache of a layover (or two) and possible delays along the way. Catching a direct flight from Orlando to San Francisco and back again was such a treat this week and made my travel to the west coast absolutely seamless. I know direct flights aren’t something I’ll get to enjoy often, so I was loving my direct flight this week!


These lip colors were two impulse purchases at Walgreens on Monday. I went into the store to buy travel-size hairspray and left with two different Revlon lip colors because they were buy one, get one 50 percent off. The Just Bitten lip stain + balm (in Passion) adds a very subtle pink color to my lips and is perfect “day makeup” when I am looking for a lip color that’s more muted. The Lip Butter (in Wild Watermelon) is a much bolder color (it’s the lip color I wore on Tuesday that a few of you asked about) and I think it’s a lot of fun! It’s soft and moisturizing and feels more like lip balm than lipstick.  

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  • Now it’s your turn…

    Question of the Day

    • What is one thing you’re loving lately?


    1. sue says

      I read “The Dinner” back during the summer and really liked it. I had trouble getting into it at the start and almost gave up on it, but so glad I didn’t. I just love that the story unfolds from the central point of a simple dinner.


    2. Amy Rock says

      I love Uber!! It’s so convenient and waaaay nicer than a taxi! I live in Seattle but I’ve actually used their service in San Francisco as well. And…a bonus (for me anyway) is that they’re a sponsor of my favorite podcast. The host of the podcast, TBTL, has actually been on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! quite a few times. I think I remember you’d mentioned listening to that podcast. Anyway…that’s a super roundabout post! Happy Friday!


    3. Natalie says

      I have a great tea latte recipe!! Heat up 1.5 cups almond milk and then put 2 tea bags in it and let them seep for 3-5 minutes. Then add cinnamon, stevia, and 1.5 tsp coconut oil and put it in the blender for a minute so it gets frothy! I don’t know if it will be like the one from coffee bean but it’s still delicious 🙂


    4. says

      I’ve been loving beets lately! Not the most glamorous, but so good!

      I wish we had a CBTL in my city. I got used to them in college and now have withdrawls every once in awhile.


    5. Rachel says

      How do you find time to blog, read a book, travel cross-country, tour a warehouse, and then still are able to relax and watch Scandal all in one weekend??? You amaze me! Pretty please do a post where you share your time-management secrets because you are the most efficient person I know!!


    6. says

      Oh yum that coffee sounds good! I had Starbucks Caramel Brulee holiday latte today which was delicious! I’m loving my hot apple cider candle these days! Just makes you want cider every time you smell it.


    7. AJ says

      I borrowed “The Dinner” from the library but couldn’t get into it. Maybe I need to give it a second chance? Also, tea lattes are amazing! I must try this one!



    8. says

      Uber is a lifesaver! I live in Washington, DC, and am always blown away by their efficiency! It’s so nice to know I can go out with friends, call for a ride on my phone when I’m ready to leave, and have a car waiting for me outside three minutes later. 🙂

      I’m loving the spicy sweet Christmas Blend roast at Starbucks right now. It’s so cliche, but I swear coffee tastes better when drunk out of those cute red cups!


    9. says

      I always love my chai lattes! But one thing I am loving today is this awesome jeans shop here in Melbourne where they make all their own jeans you go in and try jeans on and they tailor and hem it to you within an hour…all for only $50, how amazing is that?!?

      I am now wanting to go buy that lip stain it sounds great.


    10. says

      I love Starbuck’s Awake Tea Latte. I used to have one EVERY day while I was at college. It’s definitely good, but I would only ask for like one or two “pumps” of the classic syrup or just add your own sweetener! It’s seriously DELISH.


    11. says

      I’ve picked up that book a few times lately when I’m at the airport but haven’t purchased it yet since I’ve been reading other thing. I’m glad to know you like and I’ll have to actually buy it next time I see it!!


    12. says

      I am loving training to become a certified OULA fitness instructor! It is honestly the funnest workout ever 😀 And I am in love with the song Back It Up by Caro Emerald AND Pumpin Blood by NONONO. Oooh and pizza…man it’s good. hahaha thanks for the great post Julie!


    13. samantha says

      I normally don’t ever go into this store, but my friend likes Hot Topic. So I went in with her last week and ended up getting super cute Lion King socks. They were the perfect thing, especially since I’ll be going to Orlando this week.


    14. says

      Yes, Herman Koch is a dutch writer and very popular over here! Recently (like a week ago!) The movie based on the book was released. It’s in dutch though… so I don’t think you’ll understand:( great book though!


    15. says

      Direct flights…SO true! My poor husband has been traveling SO much lately and hardly any of his flights have been direct. It just adds so much time and stress…


    16. says

      Lately I’ve been getting into colored jeans. I used to be a standard denim jean girl but I’ve recently picked up a green pair and my new favorite, a faded pair of grey jeans. I’d love to pick up a few of these lip stains!


    17. says

      I actually prefer changing plans to direct flights. I love playing and people-watching in airports.

      And, what I am loving most right now is Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea by Celestial Seasonings. It’s only available seasonally but really does taste like a sugar cookie and is awesome mixed in to anything you’d add liquid to (baked goodies, smoothies, etc.). Calorie and caffeine free and a great afternoon pick-me-up.


    18. says

      We have Uber in Seattle too and I use it from time to time but on my trip to San Francisco this weekend my friends and I used it constantly. We walked a lot but we had a lot we wanted to see and do and it was so nice to be able to open an app and have someone come pick us up just a few minutes later, especially when our legs were tried from walking up all those hills. Hooray for technology! Hooray for Uber!



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