Things I’m Loving Friday XXV

Happy Friday!

I am really looking forward to the weekend. We’re staying local again and I’m hoping to have a chance to see Divergent tomorrow. Ryan and I both read the book years ago and loved it, so I have high hopes for the movie. I hope it’s a good one!

Moving right along…

Here’s your usual Things I’m Loving Friday feature!

As always, please feel free to share something you’re loving lately in the comments section. I always love reading them! (Ryan and I just put season one of Game of Thrones into our Netflix queue based on previous comments on a Friday post from some of you. Thank you for the recommendation!)

Things I’m Loving Friday

  • Blog Updates

pbf logo updated

I’m sure my fellow bloggers out there can relate to the happiness that comes along with this one! Whenever I update pages on my blog, I feel a sense of relief. I need to keep up with regular updates because when I let updating fall to the wayside, it takes an awfully long time to sift through posts to find content to use on each page to keep them current! Pages that were updated this week:

More updates to come!

ballet beautiful dvd

Feel the buuuurn! For freeeee (if you have Amazon Prime)! I did another Ballet Beautiful workout this morning and it sure didn’t feel any easier. Since the counting in the workout can be quite redundant, I propped my laptop up next to the television so I could follow the workout on my computer while I watched a TV show I streamed from Netflix. It made the time pass by much faster and *kind of* distracted me from the burn I was feeling!

  • Koozie Collection

Koozie basket

Earlier this week, as I was organizing one of the cabinets in our kitchen, I realized Ryan and I are accumulating a small collection of koozies. Most of them can be attributed to the fact that my college girlfriends and I feel the need to make koozies to commemorate fun occasions. I love looking at our koozie collection and remembering some seriously fun times like SantaCon, Merri’s Las Vegas Bachelorette party and more!

  • Health Magazine Feature

health magazine bloggers

I owe a big thank you to Health magazine for including me in their latest issue. So thrilled! Thank you!!!

  • Sweet Potato Chips

Food Should Taste Good Chips

How many of these chips would one have to eat for them to be considered dinner? Because I think I came dangerously close to that line last night. So delicious!

Selfie with Hotties During Marathon

I’m pretty sure I need to find this woman and make her my best friend.

  • Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Race Discounts

Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Race

I recently added a fun race to my calendar! In June I will be flying to Boston for the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill race weekend. I am planning on doing the Five and Dime race on Saturday, June 7. It will be my first time running back-to-back races (a 5K followed immediately by a 10K) and I can’t wait. Boston is such a vibrant city and race weekends are always so exciting. (I only wish I could bring Sadie for the two mile dog run!)

For running friends out there who would like to join me for the Five and Dime (5K + 10K) race or run the half marathon or hat trick (5K +10K + half marathon), Runner’s World is offering 10 percent off race registration with the following coupon codes for each respective race:

  • Five and Dime (5K + 10K): blogpbfingers5&10
  • Half Marathon: blogpbfingersHalf
  • Hat Trick (5K + 10K+ Half Marathon): blogpbfingersHat

It will be a blast!

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    Questions of the Morning

    • What is one thing you are loving lately?
    • Have you ever watched Game of Thrones? Thoughts?  


    1. Katie says

      Hey Julie!

      I just finished Divergent in time to see the movie this weekend, have you read the rest of the series? If so how were they?!



    2. Kim says

      Game of Thrones is excellent! Another series I’m currently loving is House of Cards. It reels you in big time-add it to your list for the future!


    3. says

      I saw that Heath mention– congrats! I can’t imagine doing a 5k and 10k back to back, but I guess it is better than a half marathon, which I am so scared of! Lately I’ve been doing P90X3 and have been feeling the soreness! Luckily I have X2 Performance for before (I’m an ambassador) and my Fitmixer Amino drink for during…good to know that this type of stuff can help, even over plain water at times.


    4. Eva says

      Something that i am loving literally at the moment is this giant bowl of noosa yogurt i’m eating with diced pear and granola! so creamy. so rich. so. good. hands down most *luxurious* yogurt i’ve ever had. please try.


    5. says

      House of Cards! Just finished Season 2 and it’s outstanding – the acting and writing, but also the cinematography. I know nothing about cinematography but even I can appreciate how incredible it is.


    6. says

      I love getting in some sneaky TV while I workout…when I do a an NTC app one at home I get in a bit of morning TV! All over the UK and Ireland people have been taking no make up selfies and posting them to social media over the past 48hours and we’ve raised hundreds of thousands!


    7. Jamie says

      Be prepared for HILLS at HEARTBREAK! Thanks for the code, I’m signing up, but just having a tough time deciding on what race


    8. Katie S. says


      You have to try this dressing. I picked one up at Whole Foods last week and have been obsessed ever since. It’s amazing on wraps, with chicken, on stir-fry, etc. Also, if you and Ryan haven’t already gotten into House of Cards on Netflix, you should. I’m usually not into political dramas, but my boyfriend and I have fallen in love with that show.


    9. Katie says

      This is by far my favorite things Im loving friday. My guy and I have been building our koozie basket for about two years now. We love using a koozie from an event or from fun place we have visited. Friends and family love picking one when they come visit. As far as coming to boston…guess its time to sign up for a race with my favorite blogger :)


    10. says

      I DIED laughing when I saw that missus post pictures of the NYC half of all the hot guys and the old man in short-shorts hahahahaha. HAHA!!! Made my day. Thanks for posting it again. It’s still funny no matter how many times I see it. Have an awesome weekend Julie!


    11. says

      Hi Julie!

      I am loving that I just started a blog that I am super passionate about and I feel like I am finally taking steps to pursue my dreams!

      I am a HUGE game of thrones fan. I’ve read all the books, and they are not petite! I cannot wait until the next season starts. EEEK!


    12. says

      congrats on the feature in health magazine! i have been really into green smoothies again with the warm spring weather! i’m lovin’ em!

      games of thrones is really great and super addictive. give it a few episodes and you will be hooked into the plot and the great characters. hope you and ryan enjoy!


    13. says

      I tried watching the first 2-3 episodes of Game of Thrones, but thought it was way too confusing trying to sort out all of the different people and kingdoms. Everyone raves about it though and my boyfriend loves it, so I may give it another go!


    14. says

      Hehehe selfies with people you don’t know…that’s quite interesting! And I really feel you on the blog updates stuff. It’s sooo relieving ONCE you do it, but sometimes just getting started on it can be a long process. Another one of those things that are easier when you do them little by little but many of us end up procrastinating, huh?


    15. says

      Yay for races to look forward to! I keep meaning to read Divergant, I hate seeing movies from books if I haven’t read the book first…does that make me a nerd? Haha


    16. Kim N. says

      How long are the coupon codes for the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill series good for? I’m contemplating signing up for the races – and would love to use this deal. I just want to make sure I don’t miss out on it.


    17. Becky says

      I tried the ballet video. I wish there were more standing exercises – are there any that focus on those types of exercises? more plies or combinations?

      Also, hah my husband was like “what are you watching?” I’m not a prude, but yowsa it was quite sexually suggestive with all of those pelvic thrusts ;)


    18. Mackenzie Stallmann says

      I have been following your blog for quite sometime! You were one of the first blogs I started reading when I started out running! I just used you code for the five and dime. I’m coming from Missouri and I couldn’t be more ecstatic!



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