My First Charlotte BodyPump Class

During the nearly three years we spent in Ocala, I’m pretty sure I wrote “I miss BodyPump” on this blog no less than 5,000 times. I am so happy it is back in my life now!!! HOORAY! There are tons of gyms that offer BodyPump and other Les Mills classes in Charlotte and I am excited to check them out!

Since I’m not sure where exactly we’ll end up in Charlotte, I don’t think Ryan and I will be getting a gym membership until we’re in a more permanent living situation unless we can find one that’s relatively cheap near our temporary apartment. For now, I’ll be hopping around.

Today’s “find the closest BodyPump class” adventure took me to an aquatic center.

Charlotte Aquatic Center

It was an older facility and the class size was small, but I still managed to get in the zone and feel the burn. Though the building was a little dated, I loved the way it smelled like a pool throughout the facility. It took me back to my days on the diving and water polo teams in high school. I know it’s weird, but the smell of a pool is one of my favorite smells in the world. Memories!

After BodyPump, I stopped by Fresh Market to grab a strawberry walnut salad and a cup of Greek yogurt for lunch.

Fresh Market

(I saved the second cup to enjoy either tomorrow morning or as an evening snack tonight.)

Once I made it back to our hotel, I ate my lunch and worked until around 2:15 p.m. when it was clear to me that cabin fever set in for Sadie and she needed to spend some time outside.

photo 3 (2)

Either that or I was just using Sadie as an excuse to put off some emails and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Whatever works!

photo 4

We walked for about an hour and Sadie had a ball. One thing we both appreciated was the shaaaaade.

shady street

The large number of beautiful tree-lined streets was one of the things Ryan and I repeatedly commented on during our first visit to Charlotte. Our neighborhood in Ocala was surrounded by the Ocala National Forest and yet there were no trees! It was mind-boggling, especially since Florida is so HOT and shade is always more than welcome. I’m happy to see a plethora of trees along the street here, that’s for sure.

We also saw kids outside playing which made me smile. Sadie was intrigued with the kids at first until she noticed their scooters. Scooters are SCARY.

photo 1 (4)

So are bikes, skateboard and rollerblades. Basically anything with wheels freaks Sadie out.

I’d say our first day in Charlotte was a success. I’m looking forward to a casual dinner date with Ryan tonight!


  1. Brandy says

    It makes me so happy and nervous seeing your Charlotte pictures and posts! Happy because Charlotte’s amazing and I’m so glad to see you loving it here as much as the rest of us, but also nervous because I might run into you somewhere now and have one of those “where do I know her from?” moments!


  2. Amanda says

    Three greek yogurts in one day?!!! Girl, you must REALLY love your greek yogurt! LOL 🙂 I love it too, but don’t love the sugar content:/


  3. says

    Aww I’m so glad you are enjoying your new city! I am so excited to hear more about Charlotte! Looks like a fabulous place to live. It’s so weird you guys didn’t have trees in Florida!


  4. kaylie says

    So jealous you moved to Charlotte! I love it there – my younger brother lives there and is constantly trying to get me to move from Indianapolis. Maybe someday soon 🙂


  5. Jacki @ Two Forks One Love says

    My dog was petrified of wheeled things as a puppy. He’s gotten better, although strollers are still a challenge. That street looks like one my friend just moved to in Charlotte. I’ll have to send her your blog.


  6. Courtney says

    Ah I love it! I just moved to Charlotte (16 days ago-so really, JUST moved). I also have a vizsla, and she hates scooters!! Whenever we are out with her, she sees one and immediately freaks out. My husband always reminds her, “they have never attacked you”, as she army crawls to the nearest safest location! Welcome to Charlotte! Vizsla play date when you are more settled?


  7. kate says

    I love the trees in Charlotte too (for some reason the trees uptown are my favorite, makes the city a bit prettier!)
    Glad you are enjoying your time exploring! It’s hard to figure out what part of Charlotte to settle into (house-wise), so it’s good that you have plenty of time to explore and figure it out!


  8. Kendra says

    Julie – This one made me laugh our dog (Precious) HATES scooters, skate boards, motorcycles, bikes, anything with wheels! She growls ferociously (she’s a chihuahua/miniature pinscher mix so it’s so terrifying;) anytime we see one on our walks. I thought she was the only one. Glad to see it’s Sadie too!


  9. Mandy says

    We have trees and lots of parks! Lots of runners every where, its a very run friendly city even along the roads throughout the city! You’re gonna love it here!


  10. says

    One of my favorite Body Pump instructors in Raleigh was Lori Graham. Why do I say “was”? She moved to Charlotte last summer! I don’t know where she’s teaching but she’s awesome.


  11. Janay Ridge says

    I love the smell of pools as well!! No idea why but it’s definitely a smell I enjoy! My dog is also afraid of scooters, strollers, bikes, roller blades, the list goes on! I guess those are to them like snakes, spiders, etc. are to me! lol

    I’m glad your first day went very well!! Good luck on the transition! 🙂


  12. says

    So glad you were able to find body pump class in Charlotte! And I love the smell of an indoor pool. You’re right, it is very nostalgic! The walk with your dog down the gorgeously shaded street looks so lovely. I’m headed outside right now to play with my dog. It’s fun to see how much they enjoy the outdoors! Hope you have a great week and are able to get another class in soon.


  13. says

    I don’t believe I’ve done a Body Pump class before, but I definitely should give that a try! I’m hoping to get my own dog soon so we can enjoy some outdoor adventure days together! I love reading about your walks/trail runs/beach runs with Sadie! When I lived in Orlando, I went to the Y there and I loved watching the stuff they did at the pool with the dive teams – although it’s not necessarily a nostalgic memory for me (the smell of a pool), I really did enjoy that gym so much while I was there!! I loved hopping on the treadmill and getting in a good workout while being thoroughly entertained by what I saw going on in the pool!! Seriously… I think I gasped everytime someone went off the diving board because of the crazy tricks they did!


  14. says

    Glad you’re liking Charlotte so far! I love the tree lined streets too, even though I’m from Cary (right outside of Raleigh) we don’t have streets and trees like in here and I love it!


  15. MK says

    It’s nice to know that someone else loves the smell of chlorine! My husband does not appreciate how I smell AFTER getting out of the pool!


  16. says

    Yay! So glad you got to attend a BODYPUMP class this morning! That’s great there’s so many facilities that have it there. I’m thinking you need to get certified to teach it now! 😉

    Just look at all those green treeeees! So beautiful!! Glad you had a great first day in your new home town!


  17. Breanne says

    I’m a newer reader (hi! love your blog!). I always love seeing Les Mills love – glad it was a good class!

    I HAD to comment though because of your pool nostalgia comment. I JUST had a conversation with someone yesterday about how much I love the smell of chlorine and the memories that the smell brings me. Chlorine and sunscreen together smells like long summer days. 🙂


  18. Angela says

    Good luck to you 3 in your new city! Such an adventure. Love the neighborhood. I have always wanted to live in one that had a sidewalk. Nice!


  19. Jennie says

    I went to college just outside of Charlotte and met my fiancé in Charlotte so the city has a special place in my heart (and my future in-laws are still there)! Also, Sadie reminds me so much of our dog who freaks out at anything with wheels and has no comprehension of personal space 🙂


  20. says

    I’ve never been to Charlotte, except the airport. But it seems like a nice place from what I’ve heard … not much unlike Orlando but a little bit bigger.

    Glad you made it back to BODYPUMP. I’ve never lived in a place that didn’t have it, but that would be pretty upsetting. Hope your transition time is seamless.


  21. says

    Welcome to Charlotte! I hope your move was smooth and you get settled quickly! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in my amazing home town! You are making me home sick just reading about it!


  22. Jennifer P. says

    Hey Julie! I’m an ADPi alum at UF and have known your sister since before she rushed! I was a year ahead of her. A few of us from UF live in Charlotte and have a great group of girlfriends (and respective husbands/boyfriends of course). If you and Ryan want to get together for happy hour or something once y’all get settled, feel free to contact me! My email is You’ll love it here, Charlotte is a really great city! Glad you enjoyed your class at the Aquatic Center 🙂



  23. Lynn Thow says

    How cool!! I live in Concord, and work out at Nomad Aquatic Center. I’m thinking by your picture and description
    that is where you worked out today!! Best of luck settling into your new home.


  24. Courtney says

    I just moved to Charlotte, as well! The Dowd YMCA is awesome. It has a variety of class, including Body Pump! It’s a great place to meet people, too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Charlotte as much as I have!


  25. Karissa says

    That’s awesome Julie! Congrats on making the move and (seemingly) LOVING it so far!

    I gotta say, you inspired me to try Body Pump – and LOVE it!


  26. Kristin says

    I’ve lived in and around Raleigh, North Carolina my entire life. The time I’ve spent in Charlotte has always been wonderful. North Carolina has so much to offer! I hope you end up loving it as much as I do!


  27. says

    Congrats on making your move safely (so far). It’s always so exciting to explore a new city! Especially when you have a furry friend and some sunshine to do it with! My dog hates scooters, bikes, anything with wheels. It’s bizarre. It must scare them. Have a great next few days taking it all in!


  28. Cyanna Evans says

    I’m so pleased for you!, Charlotte sounds amazing! I don’t know how big it is or anything, but in read a blog by Taralynn McNitt. Her blog is “Simply Taralynn”, and she has just moved to Charlotte too. She has a dog, and is keen on staying fit. It seems like you two would get on really well! Anyway, just a suggestion!


  29. Pua says

    Luckily, our dog doesn’t hate things with wheels. He does, however, hate when the wind blows the curtains and doors open. He starts cowering and looking at me like it’s all my fault. LOL! Do you think that you’re going to start teaching again in Charlotte? The pool picture reminded me of the class you taught. 🙂


  30. Carrie Linerode says

    Charlotte really has a lot to offer. You must visit Southpark Mall, Midtown, Birkdale Village and the US Whitewater Center. There are loads of craft beer facilities. Be ready for a lot of exposure to Nascar. Many of the drivers (or the drivers ex-wives) live on Lake Norman. Enjoy!


  31. Casey says

    I live in Charlotte, and we have YMCA memberships and love them! If you want to join a gym right away, this might be a good option for you guys because there are no contracts (you can go month to month with no higher fee if you want), and your membership is good at any YMCA in Charlotte. I use multiple ones all the time -both ones near my house and office. The fitness classes are amazing. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Y when I lived in Tampa, but they are great here.


  32. says

    I live in Asheville, but head to CLT all the time and LOVE it there! Charlotte is a lot of fun. If you’re looking for some awesome gyms/places to work out (as well as great running trails, etc.), I bet they’d give you a great list of places to check out at the lululemon athletica in the SouthPark Mall. (full disclosure: I used to work for the company, but they’ve been so helpful/friendly/informative even after I stopped working for the Asheville store.) Welcome to NC!


  33. Sam says

    Does Sadie just roam the hotel room free while you’re gone? I have a GSP and there is NO WAY he would behave if we left him alone in there! I’m afraid new environment + mom or dad aren’t around = this pillow looks like a delicious snack. My husband and I are moving soon, so tips are appreciated!


  34. Katherine says

    Hey Julie!

    I grew up in Charlotte and loved it so much! I ran cross country in high school and there are several incredible greenways in Charlotte, I’m not sure where ya’ll are staying but 2 of my favorites are McAlpine Creek Park (off of Monroe Rd.)and McMullen Greenway (Johnston Rd) and I know for sure that McAlpine has a dog park, ya’ll should definitely check them out! I seriously miss running there SO much, they are beautiful!


  35. Kim says

    I love the smell of swimming pools! My baby is taking swim lessons right now and it’s so much fun to get up in the morning, put on a Speedo, and we both smell like the pool for the rest of the day 🙂


  36. says

    So glad you found a sadie-friendly hotel!!!!!

    I do wonder how she will be when you are away and Ryan at work in your temp digs … so much exploring to do 🙂


  37. Mandi C. says

    BodyPump is a GREAT class! I used to teach BodyFlow- a mix of yoga, tai chi, and Pilates. If you ever get the chance to take it, it’s a wonderful class. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your new city. 🙂


  38. Brittani says

    I’ve been taking Body Pump twice a week for a few weeks now and love it! It definitely pushes me way more than I would do on my own and I already feel stronger! You should become a Body Pump instructor


  39. Laura says

    As someone who has lived in Charlotte the last 7 years, it’s so interesting to see a newcomer’s perspective! I never notice the trees but a friend who visited me from NYC commented on them repeatedly. Glad you discovered lake Norman too, it’s so beautiful up there! And a really fun boating experience! I know you and Ryan will love living here!


  40. says

    Sounds like you’re settling in nicely! Charlotte seems like a wonderful city and I look forward to hearing more about it/seeing more of it through your adventures. I currently live in IL, but have always wanted to live somewhere else… somewhere warmer. Always on the lookout for great cities to check out!


  41. says

    I’ve missed BodyPump, too. So much so that I just re-joined my local Golds Gym so I can start taking it again tonight! Yay! So happy! (We’ll see how happy I am later when my quads and glutes are trying to remember how to squat non-stop for 5 minutes)
    Hope you find a permanent Charlotte locale soon! 🙂



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