Best Pandora Workout Stations

If you’re anything like me, music is a big-time motivator during your workouts. It pumps me up and can help me push myself harder when I’m looking for a more intense sweat session. There’s nothing better than heading out on a run or arriving at the gym knowing you have a rockin’ new playlist ready to go! Creating new workout playlists can be a bit time consuming though and sometimes I feel like I’m repeating the same songs on my personal playlists over and over again. When this happens, I’ll often take a break from my personal music library and turn to Pandora.

Best Pandora Workout Music Stations

Pandora actually has a handful of great stations I rely on when I am looking for new workout music or just want to listen to something other than my my own iTunes collection. Below you will find some of my favorites! And if my fellow Pandora fans would like to weigh in with their favorite upbeat workout stations, I’m always looking for more recommendations!

Best Pandora Workout Music Stations

  • Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Radio

This station features everything from Pitbull to Usher and the beats are always nice and strong! It’s is a great one for cardio workouts like running on the treadmill, power walking, biking and more!

  • 140 BPM Radio

This station is a good one to listen to if you’re in the mood to get lost in your workout music. It’s fast-paced and a personal favorite for long runs or boot camp workouts.

  • Dance Cardio Radio

Dance Cardio Radio is a fun station that features a range of artists from David Guetta and the Black Eyed Peas to Sonique. (Remember “It Feels So Good”!?<—Oh hey, junior high!) I love it for interval workouts, running, walking outside with Sadie and circuit workouts.

  • Lady Gaga Radio

If you’re a fan of Top 40 hits, this station plays a ton of them but does a great job of keeping the vast majority of the songs upbeat and energizing.


  • ‘90s Pop Radio

I may be alone in this one, but hearing throwback music I loved when I was growing up makes me smile and also makes a workout more enjoyable. I am a ‘90s music lover through and through, so this station is right up my alley. It plays a variety of music and since not everything is fast-paced, I like to listen to it during strength workouts.

  • Classic Rock Power Workout Radio

This is another favorite of mine for classic rock hits from bands like ACDC, Guns N’ Roses and Queen. I also use this station to get ideas for music to incorporate into some of my spinning classes since a handful of my regulars are big classic rock fans.

  • Pop Fitness Radio

This station is a current pop music lover’s dream. Pop Fitness Radio features hits from current chart-topping artists like Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson. I’ve used it as background music during the TRX classes I taught in the past but sometimes I get a little sick of this one because it’s everything you’re currently hearing played on the radio.

  • Electronic Cardio Radio

This is a newer one in my Pandora workout music rotation, but I really, really like it! The music is very upbeat and energizing (though it can feel repetitive at times) and I’ve been listening to it as a go-to station for steady state cardio or interval workouts. On this station, you’ll hear hits like “Sandstorm” by Darude and “Animals” by Martin Garrix.

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Question of the Day

  • Do you have a station you love to listen to on Pandora when you’re looking for some energizing workout music?


  1. Liz says

    “Hip Hop BBQ” – I was told about this station 3 weeks ago and can’t get enough! I listen much of the day at work and I workout to it as well, when I’m somewhere with wifi!! It’s basically hip hop from about 1995 to 2005.


  2. Liz says

    I’ve never heard of 140 BPM Radio. Thanks for the suggestions! Looking forward to trying them out these next couple weeks–hopefully the weather stays nice!


    • Katy S. says

      Girl Talk Radio is what I use up until today… I’ve been sick of it playing all Ed Sheeran (I love him, but not on a run) and I keep giving it the thumbs down and three songs later there he is again. So I’m glad I looked here for an idea before I head out for my afternoon jog.


  3. says

    I have had this same post saved in my drafts for forever. You beat me to the punch! I didn’t write it bc I was having a hard time finding enough stations that I actually liked. Today though during my class I found a new station–“workout”–that was actually really good. I even went back home to do my own workout and used the same one!


  4. Jessica says

    80’s Cardio is a great station! I listen to it while working out but it’s great when you’re hanging out with friends. So many great classics come on that there is a song for everyone.


  5. Sarah Whitney says

    You read my mind! This morning after leaving the gym, I thought, “I need a new playlist”. Thank you for the suggestions!


  6. Julie says

    Thank you so much for this! I listen to Pandora all the time when I run & am in desperate need of some new upbeat stations.


  7. says

    I use spotify instead of pandora, but i definitely have some favorites depending on the style of workout!”Night Run” is my favorite because its full of upbeat indie rock music that I listen to anyway. “Cardio Workout” and the running stations are also great. “Power Workout” is full of some hardcore rap which sometimes you just need to get the job done!


  8. Kathleen says

    Hip hop road trip is one of my favorite stations. It is your favorite hip hop songs from the 1990’s to 2000’s. Some eminem, Keith sweat, Naz, puff daddy…etc. all of the favorites. Really pumps me up, listening to these throwbacks!!


  9. Amy @ Run with Perseverance says

    I use the Flo Rida pandora station a lot when running and working out. Lots of upbeat songs!



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